Aching body without temperature - what to do. Causes weakness, aching joints and muscles in men or women

Aches associated with the pathology of the joints orinfectious diseases. If amazed joints, the pain attacks occur and aches. When infectious diseases aches accompanied by headache, vomiting and weakness. Symptoms "signal" of a serious illness.

Body aches without a fever - Causes

All diseases are accompanied by symptoms. If they are not, but a person feels discomfort, aches throughout the body - it is a sign of a serious illness. Sense extends on skeletal tissues without affecting internal organs. If the whole body without breaking temperature, to identify the reasons for non-localized pain may be approximate. The diagnosis of the doctor will determine on the basis of clinical presentation, handed over analyzes and prescribe complex treatment.

Reasons body aches without temperature factors are:

  • intoxication;
  • physical stress;
  • minor microtrauma;
  • diseases associated with disorders of the joints (gout, arthritis, rheumatism);
  • myositis arising from hypothermia, poisoning and other causes;
  • viral infections (SARS, influenza);
  • fibromyalgia;
  • poisoning drugs, poisons;
  • food poisoning;
  • anorexia;
  • endocrine disease;
  • leukemia, lymphoma;
  • malignant neoplasms;
  • autoimmune disease.

Colds without temperature

Sometimes respiratory diseases are transferred tolegs, without causing much discomfort. Colds - respiratory viral disease, which can occur without the presence of heat. Before the first symptoms of the common cold without temperature goes 3 days. Then there are abundant and watery discharge from the nose, throat starts to tickle. After a couple days of isolation become thick, mucous consistency, often with impurities of pus and blood.

Runny nose is the first "messenger" cold. In people with weakened immune systems the infection gets deep into the body, with a clinical picture, therapists diagnose bronchitis. At cold temperatures do not arise without aches and muscle pain is absent. If such symptoms are observed, and are accompanied by fever, malaise, chills, weakness, then we are talking about more complex infections - influenza.

If during the week of SARS does not pass, the condition worsens, a person shivers, it was a complication from:

  • respiratory system (pneumonia, bronchitis);
  • throat (pharyngitis, laryngitis);
  • sinus infections (sinusitis, rhinitis).

The flu without fever

Atypical form of viral disease, whichIt affects the nasopharynx and upper respiratory tract - the flu without fever. The virus is spread by airborne droplets and by direct contact with the source of infection. The disease may be mild and severe. In severe instantly there is an increase of clinical symptoms, making it difficult to diagnose in the early stages. Flu symptoms with temperature is a pain in the neck, in the brow, cough. If severe, there may be bleeding from the nose, vomiting and convulsions.

Aches in bones and joints causes

In some cases, there is no feeling achestemperature rise. Causes - spinal pathology, leg joints, vascular disease. The feeling of heaviness in the legs with a pulsating or compressive pain and weakness is also seen in patients. Aches in the joints occurs:

  • with gouty arthritis;
  • osteomyelitis and flat feet;
  • under static and dynamic overvoltage;
  • at a tuberculosis of bones.

Painful sensations disturb people whosubjected to excessive load legs. The discomfort experienced by patients suffering from rheumatism, bruises, sprains, dislocations, depressive states, pinched nerves, overweight. Aching joints without temperature indicates the development of diseases that require diagnosis and medical therapy.

Aches in his hands - Causes

Identify symptoms without diagnosis is impossible,especially if there is no rise in temperature, no concomitant symptoms. One reason for aching hands - preinfarction state. Against the background of shortness of breath, cold sweat, heart pain, aching felt in the left or right hand. When intervertebral hernia pain of the spine is transmitted to the hands. Felt aches and muscle micro-breaks, sprains, dislocations.

Body ache during pregnancy

Women in the position can be shown aches. Several prerequisites:

  1. Varicose veins. Body aches pregnancy occurs because vascular compression. This occurs in the later stages, when the uterus increases. Doctors are advised to wear special bandages, do not wear shoes with high heels.
  2. The excess of the hormone relaxin. It is necessary to stretch the pelvic ligaments, discrepancies joints, bones before delivery.

Aching muscles

Depending on the causes of the aches,affected some parts of the muscle. The reason can serve as: stretching, injury, over-voltage, or inflammation of the joints pathology. It does not eliminate the side effects of drugs: Fosinopril, atorvastatin, captopril. Lack of calcium, potassium can trigger aching muscles.

Hurt nerves throughout the body

Source associated with pain:

  • in the joints, back and waist;
  • head;
  • from his injuries.

Permanent muscle and nerve pain becomesa chronic condition. Anorexia occurs overvoltage, constant fatigue, weakness, emotional trauma. Negative feelings increase the level of substances that affect the increased pain, and painkillers reduce its effect. The immune system is weakened and formed a chain of psychological factors that trigger the feeling that hurt the nerves throughout the body.

Why after sleep hurts the whole body

In the morning aches associated with severe physicalload pathology joint or fibromyalgia. Often the body is sore from the uncomfortable position of the night, that does not relax the muscles. The cause of the pain may serve as bedding. To relax the muscles should sleep on orthopedic mattresses and pillows. These are the main aspects why after sleep hurts the whole body.

What if it hurts the whole body

If twisted, aching body without temperature,It identifies the causes of disease. Appointed by symptomatic treatment. In some cases, surgery is provided. What if it hurts the whole body:

  1. It is recommended to practice yoga, reflexology, conduct recreational gymnastics and massage. Warming can be used ointments or compresses, if no temperature.
  2. Non-hormonal drugs, steroids can help to stop the inflammatory process.
  3. If there are problems with the nervous system, the antidepressant.

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