Can pregnant women have sex?

It is difficult to find a married couple in anticipation of the firstborn,Who would not be interested in the question: can pregnant women have sex? If "no", when will it be possible? And if "yes", then in what positions, up to what term and in general! Medicine answers these questions unequivocally: you can have sex, only be careful!


Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?


Pregnancy Is the time of active change in the relationship betweenFuture parents. And the sexual activity of partners is also changing. It happens that previously untiring lovers become passive and are afraid to do something wrong. And more quiet spouses suddenly fully disclose their sexuality and realize the new joys of family life. All this has an explanation - a large-scale hormonal restructuring in the body of a woman and changes that arise in her physiology. But sex during pregnancy, in no case, is not prohibited! Moreover, it is even recommended to all pregnant couples!


Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?

And when can I start? Yes, even from the first days! Although obstetricians-gynecologists traditionally introduce a two-month quarantine for intimate relations at the beginning of the period, do not worry about anything, if there is no objective medical warning. These include:

Threat of termination of pregnancy,

Miscarriage at an early age in a previous pregnancy,

Vaginal bleeding,

Leakage of amniotic fluid,

Multiple pregnancies,

Descent of the placenta,

The presence of infectious diseases in one of the partners.

If none of this is observed, then you can have sex with pleasure from the first to the last week of pregnancy. Moreover, it is not only pleasant, But also very useful!

Benefits of sex during pregnancy

Sex in early pregnancy helps:

1. To cheer up the future mother and give the baby a whole batch of pleasure hormones;

2. Improve the state of health of a woman. Do not know how to get rid of toxemia?

3. Try sex as a medicine!

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Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?

In the second trimester, sex:

1. Trains the muscles of the uterus, preparing them for productive work in childbirth;

2. Just a cool and sensual process!

In the third trimester much depends on the period.

If there is still a couple of months left before delivery, it is not necessaryTo be afraid of premature beginning of labor activity, since uterine contractions during the organism do not provoke it. But if the birth is soon to begin (at 38-40 weeks), sex will be their wonderful stimulant. And help the rapid opening of the cervix with the hormone prostaglandin, which is contained in the sperm and softens the muscles of the "house" of the child.


Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?

According to observations of young mothers and specialists,The same is the sexual mood in a pregnant woman. Its occurrence, or vice versa, a decrease in desire, is also associated with a specific trimester. For example, in the first there is a decrease in sexual desire. This is due to the fact that the body produces hormones that protect the fetus, which has not yet firmly established itself in the uterus. In addition, in the first three months of pregnancy, few women suffer from toxicosis, fatigue, and simply become very irritable because of the storms raging within the hormonal storms.


If at the very beginning of the question, can it be pregnantTo have sex because of the threat of miscarriage, is still relevant. Then in the second trimester, even those ladies who previously were quite cold to their men are flourishing. There are already no restrictions and fears suddenly become pregnant (everything has already happened!) The rounded forms of the spouse pleases the husband, and the woman is so keenly aware that she is ready for the most courageous experiments!


In the third trimester of this love heatUsually there is no trace. The woman is calm again and thinks about preparing for childbirth. Her body is resting and gaining strength for the most important work. Therefore, at this time, the partner requires the utmost attention and respect for the wishes of the spouse. Often, sexual relations are replaced by platonic and friendly relations.

In what poses can you have sex with pregnant women?

There is no clear answer to this question. It is important that the poses are comfortable for both the woman and her partner. In the first trimester, all that you preferred earlier will do. In the latter - the possibilities are no longer so wide due to the increased tummy of the future mother. But the postures "behind" and "on the side" are all also relevant.


Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?

If you care, can it be pregnantHave sex because of the risk of injury to the fetus, we hasten to reassure you: no, even the most exotic sex poses for pregnant women will not harm your child. Nature safely hid it with several layers of protection. From threats of the outer world of the kid protect the frontAbdominal wall, muscles, fetal bladder and membranes, amniotic fluid, which smooth out all fluctuations and pressures. Another protection within the mother's body is the uterus itself, tightly clogged with a mucous plug.

Important: After giving birth, sexual life is recommendedContinue in 6-8 weeks. But, of course, few of the spouses can withstand such a long quarantine. Wait at least when the young mother runs out of bloody discharge from the uterus. And then ... Your sex will become even brighter than before pregnancy!

Good luck!

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