Pixie Haircut: Photo 15 styling options

«Pixie» - the name of a short hairstyle in which the hair at the temples and at the back of the head shorter than on top.

In this fashion haircut came in 1953, whenTV screens went movie with Audrey Hepburn's "Roman Holiday." Add the popularity of this hairstyle for short hair helped Anne Hathaway, who ventured to try on a new image for the role of Fantine in the new adaptation of the popular novel "Les Miserables."

This hairstyle gives the image of a mischievous and playfulboyish look, but, despite this, it is considered one of the sexiest. After all, it allows you to expose the neck coyly and ears, as well as to emphasize the beautiful features.


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Pixie haircut is perfect for a small butwith large features, but like short hair bob. It perfectly underlines the large eyes and full lips. For an oval face, you can choose any form of hairstyle.

Pixie haircut for round face is much to chooseharder, because you need to create the illusion of an oval-shaped head. Nevertheless, it is absolutely not a reason to abandon this naughty trendy short hairstyle. You just need to choose those options that allow you to create some volume at the crown, or to stop the choice on the asymmetric version, in which there is oblique fringe.

Haircut Pixie allows for a square facelook more feminine, sophisticated and even romantic. A striking example is actress Keira Knightley, Gwyneth Paltrow, Demi Moore, Paris Hilton. Pixie haircut should be a volume as smooth hairstyle will only accentuate the square shape. It looks great asymmetry. It diverts attention from the shape of the face.

Women's pixie haircut is not well suited for women with curly hair, as it will be difficult to style, but it is ideal as a hairstyle for larger women.

Pixie haircut for short hair

Short haircuts pixie can be calleduniversal. They are suitable for almost everyone, regardless of the thickness of the hair, face shape. Choose the perfect option can be due to the capabilities most hairstyles for short hair.

There are many kinds of mischievous haircut:

Very short, ruffled in the occipitalparts; The classic version: with short cropped temples and slightly elongated hair in the nape of the neck, just below the mowing long earlobes; Shearing layers; Retro (vintage) pixies.

Pixie haircut for short hair

Pixie haircut for short hair

Pixie haircut at medium hair

Pixie Haircut elongated perfect for women with fine hair of medium length. This cut must be maintained hilar volume than copes with styling mousse.

Also, a haircut can be supplemented with an oblique or straight bangs. Pixie haircut with bangs goes well with glasses, so you can choose to create a business image.

Butch pixie with long bangs to the side is perfect, as the young girls and women advanced age. To diversify its various help options pilings.

Pixie haircut at medium hair

Pixie haircut at medium hair

Options styling haircut pixie

On the basis of pixie haircuts photos can be seen just below the article, you can create different styling.

hipster pixie

At the heart of any hipserskoy short haircuthair is carefree and individuality. It is therefore Pixie haircut in this embodiment does not require careful installation. There should be a feeling that you have just got out of bed.

Laying is performed with the help of a mousse or a gel. This option hairstyle is perfect for a hike in the night club, to the cinema or for a walk. For the working atmosphere, unless it is a creative profession, this option is unlikely to fit. Hipster styling perfectly adapts to any facial features.

Hipster pixie: photo

Pixie with a bang upstairs

Pixie with a bang up - it's a little extremeand boldly. Pixie with a bang with a comb-over top may, at first glance, seem daunting in the packing. It allows you to stand out and show their opposition to conservatism. This hairstyle calls for a certain looseness and confidence.

Pixie with a bang upstairs: gallery

Pixie with a long fringe, laid waves

Pixie with a long fringe is a great option forwomen with a square face shape. Bangs will help to disguise the high cheekbones, while retaining a feminine and sophisticated image. Pixie haircut with a long fringe (photo below) is ideally looks as thick hair and thin.

Mowing, laid waves always looks impressive and comes way of romance. Suitable for special occasions and meetings. Make a packing can be with a special curling.

Pixie with a long fringe, laid waves: photo

Pixie with bangs to the side

Diversify pixie haircut help bangs to the side. Bangs can reach the level of the cheekbones or chin up. Stylists have recognized it the most versatile option suitable for any face shape. A stunning effect is based on the difference in the length of the main mass of hair and long bangs.

Pixie with bangs to the side: photo

Volume styling haircut pixie

This option is placing great chubbybeauties. It allows you to give the image of perky, bright and stylish look. In this case you can easily lose a few years, because this hairstyle undeniably youthful.

Volume styling haircut pixie: photo

Pixie with light curls

As, mentioned just above, is not a pixieobstacle for curly hair. Of course, they need a lot of time styling, but the result will justify the time spent. Naturally, that the hairstyle should not be too short, since virtually anything you can imagine it, and besides, it will look ridiculous. It is better to give preference to the elongated pixie haircut.

Pixie with light curls: photo

Pixie, slicked back

Pixie slicked back - a variant of laying, which is not for everyone. The priority of the oval shape of the face. This hairstyle looks elegant and refined.

Pixie, combed back: photo

Smooth classic styling pixies

Classic styling afar resembles no less popular haircut Garzon. Although the performance of equipment has a number of significant differences. This installation is suitable for stylish and elegant lady.

Classic styling Peaks: photos

Pixie Haircuts with accessories (with the rim, with a hairpin, with a bow);

If you want to look flirty, then payattention to various accessories. Especially popular are different rims. For social events, you can pick up an exquisite ring decorated with large stones or sequins.

Pixie Haircuts with rim: photo

Pixie Haircuts with a bow: photo

Pixie haircut with a long fringe, braided in a braid

This styling looks very original. And from the "boyish" haircut she turns into a glamorous, which is perfectly suited to a long dress in a floor, mini dress, sundress.

Pixie haircut with a long fringe, braided in a braid: photo

Haircut Pixie, laid to one side

This haircut includes elements shaved temples. It looks very unusual and extraordinary. Suitable girls with bright appearance.

Haircut Pixie, laid to one side

Tousled pixie haircut

An interesting variant of haircuts squeaks, which is selected as a young girl with a rebellious character, and respectable ladies 40-50 years old.

Tousled pixie haircut: photo

Pixie Haircut Hollywood style

This kind of styling haircut pixie suits for evening and special occasions. Bangs, laid in the form of waves of Hollywood, looks gorgeous with evening and cocktail dresses.

Pixie haircut in the style of Hollywood: photos

Pixie Haircut: laying in the "star" style

Pixie haircuts at the time preferred by many Hollywood actresses and famous singer: Anne Hathaway, Charlize Terron, Natalie Portman, Halle Berry, Pink, Rihanna, Victoria Beckham and others.

Pixie Haircut: laying in the "star" style

Pixie Haircut: laying in the "star" style

Pixie Haircut: laying in the "star" style

Pixie Haircut: laying in the "star" style

Creative painting pixie haircut

Stylish looks bright feathers stainingbang in the extended version of haircuts squeaks. In 2016 popular bright fiery red and magenta. Other options, refer to the coloring paper coloring hair.

Creative painting pixie haircut

Creative painting pixie haircut

Creative painting pixie haircut

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