Hairstyles to shoulder-length hair, Choose yours! Create an interesting hairstyle in the hair to the shoulders (photo) on holiday and every day

How difficult, at times, choose hairstyle, which will be simple and easy to perform and can impress your friends and the fans of his appeal.

Your hair down to his shoulders are accustomed to normal"Procedure" - he took a comb and combed? It's time to change something and to include imagination, create a new, stunning image. Even if your hair can not boast chic density - ideal hairstyle they provided.

Perhaps the most simple and beautiful hairstyle onshoulder-length hair can boast of any lady who is able to create a "light clutter" on its head. This haircut is so simple and attractive that is a favorite even among Hollywood beauties.

Just slightly curled, washed and cleandried hair, curling irons or hair curlers. No exception - laying special "hair iron." Apply mousse for volume for the whole length of the hair, distributing it a comb-comb, and wind each strand. Finally, shake hands curls received, put into the desired shape or parting, sprinkle with hairspray, if necessary, and get compliments.

Braids in the hair hairstyles shoulder length (photo)

Of course, the length of hair to shoulders, can not afford its owner, exquisite intricate weaves, braids but may well be.

Create them, quite simply. If your hair is clean and not be scattered weaving, try to make the haircut on the second day after washing or using a gel or mousse to the hair.

The main thing - to seal the hair along the entire length to the spit was the most "robust". Although there are lots of fans "disheveled" hairstyles, including braids with.

Note the three photographsoptions braid weaving. If the first option is complicated, as it implies helping foreign hands, the second and third - may be performed independently. Secure received braids invisible, fan units spit (if desired) and your hairstyle will be easy and attractive.

"Lace" - an unusual addition to the hairstyle in the shoulder-length hair (photo)

Are you a fan of unusual and shocking? Then, hairstyle with a bundle - an option for you! Purely washed hair curl on curling. It is enough to make light curls. Or a small hair relief. Shake hands or hair nacheshite lightly comb. Select the one hand, a strand, which lubricate the hair mousse, gel or wax. Well, if this strand is not "pushitsya". Tie a knot so that it stands out revealing the basic hair. End strands hide under the hair at the nape. Pin invisible. The usual hairstyle with an unusual element is ready!

Hairstyle at shoulder-length hair with fixing and fleece

Very simple and uncomplicated hairstyle onthe basis of "light clutter" is created by laying and fixing means. It does not require much time and special skills. Curl your hair as usual, using curling irons or dry with a comb "Brush." The main thing - to give hair fluffiness. Make a light fleece, if necessary. Do not solicit special care. The beauty of hairstyles in her "disorder." Separate the main strands from two sides. For more and the desired volume at the crown of the root make fleece. Put your hair back. Gently twist the strands together at the back. Pin your favorite hairpin or invisible. Hairstyle looks, in a special way, gently!

If you move an improvised tail (as inprevious version) on the top, you can instruct another interesting hairstyle. Again, hairstyles beauty of its ease of execution. No need to specifically seek accuracy in fixing hair.

You are thin and smooth hair, but you always want to create on its head an additional amount? This hairstyle will help you in solving the problem and increase the amount of hair on the back of the head.

Conventionally, separate the occipital part of the hair. Spray hair with lacquer. Give the volume, pressing their hands. Then, slightly nacheshite hair. The density of the fleece monitor if desired. Place the hair on the back of his head, lifting them from the neck line up, and fixing the resulting amount of stealth. Comb the hair on the crown, put bangs and strands of hair into the desired shape. If desired, sprinkle with hairspray. Hairstyle is ready.

Combs, hair clips, brooches - romance hairstyle on shoulder-length hair (photo)

In recent years, among the fashionistas, it has become popular, the use of hairstyles, special combs. These small and unusual "helpers", are able to embellish even the simplest hairstyle.

If you have thick hair, give them volume,to comb the entire length. Previously, sprinkle with varnish, for better fixation fleece. On two sides of the head of department on a couple strands of hair. Tighten the strand around its axis, and then, with one another. You should get harnesses. Secure the harnesses can be at the back by a beautiful scallops. The main thing that the scallops are easy and securely held in the hairstyle.

Clean comb hair. Gather the ponytail.

Well, if your skill will allow you to do without a tail, and gently raise the hair at the base of the neck, gently wrapping them in a makeshift bun. Cleave hair pins or invisible.

Attach the side a beautiful brooch. Hairstyle can be a cocktail, or evening.

Secure hair at the back, giving the hairstyle special romance, you can use the unusual clip. To add some fun to kind of hairstyle, nacheshite hair over the entire length, shake hands.

Give an easy lightness. On both sides of the scroll locks. Take them to the back of the head and cross each other. Place crossing secure clasp. The interesting hairpin, there are more attractive your hairstyle.

Beautiful braids hairstyle complement to the hair to the shoulders (photo)

Bundles always, in a special way, to look hairstyle. They are simple in design, it can easily afford any fashionista.

For straight hair, freshly washed and dried, apply a little mousse for volume. Give your hair a little fluffy. Divide hair parted in the middle.

Begin to twist a strand of hair into a bundle, on the one hand, along the forehead. Going to the other side, hide the end of the harness under the lock of hair on the side, fixing invisible or gum in your hair color.

Finally, a master class braid at the nape. Very simple and beautiful plait hairstyle will add tenderness and sophistication.

Comb your freshly washed and dried hair. Apply mousse for volume. If you wish to make a light fleece root. When placing the hair in the desired shape, separate the two strands at the sides. Note that before these strands closer to the warping of the forehead, should form two more. Tie a strand elastic band at the back, preferably in hair color, so as not to detract from the hair and not to shift emphasis.

Separate the strands from his forehead, and take them backstart each braid, previous. Curled once - lower, take the following from under the bottom of the upper strand of hair. Entwine again. And so, as long as you reach the gum. For the final image, the hair can be slightly to comb. Give them volume. Fix hairspray. Hairstyle is ready.

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