How do Hollywood curls

The classic "star" with magnificent hairvolume and incredible shine - the dream of every beauty, is about to hit the opposite sex and closest friends. Elegant and beautiful Hollywood curls - the standard of beauty, fashion, coming from the red carpet. Its popularity turned his head many beauties.

Playful Hollywood curls give exquisite charm any girl image, adding a luxurious evening dress and chic shoes.

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How do Hollywood curls

What is needed for laying

  1. round brush (brushing) with an average diameter;
  2. Comb with a fine long-handled;
  3. hair dryer (its experts recommend the use of a packed-hub);
  4. styler (hair iron);
  5. clamps.
  6. Mousse for hair, gives volume and splendor of the hair;
  7. Spray fixing luxurious hair;
  8. serum, cares for the tips of the hair, preventing cross-section, as well as imparting smoothness and a perfect view of the entire surface of the hair.
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How do Hollywood curls

Preparation for installation

Laying Hollywood-style can be made as long and short hair.
If the first option, you can make the most of the large curls, then at medium to short length hair, it is necessary to reduce a little, to get the desired result.

Before you start creating hairstyles to decideparting, because after you make the curls it can not be changed, or you will get the usual careless curls. The most common side parting is that the bulk of the hair was on the one hand, but can be selected and parted in the middle. Create Hollywood hair better with ironing, because of his hair will be smooth and shiny.

Any version of their hair styling suggestsinitial washing and drying with a towel. After the procedure, gather the hair on the back of the head, leaving a small section of the lower loop of hair, securing the top of the clip or a comb.

Then be sure to put thermofilterfoam or mousse for volume slightly damp hair over the entire length of the strand, and on top sprinkle with a little lock to secure the curls (spray). Hair will feel thicker and heavier, but you can not prevent them from bonding due to excessive application of such tools.

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How do Hollywood curls

Take a comb and carefully brushing a few times the next curl from the very roots of the hair, which will give them extra volume in the finished hairstyle.
Dried upbeat strand of hair dryer with concentrator (a nozzle), scrolling periodically under her brush.

Separate the strands from one another at a time, putting them in the same way: we put the foam, spray handle, comb and dry the hair dryer in a good position.

After proper drying hair - preparation for the laying of Hollywood curls, we proceed to the main process.

How to create a Hollywood curls

After proper drying the hair and preparations for laying the Hollywood curls, proceed to the main process.

A lock of hair positioned in front, wrap up and be dried hair dryer from the bottom with a nozzle to get the perfect "Hollywood wave."

Again anchoring the main mass of hair on the crown and leave free a small lock of. Take styler and grab them loose strand as close to the roots.

Turn iron is down, wrapping around the next lock.
Gently, slowly rotate them, reaching down to the ends.

Prepared curl is wound on a finger and quickly, not allowing the hair to cool down, fasten clip the hair roots.

Screw all the locks on the line in one direction (downward), fixing clamps. In this case, the elegance of Hollywood curls will be guaranteed.

Wait for the cooling and fixing hair curls, then you can remove the clips.

Comb each lock finger a few times.

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How do Hollywood curls

If you want to achieve natural curls,you need to relax your hair, combing their brushing. Do not spare created beauty, combing will not only add the amount of hair, but also give easy and natural curls.

Each strand of dried hairdryer, twirling brushing, for about a few seconds.

Prepare perfectly straight parting (of the season stylists have focused on the right side, though any woman knows which side her parting looks advantageous).

The finishing touch will be a smooth application of serum, which creates the most glamorous gloss and Hollywood glamor.

Hands fix our hair, highlighting romantic curls and anchoring charming hair lacquer. Trendy "star" and at the same time feminine hairstyle is ready!

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How do Hollywood curls

Tips and tricks: how to make curls golivudskie

Make curls in one direction, then they will lie neatly in the finished hairstyle

If you are doing curls hair iron, theTake a small section of approximately 2 cm. and grab her hair iron as close to the roots, and then turn it down to a lock was wrapped around him and pull length.

The resulting curl can be screwed into the finger and secure the clamp, then hairstyle last longer.

If you do the styling curling, then starting from the roots to the wind a strand of curling, and then not dismissing a lock to secure it with a clamp.

When all the locks will be ready to shoot forth your hair and walk on them comb with a few teeth and fold into a desired shape.

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