Weave braids: hairstyles ideas, step by step photos and netting scheme

Weave braids learn quite difficult. To do this, you need to understand how each technique. The main part of braids woven on the basis of the French braid, which may have a lot of different variations. At first glance, its weaving technique may seem complicated for beginners, but if you understand the principle of it, then master it out very quickly.

In this article you will find step by step videos and photos to help you learn how to create their own hands beautiful hairstyles with braids.


  • Different types of braids and weaving scheme
  • Weave in the long and medium hair
  • Weave braids with ribbons
  • The stages of weaving braids with silk ribbon
  • Hairstyles with braids
  • Learn weaving braids at home (spit out gum)

Different types of braids and weaving scheme

Today, every woman can, if desired,learn weaving braids. To this end, it is not necessary to attend the expensive training, because the presence of the Internet, you can learn weaving lessons without leaving home. For this only need to buy a training head (mannequin) for training. Buy this disc can be in a specialty store or order online.

Add originality everyday hairstyle with her hair may thin the usual braid

Weave thin braids at the temples to create fashionable hairstyles

Hairstyles with her long hair and braids braided

Beautiful and simple hairstyles 2017 with braided

Weave in the long and medium hair

First, you need to master classicalFrench braiding braids. Weaving starts from the top of the head. In its execution it is close to a simple spit, but has its own characteristics. To create a French braid of three strands is not enough. For its implementation will need to be added on each side are always new locks. This braid is obtained very strong and at the same time quite interesting. This option is particularly fond of weaving girls who prefer an active lifestyle.

How to French braid your own? Step by step instructions with photos and video

Photos of finished hairstyles

Weave French braid-step photos for beginners (the scheme). Take three small strands and start to plait braid as usual.

Then, the left and right added another subtle provide designated. They have to carefully go over the key.

Next to each step weave laterally additional locks until all the hair is braided.

When all the hair braided and was only the tail, we continue to weave a common trehpryadnuyu braid.

The ends of the rubber band fix or barrette.

The second option of weaving braids and more interestingat the same time it is simple to learn, it is called - French braid "the return." This option is suitable to owners of fine hair. Due to peculiarities of weaving, ready to get the volume hairstyle. It is often used to create a festive image. weaving peculiarity lies in the fact that the strands weaving is done from the bottom rather than reconciliation.

Step by step photos for beginners: weaving reverse French braids

Contact French braid

We separate the three equal strands and begin weaving the usual spit in reverse (no locks put on top of each other and discharged down).

Further, the left and right sides alternately in a braid weave additional strands of hair.

When the braid braided, fix the ends of the clamp and pulling strands to give Spit pomp and volume.

French braid in the form of the rim harmoniouslylooks to create a romantic image. It endows Woman charm and tenderness. Tat bezel is not difficult. This hairstyle is easy as long lags, and the medium hair. With such a hairstyle of bangs braid can be removed, leaving the face as open as possible. Weave braids begins with right temporal part of the head, and ends at the left temple (the order can be changed).

Trendy hairstyles in 2017: one and two braids Dragon

Weave braids with ribbons

Do not lose their popularity braids with ribbons. This hairstyle looks original and always attracts the attention of others. The tapes may be of different thicknesses and made of a different material. Especially looks nice satin, silk and lace ribbon in her hair.

Weave braids with ribbon photo

To weave braids need tape, which will be twice the length of the strands. The easiest option - the weaving of the three strands. For this need to silk or satin ribbon and two rubber bands.

The stages of weaving braids with silk ribbon

Hair carefully combed and tied back.The tape is mounted on elastic, stretch and fold in two parts. Secure the knot with the ends of the ribbon should be the same dliny.Poluchivshuyusya plait secure eraser.

Step weaving braids with ribbon, photo

Cherytehpryadnaya braid with a ribbon: Milestone photo

We separate the four strands bind to one of them the tape.

Scourge four strand braid in the usual way, but instead of a single strand you will feed.

The tape should be held in the middle of braids.

At the end of weaving a little pull loops in pigtails.

Hairstyles with braids

Any casual hairstyle can be completed weaving, thus giving novelty in the usual way.

Lovers will appreciate the flowing hair hairstyle "Waterfall". This option looks great both on direct and on the wavy curls. Braiding may be performed in a straight line or diagonally.

Kos Waterfall on wavy hair

Hairstyle with braids braided Waterfall

Effectively looks weave braid 4 strands. It turns a beautiful 3 D effect. To create the hairstyles need to allocate a lock on the top and divide it into four equal parts. Extreme strand should be brought under the two strands and back to the previous one. The same, on the other hand. Further, extreme strand taken from the bulk is added to at strands of braids. Continue to weave need until there are no more locks available.

Hairstyle with a scythe chetyrehpryadnoy or four braids

Business lady can diversify classicbeam by running it from the braids. For this need well-combed hair tied in a high or low ponytail. Divide it into two equal parts of which weave the usual trёhpryadnye spit and fix them with silicone rubber bands. Next, you need to tighten the braid into a bun and secure pins or invisible. Then the beam is necessary to fix the varnish of average fixing. The finished hairstyle is recommended to decorate accessories. To do this, fit the scallops with the decor, ribbons, clips with bows.

Hairstyle with a pencil and woven braid

Fashion combination braids 2017 and the beam

Evening hairstyle with braiding and beam

Exquisitely look openwork weave braid (photobelow). weaving technique is very simple. For this purpose any need to weave the braid without tension. Then from each tier to pull the loop. Drawn hairs should be evenly distributed on each side. Sprinkle with varnish.

Casual hairstyle with braids braided fish tail

Beautiful hairstyle with a complex weave

Stylish hairstyles with braids braided at a temple

Learn weaving braids at home

Weave braids - a creative activity thatIt requires accuracy and perseverance. But the result is always happy and fun. In addition, the ability to weave braids will help every girl look every day in different ways. If you are ready to learn, then you will step by step photos for beginners.

Kos using gum: how to weave? A photo

If you are unable to weave braids, trysimple, but no less effective option braids weaving using elastic bands. At the same time weaving braid gives a very accurate, due to the multiple strands fixation rubber bands do not fall out. This braid is easy to braid, even if you have cascading haircut.

Kos using gum, photos

Step by step perform hairstyles photos with directional elastic bands

Step by step photos of weaving braids using elastic bands

The second option is based on hairstyles braids woven with the help of elastic bands

Step by step photos of the evening performance with braided hairstyles

A collection of photos of hairstyles with braids braided

Beautiful and simple hairstyle with braiding

Evening hairstyle with a complex weave

Beautiful weaving braids around her head

Trendy Hairstyles with braids

Weave braids in the style of boho

In fashion as the volume and tight weave braid

Stylish with braided Prisca

Hairstyles with a scythe and a tail

Beautiful hair with a double braided braids

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