Hairstyles with curls on long hair - the original decision. How to make a hairstyle with curls on long hair with his hands

Every woman wants to shine, surprise andcatch yourself admiring glances of men. Makeup manicure will not look favorably without carefully coiffed hair. If you are a fan of curls and you have long hair, then this article is for you.

Hairstyles with curls on long hair: features

This kind of hairstyle will suit for holidays andas a daily option of laying. The main feature of these packings is their long-term creation. Sometimes on such hair can take up to one and a half hours of your time, but it's worth it. Beautifully curled, and thus a sign of healthy tresses grooming, and neatness of their owner.

If you like the look of these hairstyles, andyou do not get tired to curl the hair again and again, it is worth pondering. Perhaps the best time to make one permanent styling and never to torment the hair and hair curlers themselves, or curling tongs. Nowadays, hairdressing salons and offer a gentle styling that lasts up to a year, which is the correction over time.

Hairstyles with curls on long hair already curled hair

To create these hairstyles hair should already be curled. Therefore, before you start doing hairstyle with curls on long hair all over the head curled tresses.

Bohemian curls

Stage 1

Braid two braids on the sides. Hair are not taken from the temples and forehead area or bangs. Tie them and yet do not touch.

Stage 2

Now, work with the volume. You need to lift the hair from the roots to the crown. To do this, you can do a little bouffant this area or splash roots varnish.

Stage 3

Now grab the hair from the temples with the help ofcomb with a sharp tip. Collect them in a tight tail behind is not below the occiput, but do not tie a rubber band. Add the tail braids, one on each side, and now you can wear on the tail of gum. Pass the free end of the tail in the space between the head and the rubber band once.

Step 4

Sharp-edged combs collect all the hair,leaving only a thin strip at the neck untouched. The collected hair with the free part of the tail loosely braided in a braid. Fan and her tail, removing from it a couple of curls.

Step 5

Insert the comb at the back of the head to the tail. Curling twirl the ends of the curls, if they lost their shape. Sprinkle the whole hairdo hairspray, while with the other hand lift the hold and curls.

Basket of curls

View this hairstyle reminiscent difficult braidedbasket. Arm yourself with the sharp end of a comb and pins. Strands of hair are taken on the layers in stages. The more often thinner and you will take a strand, the more difficult and more beautiful will be obtained.

Stage 1

Sharp-edged combs collect on the sidesprovide designated a small rubber band and fasten it behind the head below the nape of the neck. Pass the free end of the tail in the space between the head and the rubber 2-4 times. So you will get stranded in the flagella side locks. Studs out of the bottom attach the tail to the head by a few centimeters higher than the level at which it is now.

Stage 2

Assemble the sides still provide designated by the same and do the same things, as described above. Make such levels as much as possible.

Stage 3

Pull some curls, as if slightlypulling them out of the tail, but not completely. So you'll have a more luxuriant hair. Sbryznete varnish as a whole hairstyle once, and individual locks individually. If some of them fluffed, you can curl them slightly.

Curls and two braids

This is a simple hairstyle to create a hair should already be curled.

Stage 1

Separate from the sides at the temple on the strands and braid each in a pigtail.

Stage 2

Place the loose hair in a fluffy trimhair, give them volume at the crown. This can be done with fleece or lacquer which is sprayed at the roots. The laid on top sprinkle with hair lacquer. They have to lie so that they would no longer have to shift.

Stage 3

Get braids behind his head under the neck and foldhorizontal lines of one to one. The tips of the hide so that they would not have seen as much as possible. With one hand, lift and hold the curls from under the bottom of the well and sprinkle with varnish.

Hairstyles with curls on long hair with straight hair

These are not complicated in its execution, but it looks stunning. These hairstyles are not necessarily directly inducing curls. Curled tresses will be at the end of the total composition.

KOLOSOK in curls

This is everyone's favorite spike, which is woven a simple braid, and then formalized curls.

Stage 1

Those who know how to braid plait spikelet all becameit is clear already from the suggestions above, and those who can not let go on reading. Gather hair bangs and divide them into three strands. Put the rightmost strand in the middle, and then put the left on the right strand, which has become secondary.

Comb with a sharp edge of the capture is not greata strand of loose hair at the right temple and weaving them into a braid. Do the same with the left-hand side. Thus, you should doplesti scythe to the base of the head and stop. Collect the hair in place in the gum.

Stage 2

From braids neatly completely remove a few thin strands. It is not necessary to capture most of the strand in the queue. We need to be very thin, but as much as possible.

Stage 3

Curling twirl the strands and curlslay on the head curls. Most unruly strands can bolster pin or invisible. Splattered all varnish. Kos is almost completely hidden by curly locks at the nape.

Free-hanging tail twisted in curls of hair tongs. You can twist them together, then you get a tight tail of twisted curls.

A pair of reverse spikelets

This ordinary ears, braided weave reverse.

Stage 1

Divide all the hair into two parts in the middle. You should turn right and left sides.

Stage 2

Braid on the right side of the spike (as describedabove), but not in the usual style, but counterproductive weaving. This weave, in which the extreme strand braids do not fill up on the middle strand, and placed under her. And so the entire length. Reaching the neck stop. Kos should be and stay only on the roots. Secure the hair inconspicuous, or vice versa decorative band. The same make and braid on the left side of the head.

Stage 3

Remove the bottom of both the entire length of the braid a few curls, braids and strands slightly fluff. This can be done by hand or with a thin end of a comb.

Step 4

Curl freely hanging locks in curls using hot curling hair. Carefully sprinkle curls varnish. You can decorate with rhinestones hair pins or a comb.

Hairstyles with curls on long hair: Tips professionals


• Using curling irons or curling irons, be careful not to overheat the hair ends. From the intense heat dried hair, whipped, and do not look presentable.

• If you are a lover of curls and often make themselves such hairstyles, then you are more likely than all others will have to cut the ends of the hair for 1-2 cm.

• To restore and maintain healthlong hair after every hair wash, use the balm conditioner. It nourishes the hair health, shine and protects against aggressive environmental factors, which strive to spoil everything.

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