Color deprive a person

With the advent of the skin fungal infection of naturequality of life is reduced by delivering the physical and aesthetic discomfort. Damage to the surface layer of skin fungus refers to ringworm. One of these infections is a multi-colored deprive a person. What do you know about this illness? The instructions below will help you understand the causes and treatments of skin diseases.

What color shingles in humans

Multicolored deprive a person

Pityriasis versicolor is colorfula disease affecting the upper horny layer of skin, nails and hair cuticle. For the life of man's disease is not a threat, it only worsens the quality of life, bringing some inconvenience. Color zoster in pregnancy for the mother and the baby, too, bears no risk. The infection is characterized by lack of severe inflammation, at the same time has a number of synonyms, such as a sunny beach or a fungus disease.


Blooming zoster manifests itself by the following features:

  1. The locations of the sebaceous glands appearpatches on the skin, similar to shingles. Specific areas of education inflammation: chest, abdomen, back, head, armpit. On the skin of the feet and palms of stains do not show.
  2. Over time, the yellow stains on the skin turns brown and crisp boundary develop slowly, which leads to the formation of large lesions.
  3. If scrape slightly affected skin, the flakes are separated from the surface.
  4. itching felt on the damaged skin.
  5. Distinctiveness spots increased in the summerdue to exposure to ultraviolet radiation on the skin, which increases pigmentation in unaffected areas, while they themselves remain pockets of pale against the background of the rest of the surface. This contributes to a fungus that produces azelaic acid synthesis by melanocytes blocking pigment.


In humans, there is a fungusmalassezia furtur. Prior to the onset of favorable conditions for its development of exciter does not manifest itself by any symptoms, so damage is not harmful. The disease gets the push for development as a result of excessive sweating and the specific composition of sweat, a violation of the natural exfoliation process of the skin or the individual susceptibility of the organism.

There is a colored lichen in men and womenpreferably at a young age. Less common in children, but even in such cases, the disease is accompanied more severe pathologies, such as diabetes, tuberculosis, vegetative neurosis. Multi-colored shingles is contagious or not? It is noted that "catch" the disease is possible by using the patient's hygiene.

How does

Colorful lichen looks like a multi-colored spots,with clearly defined borders. This is clearly seen in the photo. Lesions with asymmetric shape appear even in the armpits. With damaged surfaces peeled off small flakes. As the disease spots coalesce with each other, increasing the ringworm lesions.

Than to treat colored shingles at home

Means for treatment of multi-colored lichen

Before starting treatment depriving a person,You need to have an accurate diagnosis, which is able to install only a specialist dermatologist. After determining the patient has herpes colored or not, the doctor prescribes a drug means in the form of ointments, tablets, and shampoos. In addition, to help cure the disease and methods of traditional medicine. Below you can find popular drugs used in therapy against multi-colored lichen.

folk remedies

How to cure pityriasis versicolor? Try these recipes for folk remedies:

  1. Tincture of calendula. To do this, take the flowers of the plant and the alcohol or vodka at a ratio of 1: 5. Insist in a dark place for about a week. Wipe the infusion of damaged skin up to 3 times per day.
  2. The juice of onion and burdock. Take 2 onions. Crush them, strain the juice through cheesecloth and rub their skin three times a day. Carry out the procedure in the course of 2 weeks. Instead of onions can use burdock leaves.


Drugs prescribed to patients colored lichen, come in several forms:

  1. Local topical formulations: a cream, ointment, spray, solution, for example, "Mikospor" "Bifosin" "Clotrimazole" salicylic lotions, gels and shampoos.
  2. Complex antifungals as tablets "ketoconazole" "Itraconazole" "Fluconazole", "Diflucan".


How to display a colored shingles? To quickly get rid of the problem, the following drugs in tablet form:

  1. "Ketoconazole". Indications are mycosis species. Take daily 1-2 tablets. Recommend to drink acidic drinks.
  2. "Diflucan". Indications for use are mycosis skin and hair. Take necessary by 50 mg per day for half an hour before meals for 2 weeks.


Ointment for the treatment of zoster Mikospor

For topical treatment using ointments and creams:

  1. "Mikospor". Apply anti-fungal agent to the damaged skin with a thin layer before bedtime.
  2. "Clotrimazole". Antifungal cream should be applied to cleansed skin and the dried up to 3 times a day. The layer should not be too thick smear recommend massaging movements.


Nizoral shampoo on colored tinea versicolor in humans

If it affects the scalp, use shampoo effective:

  1. "Nizoral". During the 5 days is necessary to put the shampoo on wet head, wash off after 3-5 minutes exposure means on the head.
  2. "Sebozol". The course of treatment is 14 days. It should be rubbed into the damaged areas of exposure while taking a shower. After 5-7 minutes rinse agent.

Diseases of the skin is not so dangerous to humans, butdiscomfort that they cause, does not improve the quality of life. For this reason, doctors can be offered several sets of drugs in the form of tablets, shampoos, creams or ointments. To learn more about treatment regimens multi-colored depriving a person, look at the video below useful.

Reviews of treatment

Natalie, 25 years old: I have a family history of pityriasis versicolor. It is not know how to deal with it - the whole head was covered with scales. Pharmacist advised shampoo "Nizoral". Became only use them - helps. I recommend.

Sofia, 30 years old: Because of ointments on my skin appears irritated, so I had to resort to tablets. The doctor said that the most effective - "Ketoconazole". After a week of use of the symptoms decreased, it was itching. I can recommend to use.

Alex, 35 years: Ever since adolescence suffer chronic colored lichen. Mainly for the winter, he begins to escalate. For myself, I have identified several effective means of "Diflucan" pills and cream "Clotrimazole". The first is used in extreme cases - relief takes place in one day. I advise.

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