Hairstyles for short hair 101 new photos

Not many girls are solved on a short haircut. It requires daily care. And when tired of hair, change the image at once will not work, because hair grow very slowly. It is also a short cut to be updated frequently, so the hair is not sticking out in different directions and looking well-groomed and neat. Generally a lot of cons but also pros, too. Short hairstyles look creatively, but to make a stylish hairstyle for short hair does not need to bother for hours. And in the summer with the haircut is not hot. Because you often get a haircut, the hair quickly updated and there is no split ends, and therefore requires less expenses for salon treatments for hair care, so that demand for long-haired girl. Change your image and the image of the girls with short hair is actually much simpler. Although it would seem that can be done with hair 7-10 cm long. And in fact, a lot. In this article you will find hairstyles for short hair, made in different styles that are easy to repeat at home.


  • Hairstyles for short hair: creativity and fashion trends
  • Hairstyles for short hair: classic bob
  • Hairstyles for short hair: brilliant evening for celebration
  • Hairstyles for short hair: charming wedding
  • Hairstyles for short hair: simple everyday
  • Hairstyles for short hair. Photography inspiration

Hairstyles for short hair: creativity and fashion trends

Let's start with the freshest trends in hairstyles. In 2016 and 2017 the wildly popular are various types of pixie haircuts. The fashion will be very short of options for haircuts and hairstyles for short hair with bangs slightly elongated. Here we look at some unusual hairstyles for short hair you can try to create pixie haircut. Most of them is a trend hairstyle extended cut, which can be called "Hollywood wave." How do you like her hair? In fact, very simple. In its implementation does not need more than ten minutes at home. You will need regular curling iron and nail. Begin to make this an extravagant hairstyle for short hair with hair separation on side parting. Then take curling and separating the hair into small strands, they begin to curl. Curling very carefully remove the hair remained in the form of "rings". All strands curled in one direction, either left to right or right to the left side to made as a result of hair looked carefully and harmoniously. Once everything locks are you curled, lightly comb all the hair in one direction and fix the hair with the help of selected products for hair styling. women often like doing hairstyle for short hair, supplement it with some stylish accessory, such as handkerchief. It looks all very creative and fresh. For detailed instructions on the implementation of such a hair styling short hair, see the video with step by step lesson. Also, below you will find photos from the daily variation of hairstyles "hollywood".

Trendy hairstyles for short hair pixie haircut, photos

Another type of short hairstyles with a longbangs is laying all the hair back. By type of fashionable men's haircuts today. It looks very original hairstyle and performed even easier. It should be applied to wet hair and the foam of strong fixing, directing the flow of hot air from a hair dryer in the direction of the crown, using a comb to lay hair. After drying, the hair lock by any means for hair styling. Laying back bangs beautiful looks and hairstyles for medium hair.

Hairstyles for short hair: hair styling ago, photos

If you have very short hair, you cando disheveled hair or put hair up. This is done in the same way as in the previous embodiment, stacking, but in this case a small diameter circular comb we raise a hair up. Options are very short hairstyles can be found on the photo.

Hairstyles for short hair. Photo: hair stacked up

Hairstyles for short hair. Photo: hair stacked up

Hairstyles for short hair. Photo: hair stacked up

From pixie haircuts are obtained chic retrohairstyles. Although the cold wave to create the house with his own hands is problematic from the first time, but looking at the video - lesson and train it to do really.

Hairstyles retro short hair photos

If you are in a hurry, on laying nominutes, then take away all the bangs and the hair at the crown into a ponytail. This hairstyle for short hair like a man's haircut is now fashionable, but when there is no time for folding, it can also be used.

Quick hairstyles for short hair photos

Mowing squeaks and looks good in a variant with small curls. By the way, the bulk curly hairstyle - is the latest trend of this year.

Hairstyles for short hair: classic bob

Probably, every fifth woman in RussiaI stopped the choice on any of the options are very popular with recent times bob hairstyle: an elongated, very short or bob-bob released. And this choice is understandable. Hair looks carefully, it is very practical and easy to installation, and craftsmen who know how to do it well, there was a lot lately. What are the types of hairstyles for short hair, clipped under the square?

One of the most popular hair styling has become inthe form of light waves. Such cases are very simple. There is a tricky way that you can use at home. We need to braid the entire head braids two inches thick (approximately 1.5 cm - 2), a well-warmed hair iron hair straightening, and then walk them for braids. After you carefully raspletete braids on your hair light waves remain that need to be loved means to fix hair.

Hairstyles for short hair with a hairstyle bob, photos

With the same hair ironing is done with a penalty perfectly smooth hair. But if you

Need curls or ringlets, you do without curlingprobably will not work. A common view of hairstyles for short hair bob haircut is a common hair styling ago. The only thing it is not recommended to do this hairstyle, if the street a strong wind.

