Mowing square: classic fashion (photos)

Bob haircut in our world there are withthe times of ancient Egypt. It is believed that it has entered into fashion herself queen Cleopatra. Then in Egypt bob haircut worn by all: and the poor and the Pharaohs, and men and women were rare exceptions. In the Middle Ages in Europe came haircut. For a long time bob haircut worn exclusively by men, a lady of that era was characterized by long, thick curls. But after World War I broke into a fashionable hairstyle and female world, and to this day a huge success among the modern fashionistas. Bob haircut can brighten any girl thing to choose the design that is right for you.


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Options bob haircuts

Trendy haircuts quads are always in the trend andthe peak of popularity. Over a long period of existence, many variations and nuances have been made to the original version of haircuts. Thus, cutting a square has become the most diverse and versatile hair in the world. Today there are several dozen options for hairstyles for short hair. In this article we will look at the classic options and non-standard short cut bob.

Short haircuts square (photo)

In the classical version of haircuts bob hairto cut a long one. Work begins with the back of the head, there is cut out a control strand on which are fitted the remaining hair. Each strand is longer than the previous 15mm. The hair on the back of the head shorter, but it is still closed. Classic bob is worn with bangs and without it.

The classic bob and bob-bob

Bob haircut. At the end of the XX century bob haircut and quads were separate and independent of each other haircuts. Now the border between short hair bob completely erased. Length of hair in a bob bob does not reach the end of the neck. Running such a haircut and without distinct bangs. Ideal this haircut bob short hair. In 2016 and for the girls with short hair pixie haircut is relevant.

Short haircuts bob: bob-bob (photo)

Ultrashort option bob-bob is a bobon the leg. For a feminine hairstyle characterized by a large volume of strands on top and incredibly short head, in some of its variants, and all shaved, long tresses in the face. Brought popular hairstyle for short hair ex-Spice Girls singer Victoria Beckham. Her quads grew until it became shorter and shorter ideal. Mowing fully open neck, so owners of the short neck is not worth the risk. Perfect haircut will look at the thick and straight hair. Equally look good haircut square on the leg with or without bangs. A major shortcoming of hairstyles will need frequent visits to the hairdresser.

Rack for medium hair

One of the most popular choices on haircutsmedium hair is a graduated bob. Bob haircut with ragged ends is easy to pack and undemanding of care, however, the styling is required. But the main advantage is considered the opportunity to adjust haircut face shape. Running haircut steps. The shortest length of hair are at the back. Gradually increase the length of the bottom. This layering and seemingly sloppy haircut gives the image of courage and charm. Mowing square graded on medium hair will look great on the owner of an oval, rectangular or elongated face.

Bob haircuts for medium hair (photo)

Cara with a cascade

Haircut cascade square-perfect ashaircuts for round face, oval, rectangular and elongated type of person. The name of the hairstyle obtained through hair wavy or stepped design, which get extra volume and become docile and easier. For styling haircut require a minimum set of tools. But you can do even without packing, because hair will look great without it. This option is the square will be the ideal choice for the modern woman, living at a furious pace metropolis.

Cascading haircut (photos)

Kare long hair

Another option as a long bob haircut orsquares with lengthening fits any type of person, but the most advantageous to look at a bit fat round face. Due to the elongated front strands hairstyle visually extends the face and hides his fullness. Typically, this hairstyle hair length, front chin reaches or goes below, and the length of the back is very short. This hairstyle is most often chosen by young girls, enabling them to stand out from the crowd and attract attention.

Bob haircuts long hair (photo)

Bob haircut: options with bangs and without bangs

If you can not decide: go to your haircut square without a bang or should choose a variant with a bang; here should be based on the shape of your face and features of appearance. Any hairstyle without bangs will look better on the owner of an oval-shaped face. Although this variant hairstyles you can always experiment with parting and select the appropriate option on the shape of the face. A bob haircut with bangs will help to hide facial imperfections. Extend your face shape will help oblique fringe too high forehead bangs can hide the extended and short - will increase the narrow forehead. But do not forget that the owners of rare hair bangs may look profitable and focus on the lack of density of hair.

Bob haircut without bangs (photo)

Bob haircut with bangs (photo)

Laying haircut bob

Any version of the bob is easy to installation, especially if the haircut is chosen according to the shape and features of the face.

In order to perform a laying in a hurryenough to wet the hair roots cause foam or mousse and comb the hair over the entire length. Tilt your head down, disheveled hair and dry hair dryer. The resulting hair gently comb and fix varnish.

You can styling using curlers. To do this, you must distribute the mousse for styling hair and to wind them on the curlers. Then lightly dry the hair dryer and wait 15 minutes. Result consolidate varnish.

With the help of a round brush can be curled hair endsoutward or inward. To do this, you must first apply the foam to the hair and use a hair dryer. You can change the parting. If you allow the shape of the face - to open one of his ears, his hair for him. Secure stacking gel or varnish.

Wavy squares (photos)

Bob haircut with ragged ends (photo)

Bob haircut: a photo with the best examples

Choosing a hairstyle for yourself, you can alwaysbased on the choice of celebrities with similar to your shape and facial features. Stars are always in sight, and their haircuts and styling have to be perfect. It is enough to drive in search for "bob hairstyle photos" and the browser will give you a lot of pictures with all sorts of options for haircuts and hair styling. You can choose your favorite and send photos to the salon where the stylist adjusts haircut specifically for you.

Bob haircut: photo

Bob haircut: photo

Bob haircut: photo

Bob haircut: photo

Bob haircut: photo

Bob haircut: photo

Bob haircut: photo

Bob haircut: photo

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