Radical hair volume: do at home or in the salon

All the girls without exception, dreaming of that hair always looked perfect and demanding at the same time leaving a minimum. And it does not matter it is a short or long hair.

How to achieve this? There are several options. To hairstyle looked at 100%, you need to give your hair volume.

With this can help fashionable salon treatment or minor tweaks styling at home.


  • Radical hair volume:
  • salon treatment Boost Up
  • Radical hair volume short hair, before and after photos
  • Radical amount of hair on the long and medium hair, before and after photos
  • Radical hair volume: do at home
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Radical hair volume: salon treatment

Let's start with perhaps the new salon treatments that promise long-term root gorgeous hair volume for a relatively small price.

Boost Up

One of the procedures that promises to give hair volume, called the buzzword Boost Up (Bustap). As Boost Up like?

Boost Up - this radical perm hair. Different salons for this procedure using different formulations, some benign, others not so much. Advertising of this new technology of basal hair volume promises that hair remain healthy, and the effect will last for at least three or even six months. Reviews on various websites claim that the root volume boost up lasts really long. But there are some nuances. If you have long thick, heavy hair, the effect on the basal volume will be less noticeable, but if you do Boost Up on the short hair, the effect is obvious. If you've ever made bio perm or carving, then you may well imagine what was going on and how long it will keep the amount from you.

Radical hair volume, photo Boost UP technology

Boost Up - this is essentially the same carving, onlyroot zone. Frizz lower strands, so the waves will either be barely noticeable, or they can be seen at all will not be. Over time, the hair grows back, and curls likely to be straightened, so the transition sharp you will not see. While all depends on the composition! Some reviews suggest otherwise. If the composition of a cheap, low-quality or master exceeded the procedure, it will not straighten curls. Girls write that as the amount of hair growth, how-to "slides" down and you have to do the procedure again, or cut short. At home, try to create the root volume of the hair with the help of chemistry do not advise. It is likely to spoil the hair. Inside, the procedure costs from 80 euros. But it must be done about once every half a year. So the hair will be more whole.

Radical hair volume long hair before and after photos

It is recommended to do such a perm forbasal volume of hair for girls and women with thin hair. But it does not fully succeed without stacking. Hair roots strong shove, they will have a little pull utjuzhkom. But bustap does not affect the quality of the main mass of hair. But the roots of the hair, of course, will require more care after bustapa. You will need to use moisturizers. By the way, wash my hair after the treatment can be every day. About happiness! In fact, after bustapa root hair volume is kept very well and long hair become greasy.

Radical hair volume short hair, before and after photos

Radical hair volume short hair before and after photos

Radical amount of hair on the long and medium hair, before and after photos

Radical hair volume long hair before and after photos

Radical hair volume long hair before and after photos

Reviews: write about that Boost Up

The procedure is still expensive and not alwaysWe get the result, which was originally conceived, and failed to correct the situation will be difficult to perm. Around the same time Boost Up-consuming, because the procedure is quite long and pleasant it is not enough. There is another nuance in the creation of basal volume with bustapa. Despite the fact that the advertising promised that funds are benign, the hair should be restored at least expensive cosmetics than the Boost Up. Yet the most frequent negative reviews headline this procedure goes something like this: "Two months of joy, others a nightmare." Most women complain that the hair was spoiled and did not straighten out.

Radical photo hair volume after Boost UP procedure. Reviews.

Summarize: It results from bustapa usually impressive. No hair, but a dream! But over time, it is divided on the harsh reality. Yet, if you read, the reviews, you can find more minuses than some positive moments. The first months of the root hair volume happy, then you are very frustrated in this procedure.

Buffant - alternative to Boost Up

Buffant different from bustapa curling technologyhair at the roots. It is nicer and faster because not using studs, also on your hair will not be wrinkles, basal bending will look more natural. Read more about Radical hair volume titled Buffant see in the video.


Vlissingen also allows for elegantbasal hair volume, but in a different way. To be more precise composition of different irons and curlers are not used. That is why your hair will not be visible creases. Radical hair volume is done with the help of a comb (backcombing hair in a special way) and the subsequent processing of the root zone Chem., Facilities. The procedure causes less damage to hair than bustap and it is much nicer. This is especially true flavor used cosmetics. And the time it takes almost twice as less. Read more about Radical hair volume at Vlissingen See the video technology.

These are the three most fashionable and popular now!salon treatments, with which you can achieve the "wow" effect and unprecedented basal volume of hair. How to give hair volume at home, read on. There are some very simple and uncomplicated way.

Radical hair volume: do at home

Root hair zone volume can be achieved through various types of installation. There are at least seven ways to create stunning lush hair.

Hair styling to create a basal volume

To achieve splendor and density of hair effect with the styling and hair-dryer simple.

The first method: Apply the foam to the hair, his head down, dry hair dryer at maximum power.

Create the root volume of the hair, you can use a hair dryer and styling, photo

The second way: to put foam on the hair roots, take a round hairbrush, and twirling it strand by strand, to dry all the hair.

The third way: take varnish ultra strong hold, comb all the hair on one side and then dividing them into strands and level instruments, apply varnish on the hair roots. So fix your hair all over the head (starting from the bottom and ending with the mother).

Create the root volume of hair by drying with a round comb or curlers, photos

The fourth method is one of the easiest. Just curl the hair on curlers or use a curling iron.

Fifth method: wash your hair at night, then slightly damp hair to gather at the very top of the head to the tail, and then in the beam, and so to leave until the morning. In the morning untwist the hair roots and sprinkle with varnish. If you want waves, braid plait instead of the beam. And if you want to have straight hair, use a hair iron. Well, six old and forgotten the way to use in drying hair dryer with a diffuser.

Create the root volume of the hair with the help of special tools for styling, photo

Create the root volume of the hair you can use the fleece or special shinenov and rollers to create hairstyles photo

Gofre to create volume

In recent years become popular is another very easy way to create volume hairstyles, which holds as many as two - three days.

How to make a root hair volumeself now becomes clear. Buy a hair iron or a crimping iron is for basal volume. And only basal portions (bustapa on type) to get fluffy hairstyle make utjuzhkom crimping, but not all of the hair. Styling products can not be used because this amount will last for several days. You do not have to wash my hair. There is one disadvantage of this stacking technology. A little ripple to be seen, but in general it does not spoil the hair.

Create a root hair volume using corrugating hair at the roots, photos

The article lists the most popular ways to create a thick and voluminous hair effect. Which one to choose: Beauty technology or try their hand at home, you decide.

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