Impressive styling long hair: do yourself

Long hair is luxurious, but the demand to itselfincreased attention. It should be understood that the ends of the regrown lose their vitality, lose shine and begin to split. In order to prevent this trouble, when laying need to use protective hair sprays and oils.

Laying on long hair can occurdifferent ways. Typically, special tools are used for: combs, hair dryer, hair iron, curling irons, curlers. With their help, you can create incredibly beautiful styling that will fit in the everyday and in a festive way.


  • Laying long hair dryer
  • Hair styling long hair iron
  • Beautiful styling with bangs and without bangs

Laying long hair dryer

Hair Dryer - really useful invention thathelping to save time and to simulate hair. With its help, you can make fine hair missing volume, smooth out their structure or to create beautiful waves. Unfortunately, many of the girls by purchasing this wonderful tool, it is not know how to use it properly. It is used exclusively for drying and still manage to make a lot of mistakes.

Haircut "Cascade": textured styling long hair

It should be remembered that the phenomenon of stacking is performed onwashed hair. It starts drying and simultaneously with stacking the lower strands. Therefore, the upper part of the hair need to pick up with clamps - ducks. The locks need a little lift at the roots, and be sure to stretch the entire length. Once the lower portion of hair to be done, the same need to be done with the top strands.

Easy styling with a hair dryer

If the goal is to get soft curls, thenwhen blow drying, use a diffuser. The principle of creating a laying - to create waves and to fix them. To do this, the hair should be divided into several pryadok and screw them into the rings, securing elastics. Dry the hair with the nozzle.

In fashion, "natural", a little disheveled curls

Hair styling long hair iron

Hair iron - is another interesting device that helpscreate a stylish styling at home. With its help you can give your hair perfectly smooth, silky texture. There modified models, complete which there are several types of baits. Using several nozzles, girls can combine several styles in the hair easily. Particularly relevant attachments for small and large ripple. Such a method of laying provides a chic hair waviness. Gofre is an excellent alternative to the usual curling.

Light curls on long hair

Use ripple is possible not only toeveryday image, but also to create an evening of installation. Corrugation can be performed both on the whole length of hair, and the individual strands. styling looks very impressive when crimped braided hair in a braid. And weaving technique can be absolutely anyone. Encouraged to light negligence. Thus the image looks more natural.

Beautiful styling with bangs and without bangs

Hair styling long hair, which the photosIt demonstrates its charm, is created using special means of fixing. If they are not used, hairstyle very quickly lose its original appearance. Today, the Internet is lined with a huge number of video lessons how to make packing with bangs or without. Especially interesting to look styling with curls. With this haircut girl will look well-groomed and always fashionable. Curls created by various devices. The most gentle hair method involves the use of rollers. They can be of different diameters. For small curls, the hair wound on the curlers. Create large ringlets help Curler Velcro large diameter. In addition, these rollers can help create a three-dimensional stacking, which is so popular in this season!

Fashionable styling long hair to one side

Beautiful curls

Fashionable styling hair with asymmetrical parting

Haircut "ladder": the tips of the hair styling outside

Haircut "ladder": styling long hair with bangs tips inside

Stacking "Hollywood wave" of long hair without bangs

The retro styling long hair

Light curls on long hair

Light curls on long hair with bangs and without bangs

Beautiful long hair styling

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