Cleansing the body of toxins

Have you ever thought about what could bethe cause of your ill health? There are many reasons: fatigue, lack of sleep, stress, etc. But one of the most important - is slagging organism. Therefore, it is sure to periodically cleansing the body of toxins. Let's see how to properly perform.

Slagging - is the accumulation in the bodyHuman harmful substances (toxins) that poison it, and have a negative impact on the functioning of the whole organism. Deposits of slag formed in all organs and blood vessels. This is exacerbated by the use of alcohol, sweets, unhealthy diet. Conduct different types of cleansing the body of toxins can be in special salons and at home.

Cleansing the body at home

To get rid of harmful substances, negativeaffecting health, not necessarily go to a health facility or go to a sanatorium. Deep cleansing of the body from harmful toxins and poisonous toxins it is easy to spend at home.

By "home" treatment methods include removal of harmful substances from the body:

  • via enemation
  • natural juices and yogurt
  • herbs
  • watermelon (perfectly cleanses the kidneys)

These techniques will help you get rid of parasites,settled in the internal organs, thereby improving overall health, body function and giving the skin fresh. They will also be the prevention of chronic diseases and cancer. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out cleansing of the body, as the people of mature age and younger. As early as 25 years in a person's body accumulates a large amount of toxins, and the system can not fully cope with their breeding.

When cleaning the internal organs to be observeda certain sequence, thus achieving the desired result. Post a must with bowel. Clean it, continue the process of purification in the following sequence:

  1. liver
  2. stomach
  3. kidneys
  4. containers
  5. joints

Malnutrition leads toplaques on the walls of blood vessels, narrowing them and stop the blood flowing. Purification of blood vessels from cholesterol is carried to the prevention of hypertension, memory impairment and atherosclerosis. Eating garlic and lemons and lemon juice is an excellent disposal of cholesterol plaques, improve blood circulation through the vessels. Moreover, many of these products vitamins necessary for the prevention of various diseases.

Herbs to cleanse the body

For the treatment of many diseases andprevent the emergence of some people use the so-called "grandmother's recipes", ie treated with herbs. Excretion of toxins and waste - is no exception. Herbs can bring harmful substances naturally. It is necessary to understand which are suitable for this process.

To cleanse the body in the home using a mixture of grasses and herbs individually. Effective decoctions of horsetail, a mixture of herbs - St. John's wort, Viola tricolor, motherwort and horsetail.

Extremely simple and efficient nationalmeans - this triad, developed by MD V.A.Ivanchenko. This blend of herbs destroys nearly 100 species of parasites and eggs of worms and their larvae. It includes:

  • inflorescence tansy (4 parts by weight);
  • wormwood leaves and fruits (1 part by weight);
  • clove seeds, used as a spice in cooking (2 parts by weight).

All the components necessary to grind and mix in a specified amount. It is also sold ready-mix. Take the like, as a rule, one teaspoon without top with water.

monitor cleaning of the intestine

All the internal organs are affected by congestion in themparasites and harmful substances. But special attention should be paid to the intestines. If it is contaminated, it is necessary to start a full cleaning clogged harmful toxins of the body, and then proceed to the cleaning of other organs. The easiest way to cleanse the bowel - enema. But it should not abuse it, so as not to cause goiter.

It is worth paying attention to monitor cleaningbowel, which otherwise is called colon hydrotherapy. This intestinal lavage AMOC using a special apparatus. It is a physical therapy procedures and used in clinics, health centers and dispensaries. The design of the machine is designed so that, together with the supply of the washing liquid is carried out removal of intestinal contents under strict moni- control. How does the device, you can see in the photo.

In this procedure there are contraindications. For example:

  • acute diseases, which are accompanied by high fever;
  • acute circulatory failure;
  • ulcerative colitis;
  • aggravation of hemorrhoids;
  • mental illness.

Cleansing the liver oats

The liver, as well as the gut, packed with variousparasites, slags and other harmful substances. Improper diet, alcohol consumption, stress - all of this has a negative effect on the liver. Oats has a set of minerals and vitamins that are essential for normal functioning of the body. A method of cleansing the liver oats - soft, gentle and effective.

The healing properties of oats haveanti-inflammatory and diuretic effects. It envelops the liver, protecting it from the negative effects. There are lots of recipes for oatmeal infusion, upon receipt of which should be excluded from the diet of fried and fatty meals.

Available to all, and a simple method of cleaning the liver- The use of the infusion of rose hips. This decoction should insist night and drinking Sutra (0.5 cups). The process will be accompanied by indulgence, so it's better to be at home at the time of purification.

Shoe rice organism

Rice - it is a staple of oriental cuisine, becauseEasterners slim and healthy. It is endowed with a lot of useful substances, including proteins, carbohydrates, magnesium, calcium, and iron. Figure displays the toxins and helps to lose weight. It also displays the excess fluid and salt will remove puffiness.

