Mowing ladder, new variants of the well-known haircut

In the season 2016 - 2017 is incredibly popular haircuts custom silhouette. One of the most versatile and trendy - haircut ladder.

This season, she has earned the attention of stylists and become a fundamental element in a fashionable manner.

Masters of hairdressing haircut ladder believe one of the most comfortable. It suits any hair structure, allows to model the face and vary the styling of their own preference.


  • Mowing ladder to medium hair
  • Mowing ladder long hair
  • Mowing ladder for short hair
  • Photos of hairstyle options ladder

Mowing ladder to medium hair

Grooming a ladder of hair - is a versatileoption. It suits any face shape. It is also useful to create stylish hairstyles in different styles. Owners of fine hair can easily make a chic hairstyle volume using a diffuser.

Women's haircut ladder implies amulti hair strands with different lengths. Hair shear stages, selecting a certain level of modeling. The ends are equal thinning shears. In the end, it turns out trendy haircut speed. Another name in this hairstyle - "Cascade haircut."

Mowing ladder with a thick bangs to the side for medium hair photo

Mowing ladder with ragged tips on medium hair, photos

Despite the fact that the shearing is complete,it is divided into several types. On average hair haircut "cap" looks great. Its feature is the raised upper part of the hair. In this case the whole volume concentrated in the top of the head. The lower strand processed thinning shears. Side locks trimmed ladder. This hairstyle looks very impressive and is very popular among the modern fashionistas.

Mowing ladder with a thick straight bangs for medium hair photo

Many young girls prefer haircut with ragged strands. This option looks dynamic and stylish air. This hairstyle is perfect owners of an oval-shaped face.

Mowing ladder long hair

Mowing ladder - this is probably the most convenient option hairstyles for long hair. It will help to correct the shape of the face and emphasize the dignity.

Mowing ladder looks great with a bang. This detail is required for correction of facial proportions.
Bangs, having clean cut can hide highforehead. The long sides and rounded bangs going off smoothly in the hair, softens coarse facial features and makes them more elegant, it can come as a hairstyle for round faces.

Classical haircut ladder long hair photo

The asymmetrical bangs suit girls with a round or square face.

Torn fringe gives the image of a certain audacity and originality. It looks great with casual styling.
Owners of low forehead haircut can be worn without any bangs.

Asymmetrical haircut ladder with simulated bob long hair photo

Procedure haircut on long hair does not causecomplexities. Top strands are cut so that they are slightly shorter than the lower. The regular haircut ladder looks very stylish. In order to achieve stunning results should try to make a smooth transition.
Stack a haircut simple. There are plenty of interesting options hairstyle ladder (photo pilings can be seen just below the article) for any type of person.

Ladder on long hair with curls curled outward, photos

Ladder on long hair with a styling inside, photos

Mowing ladder with curls, photos

Mowing ladder for short hair

Short haircuts ladder to create a relaxed and comfortable stylish way for creative hair styling.

For short hair looks nice speeda haircut. This is ideal for thin, unruly hair, which do not have the volume. Mowing ladder allows for a beautiful silhouette. Contrast and at the same time a very difficult circuit, built on different length hair - it is one of the most fashionable and trendy solutions.

Mowing ladder with straight bangs short hair photos

Mowing ladder with bangs short hair photos

Butch ladder, photo

The basis haircut ladder (photo on website) appears layering. Control strands are selected from the top. This option haircut will look great on a slightly wavy and straight hair.

Photos of hairstyle options ladder

haircut ladder options, photos

Mowing ladder with a thick straight bangs for medium and long hair, photo

Ladder on the long straight hair, photos

Laying haircut ladder inside, photos

Ladder with a bang on the straight hair of medium length, photos

Photos haircuts ladder

Ladder with everyday styling, photo

Ladder with everyday styling, photo

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