Colon Cleansing using flaxseed

Flaxseed is known to lots ofuseful properties. Eating beans regularly can significantly reduce blood cholesterol, organize the work of the liver, strengthen the immune system, to increase brain activity and even improve vision. However, most of flax seeds are used to cleanse the bowel. Like any other tool, they can affect the human body is not only beneficial, but also negatively.

Benefits and harms of flaxseed

The laxative effect of flax seed helps to clean the gastro-intestinal tract. Because of its ability to swell the seed increases stool and leads to their rapid removal.

This product is an excellent sorbent, whichif it enters the stomach digestion department begins like a sponge to absorb harmful components contained therein, including toxins. Swollen mass moving through the digestive tract, gently cleanses the wall of toxins and feces stuffy.

After such a "clean" to the intestinal villireturns erstwhile mobility, making the process of digestion and promotion of processed foods are faster and easier. Flax seeds - it helps the body to fight parasites, viruses, fungi. They provide an anti-inflammatory effect that promotes rapid healing of sores and wounds present on the walls of the digestive system. With a shielding effect, flaxseed protects the mucous membranes from the harmful effects of some types of food.

If you decide to bring clean throughflax seeds, note that in case of abuse (exceeding the duration of the course or dose) may fail liver. It is important to adhere strictly to the rules of receiving product. The daily dose should not exceed 50 g of seed. Certain categories of citizens of this method of cleansing the bowel does not fit. These include:

  • People with acute intestinal diseases;
  • sick cholecystitis;
  • suffering from colitis, liver cirrhosis;
  • with stones in the urinary or gall bladder;
  • people with pancreatitis;
  • suffering from inflammation of the cornea.

How to take flax seeds for bowel cleansing

To establish the bowels and other digestive tractThere are different methods. The simplest of these is the reception of flax seeds. In this case, the whole grains are used at a dosage of 2 h. L. per day. The seed can be eaten alone or together with any food (soups, salads, side dishes, cocktails). However, both methods show different results, with effect from the first will be much better. Flax seeds for rapid bowel cleansing is better to grind into flour and take it on an empty stomach 2 tbsp. l., washed down with plenty of water. Let us consider ways of taking this money.

Cleansing flax flour with yogurt

A good cleansing effect hasflax flour with yogurt. This tandem is not only cleanse the body of toxins and putrid products, but also normalizes the process of digestion, and help lose a few extra kilos. How to use flax seeds, milled flour to the state?

  1. It is necessary to mix in a coffee grinder milled flax seed with a glass of fresh yogurt (1%).
  2. During the first week of admission in a glass add 1 tbsp. l. means, in the following week - 2 tbsp. l. On the third week, the dosage is 3 tbsp. l.

Flax seeds with yogurt

To use this recipe:

  1. At night, pour into a deep bowl Art. whole flax seeds, fill them with yogurt and covered for leave in the refrigerator.
  2. In the morning, eat breakfast cooked product instead.
  3. The course should last at least 10 days, maximum 20 days.

Second method:

  1. Every morning mix of up to 15 g with a means of Art. yogurt and eat it for breakfast during the month.
  2. Dosage should grow at the same time each subsequent week, reaching 45 degrees.

How to drink flax seed oil to cleanse

This bowel cleansing method is popularly known as"Siberian". Oil from flax seed helps restore the healthy microflora of the digestive tract, acts as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent. However, this structure does not fit all. Refrain from treatment with linseed oil is pregnant women, patients with pancreatitis, hepatitis, gallstone disease.

  1. To make money chop 100 grams of seeds in a glass bowl, pour 250 ml of unrefined sunflower oil, add flour obtained.
  2. Cover the bowl with a lid, put in a dark place for a week, stir the mixture every day.
  3. After this time, take the oil for 1 st. l. 45-60 minutes before breakfast and every subsequent meal. The course of treatment lasts 10 days.
  4. During the cleaning period, discard the heavy, fried, fatty foods, alcohol.


Olga, 25 years old: I happen seasonal exacerbation of gastritis, so every spring / fall I try to switch to a light meal and take some sparing agent for the normalization of the stomach and intestines. 2 years ago I read about flaxseed and decided to undergo a course of purification. Since then, regularly I accept it with yogurt, not grinding. I'm very glad that I have gastritis is no longer worried.

Kirill, 28 years old: Once I tried yogurt with seeds, which is preparing for himself a wife. I liked the taste so happy to drink this drink with her company every morning and at night. I feel that gut started to work better, in addition, I lost 3.5 kg.

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