Trend: Men's hairstyles with shaven temples. Creative - Men's haircut with shaved temples (photo)

Men are more likely to have to be cut than women, because most of them wearing short elegant or sporting haircuts.

Hairstyles with shaven temples can dramatically change the image of a man.

It is no secret that most men givepreference for easy care and classic hairstyles. Any hairstyle will look attractive in the event that it did a real professional. If you are ready to treat male haircut with shaved temples, you can safely experiment, because in just a couple of weeks, shaven whiskey start to grow, and a visit to the hairdresser again inevitable.

The easiest way to those men whose hairstyle isHair flowing transitions in the temporal part. For those who like creativity and unusual in this regard will have to pay attention to the means to care for hair and fixing hair and, of course, pre-assign the next visit to his master.

Disadvantages and advantages of male hairstyle with shaved temples (photo)

Shaven whiskey in the men's hairstyles - it is alwaysbold, extraordinary and attractive. Of course, hairstyles in this style, can afford not all men. Before you can create something new in his manner, consult with a professional. Experienced master always pay attention to all the "subtleties" of your appearance and will be able to choose a hairstyle that you decorate. Choosing a hairstyle necessarily take into account the thickness of hair, shape of the head (skull), the direction of hair growth, and particularly, the scope of your work or your profession. For example, countries will look shaven whiskey with unusual shapes and transitions, men whose position involves employees or subordinates to focus on the performance of the important duties. But the young, extraordinary personages such swifts always to face. And the courage to them - does not hold.

Basic and known to all hairstyles: "Box", "poluboks", "Canada's", "beaver", "Hedgehog", "English" and others, can be transformed with the shaved temples, into something new and bold. And maybe, will be an excellent solution for the image change.

Shaved temporal zone attach to the ownercourage, energy, and at times, and some of status, because these hairstyles suitable for men who prefer a sports suit and business.

Important items matching male haircut with shaved temples (photo)

You decide on what to shave temple area? Then, consider some points in the approach to this hairstyle:

- Visually lengthens the shape of the head (not very advantageous for high and thin physique of men);

- Opens up some bumps on the skin of hairless areas (scars, acne);

- Lightly rejuvenates;

- In some cases it looks ridiculous and out of place;

- Not suitable for men with thin and sparse hair;

- Not recommended blond with pink skin of the face (with sparse hair growth emerges pink skin looks ugly);

- Can perfectly adjust the shape of the face;

- Great and chubby little man;

- It requires a little time for laying (in the event that the upper part of the hair is still rather short);

- Require more frequent visits to the master (in the case of the creative shaving).

Variants men's hairstyle with shaved temples for boys (photo)

Boys school and college-age canafford, no matter what hints and tips, to change its image as many times as they want. The rebellious nature of young men no one can relieve and change. Young people rarely listen to the advice of my classmates, friends, and even more stylists. And very often it happens that a young man came to the salon and requires him to do this or that hairstyle, regardless, it is appropriate to him or not.

In this case we can suggest somefor those men whose hair is quite short. Haircuts by "armeyki" - hairstyles with short hair over the entire head, quite simple in design and versatile. Extra shaving hair at the temples will forget about the barber shop for a longer time.

Lovers, keep long hair on the crown,fit male hairstyles with shaven temples, requires some care, with the laying of a mousse or hair gel. Apply the product to dry hands. Spread it between your hands and comb hair with your fingers. If necessary, fix your hair with hairspray.

Holders of a longer "shag", so even with thecurls, fit the following options for hairstyles. These hairstyles also require additional special means laying. Or maybe you want to collect hair in a ponytail at the crown.

Men's hairstyles with shaven temples for middle-aged men (photos)

Middle-aged man, given the fact that many ofThey already have some experience and can boast of serious post and responsible work, you should choose a hairstyle that will be able to present its owner in favorable light. Show your earnest careful selection of each line in the hairstyle. The presented version is quite easy to care for. It does not require special time-consuming. Clean enough to wash your hair, put on his hands laying a gel or mousse and a little walk through his hair, as if combing them. For sure you will appreciate this convenience.

There are hairstyles that require a more thorough styling. But they are less elegant. The upper part of the hair in these haircuts remains long and goes in the opposite direction shaven temple (if he shaved asymmetrically), and possibly retracted back and secured with hairspray. Current fashion trends are often isolated male haircuts abrupt transition from the temporal parts to the crown, trimmer. These strips of hair along the terrain, can be thin, no more than five millimeters, and can "walk" an impressive line - by one centimeter and larger.

Creative and unusual in men's hairstyles with shaven temples (photo)

There are men who are ready to surprise and delight their appearance relatives and associates. Such bold and unusual men a lot in our society.

Hairstyles annually offered for stylistsa variety of men's images often lack imagination. Sometimes, on the streets, no-no, yes and you will meet the brutal and stylish man with "lace and abstraction" at the temples.

Such haircuts, in a special way to attract people's attention.

Requires frequent visits to a specialist to maintain figured creative. And if the hair on the crown of the head and the back of her long, then the use of special means of fixing or styling hair.

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