Ideal haircuts for women 50 years old

Being elegant and attractive 50 and above - no problem! You need to know some basic rules hairstyle for women 50 years of permissible length and styling subtleties.

It is no secret that with age, our hair becomes thinner, loses its luster, appear gray strands. All these problems can be hidden, taking into account the advice of experts and masters.

The main task in creating an image of a woman is, -to emphasize the beauty of the eyes, to hide some wrinkles on the face or to distract attention from them. Hair should be well-groomed, regularly receiving food from special masks. To make the appearance consistent with the elegant age, do not allow formlessness in the hair. A hairstyle can be varied. We will consider step by step.

Basic haircuts and hairstyles

Haircuts, which may be called basic,always regarded by experts as the most advantageous and suitable for women in elegant age, also because they are a universal basis from which you can create any image and any hairstyle. The main thing - to choose the acceptable hairstyle for your type of face and appearance.

elegant haircut - pixie-1-62

"Pixie" - a hairstyle for a woman of 50 years - an opportunity to look younger

Mowing, which will give its youth and passionpossessor, unpretentious in the care. It requires a minimum of time in the laying. It may be "beaten" different hair color and complemented exclusive evening hairpin (if necessary). Important in this hairstyle - take into account the length. Do not make too short version. Throughout the measure should be allowed. Hairstyle can be asymmetrical, for example, on the one hand, the fringe more elongated than the other.

In this variant hairstyles for women 50 years of age (photo) may come up with different ways of stacking using special tools and your imagination.

Ideal haircuts for women 50 years old-4

Ideal haircuts for women 50 years old

Hair color can be anything: of white - perhaps with a touch of gray to dark charcoal. It all depends on your eye color and skin. Keep in mind that hair color is too dark or strongly bleached (gray), add to your years another five years at least.

On cleanly washed hair, apply styling mousse. With light movements of hands, make the chaotic and airy laying, not adhering to any direction of the hair. In this hairstyle a fringe can be any. More bold and stylish looks bangs with the same "messy" direction of laying. In addition, it perfectly distracts attention from wrinkles on the forehead, such a haircut, can visually reduce the age of a woman.

Ideal- haircuts- for- women- 50- years- old-666

Ideal haircuts for women 50 years old

If a previous haircut and styling it may differ playfulness and boldness, the "Bob" - hair style, which gives its owner a certain mystique and confidence in her irresistible.

Hairstyles based "Bob" always look verygentle and feminine. They are suitable for women with square or round face shape as visually give the face refinement. If your hair is no different density, you can create a hairstyle with volume - simple, because "Bob" - a hairstyle-cap, which raises each upper hairs due to the formation of the lower layer of hair round. Moreover, variations in hairstyles may be different in color. Very fashionable and actual calibration at (layers haircut), give your hair an even greater amount.

Ideal haircuts for women 50 years old-1

Ideal haircuts for women 50 years old

Boxes are simple. Net washed hair lay with the help of special tools and dryer, using a round brush. You can give your hair "negligence" in the installation or put each strand with care.

"Bob" + "Pixie"

Do hairstyles for women 50 years of "Bob" can be a "shade" "Pixie." In this case, cut out part of the occipital, and the hairstyle is shaped like a cap on the stem.

Ideal haircuts for women 50 years old-5

Ideal haircuts for women 50 years old

If the hairstyle "Bob" has an elongated frontthe ends of which can reach up to the cheeks or shoulders, it is considered to be combined with the following classic haircut - "Kara". In any case, none of these options perfectly enhance and intensify femininity.

Ideal haircuts for women 50 years old-6

Ideal haircuts for women 50 years old

"Kare" and its metamorphosis in hairstyles for women 50 years of age (photo)

Universal haircut "square" will allow eachwoman look like a king! This option is most suitable hairstyle. The advantage is that this hairstyle - a great option for those whose hair is far from ideal, or have unruly curls.

With this haircut, you can afford a variety of styling.

Ideal haircuts for women 50 years old-7

Ideal haircuts for women 50 years old

Apply mousse forming on the palm. Distribute his hair. Pull each strand of in the direction toward the center of the face. Configure thus cap and volume of installation.

You can pre-curled hair on curlers or curling iron. If you can not boast of luxurious curls, and your hair will quickly lose shape, then before you curl lock, put on her small amount of nail fixation. Let these little light curls to cool down after a perm. Then, spread them with your hands is not combing. Build easy "chaos" in the hairstyle. He is a very elegant look to the ladies 50 years and above.

Ideal haircuts for women 50 years old

Ideal haircuts for women 50 years old

It is important to note that the "square" in good hairstyleshort, and in lengthened version (up to shoulder line). It is this length is permissible in such a hairstyle. It allows you to wear your hair loose or pick them up in a ponytail, if necessary. The longer the hair, the more maintenance they require to him, and at the age a little older can create or add additional efforts for several years.

"Cascade" - a good solution for the hairstyle in women 50 years of age (photo)

If you can not part with theirlong strands, though, at the age of 50 and above, they do not really need, then pay your attention to the hairstyles, which are based on a haircut "Cascade". It is advisable to avoid the length below the shoulder blades.

These hairstyles are simple enough and "unpretentious" inlaying. Bangs covering his forehead, will remove visually couple of years out of your career. The main thing is to choose to match your exterior paint, and follow the tips to grow, preventing gray hair.

The advantage of options on the basis of the "Cascade" - simplicity in the formation of the desired volume, which is necessary in the evening and holiday options.

Each strand of hair in curlers curl gently orcurls, previously, causing styling mousse. Mousse give rigidity and thickness of the required hair. Distribute hair combing round brush or forming hairstyle hands. Secure varnish.

Ideal haircuts for women 50 years old

Ideal haircuts for women 50 years old

The hair can be dried hair dryer, and a fall on the shoulders. In this case, the main thing - do not use a lot of styling products and nail polish, as hairstyle may look "stale."

If the ends of her hair, that are directed to the person, curl inwards or vice versa - to the outside, then it will give the image an additional charm.

Ideal haircuts for women 50 years old-989

Ideal haircuts for women 50 years old

Whichever major haircuts and hairstyles you maychosen, it must be remembered that the image must match your inner mood. You should be comfortable with hair color, hairstyle, styling.

Good luck!

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