Women's hairstyles: Top 10 stylish hairstyles this season, photos

Every woman at least once in a lifetime dream to change the image completely and radically change its image. That lady's haircut can completely transform a woman, make it brighter and more spectacular.

Well-chosen haircut will help to correct coarse facial features and at the same time give the charm and elegance of the face.

See the top 10 fashion women's haircuts season.


  • Trendy women's haircuts: Trends 2016 - 2017
  • Women's haircuts for long hair
  • Women's haircuts for medium hair
  • Women's hairstyles for short hair
  • Beautiful female hairstyle: Photo fashion victim

Trendy women's haircuts: Trends 2016 - 2017

Women's haircuts for long hair

In demand remains haircut cascade. This versatile hairstyle that looks great both on direct and on wavy hair. Thin hair gives it the missing amount. Based on the stage you can perform a variety of interesting pilings. Cascade can be with a long oblique bangs short and straight. No less cute haircut looks and without bangs. Haircut "cascade", depending on the structure of hair, carried out by various methods. There is the classic, ragged and asymmetric cascade.

Another interesting option for long hair -This layered hairstyle. They can be a sharp transition from the fringe to the most hair, look in the form of multi-level caps and straight strands. Also, holders of long hair often opting to cut with a sharp tip. Layered haircuts advantageous to look beautiful on smooth, straight hair.

No less interesting and extremely looksCut shaving temple. Of course, such a haircut will look good only on the thick and healthy hair. Mowing perfect harmony both with straight locks, and with locks.

Women's haircuts for medium hair

Long bob. Another trend haircut that fits most girls. This hairstyle is a great option for owners of round, square and oval face type. Harmonically long bob look with asymmetrical bangs. Girls with short neck should definitely try this hairstyle, because it visually lengthens and makes it more elegant.

In the new season at the peak of popularitygraded haircuts. It is an ideal option for those who do not like long and tedious installation. Performs them on hair of any type. Thin hair get a visual volume and liveliness. This hairstyle looks great with both straight and wavy tresses. On average hair graded haircut is as follows: cut out the top of the hair to the chin and eyebrows, and the length is completely retained at the back.

For many years out of fashion does not extend elongated squares. This hairstyle is easy to pack and unassuming in care. Even a little square regrown completely ruin the image.

"Ladder" looks great on medium hair. Its beauty is that it is universal. It looks great with bangs, which can be of any length and shape.

Women's hairstyles for short hair

Asymmetrical haircuts

Fashion is asymmetry. It can occur in such popular haircuts like bob, bob or pixie. Asymmetrical solutions often help hide or correct some of the shortcomings appearance and give the image a more relaxed and serene views.

ragged haircut

Young women are increasingly choosing ragged haircut. They frame the unusual contours of the face and allow to emphasize individuality. The only disadvantage of this hairstyle is that it needs constant care and styling.

Considering the trends of the new season, we can distinguish eccentric haircut "hedgehog." This option is quite a bold haircut and not all ladies will be able to decide on it.

Bob haircut

Not inferior to its leading position - Traditionalbob bob. Given the current trends, stylists recommend cascading options. So get to create lasting volume on the back of the head.


Bold beauty choosing super trendy"Pixie" haircut. In the new season, the traditional option would be supplemented by a shaped short bangs. Effectively looks fashionable hairstyle pixie with artistic vystrigom.

To attract attention and cause rapidenthusiasm, you can use bright haircut "Mohawk". This is a truly unique version of women's haircuts, which will not go unnoticed and will create an extraordinary and exclusive image. Mohawk allows for completely different in style styling - from youth to strict business.


Another great haircut with bangs - Gavroche. Its features are pointed whiskey, top volume. This hairstyle is perfect for petite skinny girls. This option offers the most haircuts person focuses on the eyes. This hairstyle will look great as haircuts for women 40 years.

Beautiful female hairstyle: Photo fashion victim

Modern fashion does not stand still. Familiar women's haircuts, photos which can be viewed on our website, are transformed, becoming a new shape. Increasingly, fashion shows can be found bold options short cuts: in military style, pot, page, "Garson" and much more.

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