Hairstyles without bangs for medium hair (photo) - from simple to complex. Easy hairstyles without bangs for medium hair

I wanted variety, and there was a neednew compliments and admiring glances of others? In this case, as the wise woman say, need to change the hairstyle or clothing style. If you try to change the style, you need to make more time to achieve results. But the haircut! It is much easier and it is interesting! Moreover, the creative process, too - a guarantee of good mood and positive emotions.

How many of you can come up with hairstyles, if youthe owner is not the long hair, and so to speak, of medium length, and do not wear bangs? Massa! The main thing - to include patience, add a good mood, to acquire the necessary means to care for hair and catch and look for new accessories to create hairstyles.

Medium length hair are considered more often thatreach the line of the shoulders, or descend to the blades. This length of hair allows to diversify the way of simple and interesting hairstyles that you can make the most, not having any experience in hairdressing.

Classic and simple hairstyles without bangs for medium hair (photo)

A simple haircut can also immediately spot allfans. It's all about the hair styling. If you are the owner of straight hair, your hairstyle can get a new form if you change the usual parting with a new, for example, Figure. For the evening, you can add styling to the image of a light shimmering effect by means of special sprays and lacquers.

If nature gave you thin and sparse hair,the perfect hairstyle for them one that will create the effect of volume - a ladder. And of course, it is best if the hair is of medium length and without weighting hairstyle, bang. They look lighter and more dense in this case. Creating styling, apply to freshly washed hair, a little foam to the volume, dry hair comb "brush". You will have a bulk hairstyle without bangs for medium hair (photo) in the romantic style.

We can not exclude options with light and stiffcurls. They always look a winner if you want to look great while doing intricate hairstyle, no time. Just curl the hair on curlers or curling iron. Not combing, hair, shake hands. You can even compress curls his hands, is coated with fixing means to them. If desired, you can add an unusual hairdo hairpin.

Original hairstyle without bangs for medium hair (photo) with hairpin

This hairstyle can be similar, on loved by many women, "Malvinka".

Gather the hair from the side portions to the total tail. Try to keep the tail was not subtle. Attach a rubber band. Between the two parts of the tail, lower gum, select the section of hair and lift it upward so that it covered the gum. Attach the resulting hairstyle with hair and beautiful barrette lower gum. Attach the tail of the hairpin or hair roots. Hairstyle will look pretty in the evening, if necessary.

Making hairstyle without bangs for medium hair (photo) in the "Dragon" style

This hairstyle is no less interesting than theprev. It takes a bit of time on it. Suitable for girls with straight hair and curls. Use better colorless silicone gum or a hair color.

Start with the top of the head to form the tail. Then, do the following, which will include the previous strands. Thus, we are moving the whole head, until we reach the desired, final tail. Bubble tight do not tighten. At the end, hairstyle can make a three-dimensional, releasing the hair from under the gums. If you attach a small pin with beads on top of fixing gum hairstyle that will turn into a cocktail or evening.

"Beam" in the hairstyle without bangs for medium hair (photo)

One of the convenient, magnificent and original hairstyles for medium hair - "beam". The form of this hairstyle can boast numerous variations. The proposed method is simple to implement.

Purely washed and dried with the help of moussehair nacheshite at the roots and throughout the length. Divide hair parted on the back of the head, from the forehead. Grab both sides of the hair with his hands and tie them in a knot. It is important to pay attention to the direction of the hair to weave created. The edges of the hair thickening entwine around the site and season with the help of pins. Hairstyle looks in a special romantic if it has a light volume.

Invisible as a highlight in the hairstyle without bangs for medium hair (photo)

We have, despite their age, we remain in the soullittle girls. Girls like pins and various jewelry. The most simple barrette from my childhood - invisible. It would seem - so small and nondescript accessory, but it can also serve as an interesting decoration and complement the hairstyle.

Start doing hairstyle with hair nachёsyvaniya. If your hair has natural curls, then most likely, you do not need a fleece. Separate one thick strand of temples. Taps strands on his head, beginning to form, as if the rim. The edges of the strands will fall down after you fix them invisible. It is important to fix the invisible so that the hair strands are not disintegrated. The best thing to do is detachable edges downwards. Upper invisible form the apex of the triangle, and the bottom - its base. It is attached to the main part of the occipital hair, gently grabbing the hair of the strands. Try to make this hairstyle yourself. You may need to have another mirror to correct pin invisible.

How to make a fluffy tail to hairstyles without bangs for medium hair (photo)

If your hair is the same length all over the head, then you this ideal hairstyle. For its creation will require a minimum of time, because it is very simple and beautiful.

Purely washed and dried hair slightly nacheshite. If the hair is straight, it is best to curl them or curling, in advance, on the curlers. Divide the hair into three parts - two temporal and occipital one. Tie the tail of hair at the nape. For more volume, release the hair on top, slightly, pulling them out of the gum. Strands of hair over the temples around obveyte gum alternately by fixing each pin or invisible. This hairstyle can add a beautiful flower to the base of the tail. She will play a special charm.

Sophistication and Simplicity

In conclusion, we can offer a hairstyle thatwill approach this lady with a special charm. For its creation will require hair dryer, comb hair nachёsyvaniya and "brush", curling, locking means, invisible or hairpins.

Each strand of hair is slightly damp littlenacheshite. Then dosushit hairdryer for fixing fleece and create volume. Screw tips on curling. As each strand of hair will be prepared and a little bit cool, start to form a hairstyle. Style your hair, gently turning the locks in the light curls and braids fastened to every hair on the bottom of the neck line and invisible fixing. Try to stick to the volume that gives hair previously. Do not press or smooth hair. After completing my hair, sprinkle it with hairspray. On the opposite side can be an easy one to release a lock that will give the completed image and some charm hairstyle.

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