A variety of options allows the rice dietto achieve the desired result. There are both benign, and its multi-day types that you can use at home. Pick up the rice diet to gently cleanse or diet, depending on your goals.

Cleaning the salt water intestine

bowel purification process salt water otherwiseShank called prakshalanoy. It is effective and easy to carry out, and is taken from yoga. Once ingested by drinking, salt water passes through the digestive organs, getting into the stomach by means of specific exercises, and then enters - the intestine and beyond.

Duration of treatment depends on the slagging of the intestine. Water should come out as clean as included. This method is safe and has no contraindications.

As is clearly to do, look at this master class:

Cleaning the bowel bran

The natural way to a mechanical purificationbowel - the use of foods containing large amounts of fiber, such as bran. Under the influence of moisture, they swell and become like "loofah", clearing the wall of the intestine from parasites, toxins and residues of rotting food. Fiber with harmful substances excreted from the body naturally, without breaking microflora. Spend a cleaning every six months.

Cleansing the kidneys watermelon

In the summer, when it is the season of watermelons,it is recommended to clean the kidneys. They are also subject to accumulation of harmful substances and parasites. Watermelon diet is great to cleanse your kidneys. Within a week should eat watermelon, seizing it with black bread. Watermelon is used instead of basic food and water. All other products at this time can not be there.

Particularly active kidney function at three o'clocknight. In the process of purification throughout the week at this time should be to dial a hot bath and immerse yourself in it, eat watermelon whole. This method is effective for the output of sand from the kidney and prevent stone formation.

Besides kidney purified by flaxseed. This method gives an excellent result and a positive effect on health. It will be an excellent prevention of cystitis and gipoazotemii - reduction of residual nitrogen in the blood.

Shoe yogurt and natural juices

For excretion of toxins naturally using cleansing fresh juices and yogurt. Such cleansing lasts 4 days.

  • 1st day. On this day, you need to refrain from eating and an enema 2.5-3 liters. Eating yogurt replace. It should be consumed throughout the day on one glass every hour. Total should be drunk more than 2 liters of yogurt.
  • 2nd day. As on the first day, put an enema. Drink only freshly squeezed juices - carrot, apple, orange, lemon. It is also recommended to mix the juices. Eat 1 cup of juice every 2 hours. All you need to drink 5 glasses of juice.
  • 3rd day. Breakfast - a glass of juice of two kinds. On this day, vegetable salads, vegetable soups and steamed vegetables - are no longer prohibited. Just eat it without adding oil.
  • 4th day. It is necessary to have the same as that of the third day, with the addition of oil.

Such cleaning should be carried out every month. It is useful and effective, energizes and improves the process of digestion.

Enema to cleanse the bowel

Since the waste in its greatest amountThey accumulate in the colon, then the simplest way to cleanse the body - an enema. To procedure brought no harm, and benefit, you must first warm up the body. To do this - visit bath, sauna, or take a bath. Slag soften, and they will be easier to get out. It is necessary to warm up the body for three to four days. If you are well prepared for the procedure, it will pass easily and painlessly.

But do not get involved in this purification method. Enema - is external interference, which can disrupt the natural gut flora and cause long dysbiosis.

Preparations for the purification of the liver

Common preparations for cleansing the liver -It is cholagogue and so-called gepatoprotektory. Recent accelerate the process of liver detoxification and improves metabolic functions. Bile is rapidly excreted from the body. Bile means only increase the production of bile, but not clean the liver.

Hepatoprotectors have this function ascell protection, carefully remove toxins and waste products without damaging the liver. Such preparations to cleanse the liver from toxins and restore manufactured from natural raw materials - milk thistle, soy, artichoke, etc. Many have hepatoprotective and choleretic action simultaneously. Among them - Gepabene, Darcy Galstena.

A diet to cleanse the body

There are various diets thateffective as cleansing the body of slagging. All diets based on eating certain foods or eliminating some of the daily diet. These diets are and mentioned above, rice and kefir-juice diet.

  • Usually diet is designed for ten days. Terms of use of the products are painted by day. But there are some that are designed to cleanse the course of a month. A diet selected individually dietitian.
  • This method of treatment is fasting, is also not new. It helps to expel without interference from the body of harmful substances. It should go without food for 1-2 days a week or go these days for fruit and yogurt. During this period, the body is free of toxins and parasites.

To cleanse your body of harmful substances,it is advisable to visit the bath, a sauna or a SPA-center. Steaming will relax the intestines and toxins will be easier to get out of the body. All methods of cleansing the body may both help and hurt him. Therefore, prior to the cleansing should consult a doctor. After all, health - is a priceless treasure that requires special care.

We have reviewed the main methods of cleaning the bodyof toxins. If you have tried to clean the body in some way, or know people who practice it, share this information in the comments.

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