Arachnoid cyst of the brain

In most cases, arachnoid cysts in any waynot manifest itself. It is small and typically does not grow and does not hinder a person to live a normal life. In rare cases, the tumor has an effect when provoking the emergence of unpleasant and dangerous symptoms to humans.

From what appears cyst in the head

Benign globular formation - a cystin the brain - inside is filled with cerebrospinal fluid. Severity of symptoms depends on the size of tumors, but it is found in case of accidental or medical examination in the diagnosis of some other disease. Arachnoid cysts brain occurs in most cases are asymptomatic. Bright neurological symptoms only present in 20% of cases. Factors influencing the emergence and growth of cysts:

  1. Any brain injury;
  2. growth within the cystic formation fluid pressure;
  3. brain inflammation (infection, virus).

Types of arachnoid cysts

Leading experts in the field of medicine in theToday define two kinds of tumors, which differ from each other cause. The first - the primary, which is developing baby in the womb. Secondary manifested during the above pathologies. Also, the cyst can be a simple, emerging from the cerebrospinal fluid, and complex, having a part of various kinds of fabrics. Neoplasms of the location in the brain is divided into:

  • left or right temporal lobe;
  • parietal and frontal part of the head;
  • cerebellum;
  • the spinal canal;
  • posterior cranial fossa;
  • spine (perineural);
  • lumbar.

Primary (congenital)

It may be formed as a result of inflammatoryprocesses that developed in utero. The cause of the tumors sometimes birth trauma, meningitis, a disease of the newborn. Frequent multiple violations of the fetus as a result of smoking, medication, alcohol consumption by a pregnant woman. If the primary cyst progresses rapidly, it can be removed at any age child with severe symptoms.

Secondary (acquired)

Develop this type of arachnoid cystsbrain after an illness, injury, surgery. The appearance can cause a severe blow to the head, a concussion after an accident, subarachnoid hemorrhage or mechanical damage. When the secondary cyst begins to form due to a pathology, that it consists of a wall of scar tissue. If the cyst in the brain of an adult has evolved for some other reason, its walls contain arachnoid tissue.

The dangerous retrotserebellyarnaya arachnoid cysts

This type of tumors located betweenSoft and hard shell brain. A risk factor is that retrotserebellyarnaya arachnoid cysts may subsequently promote cell death, and this condition leads to a malignant tumor. Children neoplasm leads to developmental delay or hypermobility syndrome. In adults, the growing cyst increases pressure on the gray matter and brain tissue.

The main signs and symptoms of Education

Signs cysts appear with its growth. Begin headaches, tinnitus, impaired sensitivity of the skin. If arachnoid brain cyst is not treated, it could cause paralysis, seizures appear, grow deafness and lost vision. Symptoms of the disease characterized by destruction of a particular area.


Small bubbles with the liquid contents in the tissuesthe brain does not pose a threat to humans, and it is easy to live with them forever. Large progressive education types have clear signs of pathology. It:

  • disorientation;
  • regular migraine;
  • loss of sleep;
  • violation of muscle tone;
  • lameness;
  • nausea, vomiting;
  • twitching limbs (involuntary);
  • dizziness.


When the cyst is formed in newborn childrenresult of inflammation, injury or other brain diseases, it ramolyatsionnoe formation which appears anywhere. If grudnichka have parasites, such as tapeworm, the parasite can develop cyst. Neoplasms of the brain are the result of violations of interstitial fluid circulation. Symptoms depend on the location and type of cyst, and their list is not universal. In the brain pathology in a child can indicate the following states:

  • pulsating fontanelle;
  • flaccidity of extremities;
  • disoriented gaze;
  • fountain regurgitation after feeding.

Methods of diagnosis

The best diagnostic method pathologyMRI of the brain performs. In the presence of cysts in the final description of the results of imaging will be shown: "arachnoid changes likvorokistoznogo character." Place the localization of education reveals the use of contrast agents. The basic property of a neoplasm, unlike a tumor, the contrast is the ability to accumulate. If necessary, laboratory tests are conducted, the study:

  • blood cholesterol;
  • for infections;
  • vascular Doppler;
  • blood pressure measurement (reveals his jumps).


Methods of treatment of the disease will depend on thediagnostic results. If arachnoid cysts of the brain has a small size, the health risk is not. The patient will be seen by a doctor and undergo periodic examinations. During this period, it is important to remove the cause of disease and minimize the impact of negative factors. If the tumor will grow rapidly, the drug therapy or surgery will be applied.

drug therapy

Cysts are medium in size can be eliminatedmedicines. The course of treatment is prescribed individually and carried out under the supervision of a physician to improve the patient's condition. The names of drugs that can stop the growth of tumors:

  1. resorbable adhesion: Longidaza, Karipatin;
  2. activating the metabolism in tissues: Aktovegin, Gliatilin;
  3. immunomodulators: Viferon, Timogen;
  4. Antiviral: Pyrogenalum, Amiksin.

Folk remedies and herbs

In asymptomatic brain cyst possible to maintain the body's popular recipes:

  1. Herbal hemlock. Eliminates headaches. Duration of treatment is 79 days. allowed to repeat the course if necessary. Prepare tincture can be as follows: 100 g of crushed seeds or stalks poured olive oil (0.5 L). At three weeks, the solution should be left in a dark place. After the oil is passed several times through cheesecloth. Accepted infusion through the nose 3 times / day for 2 drops.
  2. The infusion of the roots of the Caucasian Dioscorea. A beneficial effect on brain function: purifies and dilates blood vessels. The course of 2-3 months. Root (200 g) is ground, fill a jar, pour 700 ml of vodka. The cool part of infused 5 days. After infusion of drained, and poured another 700 ml of vodka. After 5 days, both the composition are mixed, filtered and used for 2 hours. L. three times / day before meals.
  3. Elixir of yeast. It helps reduce inflammation, normalization of intracranial pressure. The course of treatment for three weeks. Yeast (1 tbsp. L.) Are mixed with the dried herb Elecampane (40 g) and three liters of boiled water. Insist 2 days, then take 4 times / day for half a cup.

Surgical intervention

If a brain cyst increases in size, it will be scheduled for surgery to remove it. Modern medicine involves several types of surgery:

  • endoscopic method - less traumatic when the content is removed through the punctures;
  • Bypass surgery is done through the introduction of a drainage tube into the cyst cavity (at high risk of infection);
  • fenestration performed excision of education using a laser;
  • needling, which involves the removal of the capsule using the tool superfine (high probability of neurological complications);
  • craniotomy - the most radical and effective operation, combined with increased traumatic.

Forecasts and consequences

With early detection of brain cystsfavorable forecasts. The main risks which are associated with the formation of arachnoid - compression of the brain centers, after which there are disturbances in the body. After removal of the cyst is sometimes observed impaired speech, hearing or vision. In late diagnosis of a cyst can rupture, hydrocephalus, death.


Change arachnoid cyst size is not necessaryperceived as cancer, but to maintain brain health should apply preventive measures. These include: respect for physical activity, proper diet, avoiding harmful habits. People over 40 times in six months, it is desirable to visit a cardiologist and a neurologist to examine.

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