Hairstyles for short hair, straight bob, photos

Hairstyles for short hair, a square, brushed back, photos

Hairstyles for short hair curls on the square, photo

Hairstyles for short hair: brilliant evening for celebration

Do not give up its position in the ranking of popularhairstyles for short hair luxury evening laying on one side. Hair curl first, and then fit nicely on one side and fixed pins and a variety of tools for styling. As a rule, such hair done in the salon, do it neatly and accurately with your hands is not always a virtue layperson.

Hairstyles for short hair, laying on its side, photos

Hairstyles for short hair, laying on its side, photos

To create an evening of images and hairstyles for celebration often use accessories. Flowers studs with crystals and pearls, all kinds of hair clips or headbands with stylish decoration.

Not forgotten and retro style, do not go out of fashion for several seasons in a row.

Create a romantic image, if you have a bob haircut is not so difficult. You can gently twist the ends curling hair and put the hair back to the hair with the help of pins.

Photos brilliant hairstyles for short hair, see below.

Evening hairstyle photos

Evening hairstyle photos

Evening hairstyle photos

Hairstyles for short hair: charming wedding

To create wedding hairstyles for short andvery short hair, the most commonly used accessories. For example, a variety of hats and headbands with an ornament and a white veil. Elegantly hair styling looks to one side. But if you have long hair almost to his shoulders, then we can make a Hollywood waves, curls or a romantic hairstyle, partially braided hair. Your long bangs can braid in her hair, and put her in the form of the rim. Often decorated hair short hair wild flowers small size.

Hairstyles for short hair for a wedding photo

Hairstyles for short hair for a wedding photo

Hairstyles for short hair for a wedding photo

Hairstyles for short hair for a wedding photo

Hairstyles for short hair for a wedding photo

Hairstyles for short hair for a wedding photo

Hairstyles for short hair: simple everyday

This year became fashionable combinedhaircut, shave when some part of hair, for example, on the one hand at the temple or in the neck, and his hair combed and curled slightly on one of the sides or top removed in the form of negligent beam.

Stylish hairstyles for short hair photos

Stylish hairstyles for short hair photos

Relevant to be "ragged" in the next year anddisheveled hair. It looks stylish and done in a minute. On a lightly moistened hair should be liberally applied foam or gel and easy to rumple her hair in her hands. Once the hair is completely dry out when and creases are locked, you can be a bit dishevel hairstyle and securely lock the vehicle styling, preferably varnish. Good disheveled hairstyles for short hair look at all the girls loved bob haircuts.

Disheveled hairstyles for short hair photos

Disheveled hairstyles for short hair photos

Another newfangled trend - hair, gentlybunched in bangs. Previously, because even handkerchiefs tied. The main thing is to get a smooth beam. Therefore, it is best to use thin fixing invisible. This wonderful little hair short hair is unlikely all will go, but still at least once, you can do it.

Hairstyle beam short hair photos

Using curling irons can create a texturedhairstyle. It should be slightly curled hair tips from the individual strands, and then apply the gel on the palm and fingers gently fix the strands, twisting them slightly. What is completed textured styling cm. In the image.

Textured hairstyles for short hair photos

As an everyday hairstyle fit curlsBoho style (slightly disheveled). It has done this hairstyle for short hair following simple method. On wet hair should apply a mousse, dry them with a nozzle-diffuser, then take Poloiko and screwed some locks at the end of their fingers to twist and fix the gel. Another option hairstyles in the style of boho curls can be in the form of vertical scrolls stacked using curling irons. Please add a stylish haircut can be a bandage.

Boho hairstyles for short hair photos

Girls who love punk style maywill like the mohawk hairdo imitates. Bang in this case will rise up and fixed with the help of special equipment such as styling paste, and the side hair combed back and fastened with thin colorless invisible.

Hairstyles "mohawk" short hair photos

Hairstyles "mohawk" short hair photos

Another option eccentric hairstylesshort hair - stunning styling, which was in the trend in the fifties Teddi Fight. Absolutely all of the hair on top and long bangs are divided into two parts, parted in the middle of the head. Then the hair on the right side to the left curled curling irons, and hair on the left side to tighten up in the opposite direction. Then gently comb and securely fixed with varnish.

Hairstyles Teddi Fight short hair photos

Not forgotten and easy everyday hairstyles with a tail. Despite the fact that the hair seems a very short tail still really collect via pins.

Hairstyles with bangs short hair photos

Slightly change the look a little boringhairstyles for short hair, maybe, if we raise a bang upstairs. To make it a little pomp need to comb, and then stab a colorless invisible.

Hairstyles for short hair. Photography inspiration

Some more pictures with hairstyles.

Hairstyles for short hair. Photography inspiration

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