Antioxidants - what it is. Products and preparations with antioxidants to remove free radicals

Unique substances necessary forhuman body - antioxidants. They have the ability to withstand oxidant molecules, neutralizing their negative effects. Contain substances in special preparations or foods.

What are antioxidants

Useful substances - antioxidants - helpaccelerated recovery of cells that were destroyed as a result of the negative effects of free radicals. Few people know why we need antioxidants, but they are on the human body have only a positive effect:

  • This unique natural and all-natural antioxidant that helps the restoration of the destroyed free radicals tissue cells.
  • Slows down the process of photoaging, the cells are protected from damage by ultraviolet rays.
  • The main positive feature - minimizes the inflammatory response that appears after prolonged exposure to the sun.
  • Reduced activity of the aging process.
  • Neutralized free radical oxidation is stopped in the cell membranes of polyunsaturated fatty acids.
  • Another useful property of - minimizes the risk of cancer.

Effects on the body of free radicals

Free radicals are molecules havingthe possibility for connection of another electron. In the molecule has one unpaired electron, so it is easy to enter into chemical reactions by which cavities are filled. With the accession of the molecule becomes completely safe. Chemical reactions provoked by free radicals have on the human body a certain impact.

If the number of these molecules in the normal range, the immune system can control them. Organism help prevent oxidation agent such as an antioxidant.

Free radicals control the following functions:

  • activation of certain enzymes;
  • the process of destruction of bacteria and viruses;
  • hormones;
  • energy production.

By increasing the number of free radicalsis more active development of these molecules, which causes serious harm to the body. It starts changing the structure of proteins, the method of encoding genetic information, its transfer from one cell to another. The human immune system recognizes as foreign material pathologically modified proteins and begins destroying them. When a heavy load falls immunity, can develop a serious disease (kidney, heart failure), oncology.

What are antioxidants

Molecules having negatively chargedelectron - antioxidant substances. The benefits of these large, because they help to prevent the development of cancer and cardiovascular diseases, promote the conclusion of toxins, accelerates the healing process. Oxidants and antioxidants should be present in the human body, because they ensure its functioning.

Virtually every product includes in its membershipunique antioxidant. Doctors advise to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Any natural antioxidant neutralizes the harmful effects on the environment (smoky streets, ultraviolet radiation, frequent stress), bad habits (smoking, alcohol abuse). Use them to slow down the aging process.

Antioxidant Activity

The medicine is not fully understood what effecthave on the human body, these substances. These experiments are contradictory. Some studies suggest that the antioxidant drugs have no effect on the development of lung cancer in smokers, but the vitamin C in combination with A help prevent precancerous polyps of the stomach.

Active substances help prevent the onset ofthe development of colon cancer, prostate. To maintain the desired level of antioxidants and improve their own health a person can food. The second option - to use a special vitamin complex. You should always seek help from a doctor who will prescribe drugs, which will have the right amount of nutrients.

Benefits and harms of antioxidants

Any strong antioxidant useful for the organism. However, not all substances have a positive effect. It is important to know what the benefits and harms of antioxidants, and in what products they are contained. Meals should be varied. The main thing - to comply with the measure, to adjust the menu. It has to do not only a woman, expectant mother, but also a man.

If you always use a product that willcontain large amounts of antioxidants, there is a risk of provoking a negative effect until the beginning of the development of cancer. There are also such substances which are not able to neutralize free radicals, they will work correctly, helping to accelerate the oxidation process. As it turns out, if you frequently use a herbal product that contains a large amount of vitamin A and C.

The doctor may prohibit use products wherewill contain vitamin E, otherwise you can cause serious damage to the heart. Meals should be balanced, and the food - totally natural, because then the body will have a positive properties of these substances. Use the clear:

  • anti-aging;
  • nutrients help maintain long youth and beauty.

Where most antioxidants

Good to know, which contains antioxidants andHow much, because they are useful if their number does not exceed the permitted limit. Pharmacy provides a wide range of products, which contain the necessary vitamin. However, only one pill will not help to solve the existing problem. It should still try to lead a healthy lifestyle and get rid of the existing bad habits.

Antioxidants - drugs in pharmacies

If the body lacks usefulsubstances, a proper diet is not enough. In such cases, the doctor may prescribe medication antioxidant, but they can not pick their own. The list of the most useful tools includes:

  1. Liping - antioxidant preparation, freeze-dried powder, which supports the immune system.
  2. Coenzyme - reinforcing the body's defense. Are derived free radicals, blood circulation is activated.
  3. Glutargin - strong antioxidant drugs used in diseases of the liver and to eliminate the effects of alcohol intoxication.

antioxidants Vitamins

There may be prescribed vitamins with antioxidants, which is a part of a complex of minerals and nutrients. The strong antioxidant effect provided by:

  1. Vitrum antioxidant - protects the body from the damaging effects of free radicals.
  2. Vitrum forte - slows down premature aging and wear of organs and systems.


antioxidants Products

Food is essential for the human body. It contains the right amount of natural antioxidants in foods such as:

  • coffee;
  • beans;
  • apples;
  • carrot;
  • Wild black currants;
  • strawberries;
  • prunes;
  • cranberry;
  • raspberries;
  • artichoke boiled;
  • blackberry;
  • spinach;
  • rosehips;
  • potatoes;
  • Bell pepper;
  • apricot;
  • seafood;
  • milk;
  • cabbage.

Antioxidants in cosmetics

Cosmetology can not do without this valuablesubstance that performs multiple functions. Any antioxidant stops the degradation of the skin, restores the content of nutrients, protects cells. Antioxidants play a role in cosmetology stabilizers. In the manufacture of a cosmetic product is added vitamin E, C, A, and others. Cosmetics and creams should contain substances in the right proportions. Thus, C is very unstable, the introduction of 5% has no effect, and from 5 to 15% whey only contain vitamin.

Antioxidants - what is it in medicine

The use of antioxidants in medicine continues to cause a lot of controversy and contradictions. These materials must be kept in the body in the normal range, then they can:

  1. prevent the development of cardiovascular disease, oncology;
  2. to eliminate the problems associated with kidney function;
  3. improve overall health.

Antioxidants in oncology

Appointment of antioxidants in oncologyIt is used by many doctors. After confirming the diagnosis and determining the severity of the disease will be selected formulations containing the desired substance. Held Power correction, because in the diet should be foods that are rich in antioxidants. In each case, the treatment is carried out strictly on an individual basis.

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