How to remove the yellowing hair

When blame someone later, you need as much as possiblequickly understand how after a bad coloring remove the yellowing hair. If you're going to pull the time, the situation will only get worse, and the roots - to grow. Therefore equips our advice - and forward to the Olympus of beauty!

It happens that unfortunate yellowness seennot once. First, you - the owner of chic natural blonde, and 2-3 hair washing your hair resembles a sacrifice inept barber. But it happens that a terrible color makes itself felt immediately. There is nothing to be upset in any case - the current development of the beauty industry allows to remove the yellowing hair at home just a week without rabid financial costs.


Just read carefully - some points require special attention.

Causes of yellowness

To see some of the scenarios of yellowness is right for you, you need to understand the causes of its origin.

  1. The natural human hair color more thancoloring particles. That is, your natural hair color is so rich and expressive (blue-black, deep maroon, bright red), it is evident even after dyeing or bleaching. Dominate natural pigment can be up to 3-4 stains, nullifying all the efforts of your hairdresser, so I asked the question - and whether it is necessary to kill their hair for the sake of a mythical fortune to become a natural blonde? Moreover, growing roots will give you a head (or they will have to touch up every two weeks).
  2. Incorrectly matched paint. Or incorrect procedure okrashivaniya.Pervoistochnikom both of these problems is your hairdresser. Either from lack of experience, or in a hurry, he offered you a shade that looks awesome on the model - just do not take into account your natural hair color. As a result, the coloring compounds and natural pigments, and there was an annoying yellowness. Or the second scenario is possible - the paint on the hair overdone. In any case, the only way out - change the barber.
  3. Rinsing the rules. After exposure to the dye, even the most high-quality and expensive hair scales do not adjoin closely to one another, so between them can get salt and rust particles. Tap water - the first source of this "small garbage". If you skimp on the filters, the snow-white color after rinsing becomes dirty gray, and eventually explicitly tread yellowness. To avoid all this, my house filters every three months, and ask the hairdresser to rinse hair with bottled water without gas.


Professional tools to neutralize the yellow tint

But what if on how to prevent yellowing,you know after the fact? First, in no case do not try to be painted again in the hope that a more dense layer of paint will look better. Such a rigid approach will exhaust your hair completely. Loss, fading, breakage - the only thing that women seek after repeated visits to the salon. Secondly, it is not necessary to use the "grandmother means" such as methylene blue or green tea solution. Any untested recipes bear the risk of being left with no hair at all - and it is you want?

To remove the yellowing, first a professional means, and the resulting effect fasten folk - so you'll get and beautiful color and healthy hair.


  • Shampoos with a mark «Silver Shampoo». They - the first assistant to any blondes. In their composition contains a bright purple pigment that is best neutralize yellowness. Quite a gentle formula does not kill the hair, but there is a clear risk of a purple undertone - why not hold a silver shampoo on the hair more than 1-2 minutes.
  • Toning Shampoo «Blond Explosion». Means inexpensive, but the quality of the brand keeps on a mark of "excellent" for several years. Be sure to read the label, because the probability of getting the purple hair is not going away.
  • Mousse-tonic "Activator of color." Reusable tool, one tube may be sufficient until the next painting. Pumps mousse after each washing hair fearlessly - bezamiachnaya formula will not harm even a weak thinning hair. Proof of this can be that distribute the mousse through the hair can be with his bare hands.
  • Mask «Essence Ultime». Nothing special about this mask will not - except that removes the yellowness of a few applications, and will save you from its occurrence in the future. Apply the product can be the entire length, but do not overdo longer than 4-5 minutes. Interestingly, even the mask natural blondes can be used - it will help your hair look gorgeous regardless of the season.
  • "Tonic" pearl ash shades. The tool is the budget of our list, but with the task of coping well. If used according to instructions, to get rid of the annoying straw subtone possible for 1-2 applications.

Silver- Shampoo-888

Remember one thing: the tonic can be used only in a diluted form for instructions.

How to remove the yellowing hair at home

After application of professional tools isfix the result with the help of masks and rinses own cooking. Household composition not only improve the color but also will act favorably on the condition of the scalp and hair follicles - a double effect will never be over.

Rinse with lemon juice

The best effect of the solution gives hair,affected after clarification. Most likely, except you depress yellow split ends and loss of light - these problems are solved with vitamins rinse with lemon juice. To see the effect, you need to regularly rinse hair after washing over the entire length with a mixture of 1 liter of warm water and the juice of one lemon. After application wait 5-7 minutes and then rinse your hair with bottled water without gas.

Mask with white clay

For the preparation of a bleaching agenthome, you will need 1 tbsp. l. honey and 5 Art. l. white clay, purchased at a pharmacy. Honey to melt, then add the clay and warm water to form a liquid homogeneous mass, which is distributed over the entire length of the hair for 30-50 minutes. After wash away the mask with warm water shampoo.

Mask with glycerin and chamomile broth

This option removes the obvious folk remedyyellowness, but at long application can give faint brown tone. Therefore, despite the good performance, do not try a mask more often than twice a month. For the preparation you will need 50 grams of pharmaceutical glycerine and half a glass of warm prefab little chamomile decoction. The tool is applied to dry unwashed hair under a package wrapped up with a towel and worn for at least an hour.

How to remove the yellowing with Streaked Hair

A bit harder to have those girls whofaced with yellowish hair after dyeing. Here it does not matter what kind of paint used the hairdresser - importantly, how not to harm the darker strands. Therefore, the best effect is given or the recipes home remedies listed above, or toning in a good salon. But remember that you need to be tinted immediately after application, so it is better to wait a month and a half before the correction.

When it comes time to tint regrown hair roots, ask the worker to choose the interior toners with a violet hue, which help to neutralize yellowness.

In no case do not try to remove the yellowing hair light pink or silver tonic, otherwise you get a distinct red or greenish tone.

The rest of the rules deal with yellowness afterdyeing are no different from the general case - special shampoos, filtered water for washing and care of a qualified professional to help get rid of the annoyance chicken shade.

In the struggle for the right to be a blonde alwaysdefeats common sense - do not look for a miracle, buying cheap ink for self-use. And if straw hair color for some time has become your family, use both professional and folk remedies. Or do you think that is easy to be beautiful?

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