Short haircuts bob - the versatility and practicality at all times

The title "The most fashionable hairstyle in 2016" rightfully belongs to the square, and different versions of this hairstyle.

Of course, long hair remains a majorfemale arms, but if you ask the opinion of men, most of them will tell you that women with neat short hair bob look very stylish and expressive. Also quads fit ladies who value practicality and convenience. Especially that fashion bob hairstyle season 2016-2017 differ unprecedented variety and originality.

Who should choose bob haircut?

Bob haircut, usually creates a visualthe effect of "gravity" and the density of hair. In such a haircut your hair look more well-groomed and healthy. Also indisputable advantage of the square is a fairly quick and easy installation.

Rack can be called a universal hairstyle,suitable almost any girl, she is also suitable as a haircut for women after 50 years. Today, there are many variations of this hairstyle is really almost any girl can choose "his" version of the square. However, it is worth noting that the best haircut bob is a girl with straight or slightly wavy hair.

Visually lengthen the face, you can use a hairstylesquare in which the hair combed nazad.Devushkam with a round face more suitable options are elongated and graduated bob without chelki.Devushkam with elongated or oval face will suit almost any version of the square, including squares with a bang or a classic bob to the middle of a rectangular shei.Devushkam face is better to abandon the square with bangs and stop on a variant of the asymmetric bob with extra volume on makushke.Na girls with a triangular face look good elongated square versions.


Bob haircut


Bob haircut

Trends 2016-2017 year in the women's bob haircuts on short hair and elongated

Fashion loves innovation! Bob haircut in 2016 will look fresh with new forms and variations with long bangs.

Variations on the classic "bob"


Bob haircut

Cropped bob with bangs to straight hair

This type of haircut square evokes an imageCleopatra, who was able to conquer the hearts of men at first sight. This hairstyle is perfect for any type of hair: thin and thick. In addition, rack allows successfully beat any shade of hair. In 2016 a preferred embodiment, four of a kind with a straight and thick bangs that emphasize your eyes and also visually make simple hairstyle more accurate.


Bob haircut


Bob haircut

Short haircuts bob for owners of curly hair

Happy holders of curly locks oftenThey complain that their hair does not allow them to make a nice neat hairstyle and, therefore, a penalty is for them inaccessible dream. While many stylists agreed that curly hair on the contrary allow you to implement the wildest fantasy.

In 2016-2017 bob hairstyles on wavy hairbecome almost the main fashion trend. You only need to choose: do hairstyle with bangs or leave the face open. Soft waves, gently framing the face, making their owners are incredibly feminine, beautiful and charming, which undoubtedly will be enjoyed by romantic natures.

Girls with a perfectly smooth hair stylistsand not left unattended. To meet fashion trends, it is enough to curl or twist the ends of the hair curls over the entire length, creating the effect of small curls. It is best for this type of hair styling fit with a special nozzle diffuser or brush. But if you do not want to waste your valuable time on the packing, it is possible to resort to the help of the wizard and make the easy carving.


Bob haircut


Bob haircut

Short bob without bangs for owners of straight and wavy hair

2016-2017 year will allow us to move away from the standardforms a penalty in favor of innovation. One example of women's haircuts bob is an option without a bang on straight or wavy hair. Kare without bangs to visually make your face younger.

Another variant of this type of quads - with clippedoblique bangs long. This type of hairstyle always looks flawless, stylish and original. Moreover, oblique fringe helps to balance is not quite harmonious oval face.

Diversify your everyday way you can use the pilings in the style of "vintage" or "Grunge".


Bob haircut

Short haircuts for lush curly hair (including hair perm)

If you decide to curl your hair chemically, and now choose the right hairstyle, you'll like the short version of the bob with bangs oblique, or even without it.


Bob haircut

Textured and graded options short bob

2016 will be a year of experiments with a lengthhair. Textured haircuts advantage lies not only in the fact that they are very fashionable and original, but also that they can create the visual effect of density, even in very thin and weakened hair. To enhance the beauty of the invoice and a graded haircut, simply highlight any locks remedy for hair styling.


Bob haircut

Playing with color

For girls who can not live withoutexperiments in 2016 leading masters offer "creative" options truncated square. For example, you can emphasize the originality of his fashionable hairstyles through the provision of elongated strands of bright color.


Bob haircut

A classic short bob

This casual hairstyle, as well as any otherclassical type haircut, a long time will be relevant. Short haircuts bob advantageous look as thin and thick hair. In addition, Bob hairstyle is very easy to installation.


Bob haircut

Textured bob for owners of short hair

If you want some "diversify" theirclassic hairstyle or opt for something more romantic, give preference to textured bob haircut. They differ from the classic bob haircut unevenly cropped locks, or vice versa over straight lines, which allows mowing to tune in a new way.


Bob haircut

The elongated bean

Of course, this is a fashion trend 2016 - 2017. Bob with elongated strands from one side, as well as any asymmetrical haircut always looks stylish and unusual. However, this variant hairstyles can not go to every type of person.


Bob haircut


Bob haircut

Layered haircut "cascade"

This hairstyle gives fine hair more volume. Short layered cascading hairstyles suit everyone.


Allow yourself this spring daring experiments and find your version of haircuts. See different options haircuts and hairstyles haircut and pick up online, you can use special applications.

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