An allergy to mosquito bites - photos. Treatment of allergic reactions to mosquito bites a child and an adult

For many mosquito bites are a commonphenomenon, to which you can not pay attention. Redness, swelling and itching quickly pass. There is a category of people who have the bites of these insects cause a severe allergic reaction (kulitsidoz).

Why there is an allergy to mosquito bites

Response to the human body in injectingblood allergen contained in the saliva of insects - is kulitsidoz. An allergy to mosquito bites - a frequent phenomenon, it can make life miserable and carry a health hazard. The standard reaction after an insect attack: redness, slight swelling, itching highly significant. Typically, these symptoms disappear in 2-3 days, but some people have a stronger "response". Kulitsidoz a very serious problem, therefore, is to study in advance of its symptoms.

Allergic reaction to mosquito bite can be triggered by the following factors:

  1. The problem is inherited.
  2. The immune system responds instantly to the protein, which is available in the insect's saliva (mosquitoes, gnats, bees and so on).
  3. High sensitivity. Sometimes this figure rises due to improper diet, living in unfavorable environmental conditions, due to the occurrence of certain diseases.

Why do mosquito bites itch

Many would like to know why, aftermosquito bite itch skin. Insect releases saliva in the process of sucking blood. The human body perceives it as a foreign substance and character produces antibodies to get rid of it. Once bitten increases blood circulation, and if you scratch the area, the skin becomes inflamed, there are pain and itching.

Woman scratching a mosquito bite on the hand

How does allergy to mosquito bites

An allergy to mosquito bites are classified by level of severity, each of which has specific symptoms:

  1. Local response. The affected area is increased up to 10 centimeters or more. The skin on the site of the wound swells, becomes red and sore. Sometimes it forms large blister, which runs a long period of time.
  2. The general reaction in case of allergy to mosquito bites. Symptoms: urticaria (small hives), runny nose, intense itching, shortness of breath, a significant weakness, malaise, angioedema (severe and dangerous allergic reaction, extensive edema).
  3. Severe kulitsidoza is characterized by such symptoms: severe nausea, vomiting, drop in blood pressure, difficulty breathing, anaphylactic shock.

How is allergic to mosquito bites

For timely, competent care is necessaryto go to the doctor when the first symptoms kulitsidoza. Treatment will depend on the severity of the disease: home self deliverance from disease or help an allergist. Acute allergic to mosquitoes in a child or adult is treated in a hospital. Further possible ways of therapeutic intervention will be described.

Blisters on the skin after a mosquito bite

The relieve itching from mosquito bites

The discomfort and itching, which appear aftermosquito attacks, can be removed using special agents or people's effective means. Medication in the form of ointments, gels, creams or tinctures Apply a thin layer to clean skin only. Effective means to combat the swelling, redness and itching are:

  • Psili Balm;
  • Fenistil gel;
  • Rescue Cream;
  • Lotion or balm asterisk;
  • Alcohol tincture of calendula.

If we talk about the people's recipes againstskin irritation after insect bites, they are too many. For example, the affected area is treated with green paint, decoctions and infusions of herbs such as succession, chamomile, dandelion, wormwood. Even with symptoms kulitsidoza it copes soda, boric alcohol, propolis drops valokordin or korvalola. There is also a site of the bite apply napkins soaked in alcohol.

Psili Balm

The swelling after a mosquito bite

Often when there is an allergy to mosquitonoticeable swelling. To eliminate it is recommended to use antihistamines. For example, tablets Suprastin, Tavegil, Claritin, Telfast. In severe manifestation of the disease is necessary to smear cream with hormones edema (ointment Advantan, sinaflana, Fenistil). The above-described preparations for their rapid action, remove the swelling, pain, swelling, reduce the area of ​​redness, relieve common allergy symptoms.

Allergy against mosquitoes and antibiotics

Violent, painful reaction to insect bites insome cases, eliminated by antibiotics. Prescribe antibiotics allergy sufferers can only physician. Combined therapy with the use of antibiotics is appointed in the case of swelling, infection at the site of the bite formation. Effective medications are: hormonal ointments Trimistin, Kremgen, Triderm cream. To cure inflammation, eliminate anoint festering lesion drugs with antibiotics (sintomitsina, Levomekol, Oflokain).

Traces of mosquito bites on the legs of a child

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