Hairstyle waterfall (photo)

The trend in 2017 is a natural beauty, and to emphasize it enough to make a beautiful and original hairstyle.

Standard braids are not so relevant in our time. Now stylists offer a more interesting options, the basic foundation of which - an openwork weave. These include hair waterfall.

This type of braid hairstyles ismodified French braid. In this embodiment of the pryadok left free. They are very beautiful cascade down stream flowing over her shoulders. They can be curled or left intact.

Hairstyle waterfall will create a gentle andtouching image that fits absolutely any girl. Particularly impressive "waterfall" look at melirovannyh and tinted hair. It is appropriate for everyday life and for festivities as the evening hairstyles.

Hairstyle Falls: how to weave?

Hairstyle waterfall is performed on the basis of the French braids and may have a few options. Its main feature - flowing locks, and they give a special charm to the whole image.

Hairstyle waterfall on curly and straight hair (photo)

Step-by-step instruction

Hair should be well comb using combor a wooden comb. They should be smooth, only in this case to get them exactly divided into several pryadok. To hairstyle waterfall kept for a long time, you must use styling products - varnish or foam-muss.Posle the hair will be fully prepared for weaving, it is necessary to separate the hair at his temple and divided them into three equal parts. Weaving begins in standard technique, but only the lower locks should be released from the basic weave. In place of the released strands taken from the top of the new.

Hairstyle waterfall on curly hair (photo)

For reliable fixing hair need to capturestrand over the ear. Moving head, releasing strands, it is necessary to get to the next ear. Secure the remaining strand is possible with a small silicone rezinki.Teper weave repeats on the other storony.Posle as loose hair and you will end up dopletete second braids, as seen in the photo stepping, gum will need to remove and connect the two braids together. Hold them together so that the seam was visible. Then waterfall hairstyle will look just idealno.Esli you want to receive the bulk braid, can be a little stretch braided strands.

This type of weaving can be performed in two rows. Effectively looks hairstyle waterfall with a pencil.

Hairstyle Falls: decorate with accessories

"French waterfall" hairstyle can be decorated in various ways. It all depends on the case for which it is created.

Hairstyle waterfall with accessories (photos)

hairstyle suitable for everyday option withstraight locks. If you have curly hair on the nature and you want to slightly change the style, use utjuzhkom. As decoration, you can use a small clip in the form of a living flower or a small crab with strazami.Dlya occasions, suitable "waterfall" with curls. You can use curling irons or large curlers. Decorate this hairstyle, you can use colorful ribbons, bulk flowers, clips, straz.Esli you go on a date or for a romantic dinner, "French waterfall" hair can be made of openwork braid.

Hairstyle waterfall evening variant (photo)

Hairstyle Falls: photos of beautiful wedding, evening and everyday images

How to make hair fall (photo just above), we understand. Now it was the turn to watch the video tutorial, which is more understandable the whole technique of weaving.

Also in the photo gallery you can get acquainted with several options to weave curly and straight hair.

Hairstyle waterfall on curly and straight hair (photo)

Hairstyle waterfall on curly hair (photo)

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Hairstyle waterfall on long hair (photo)

Options for hairstyles waterfall (photo)

Hairstyle with a scythe waterfall (photo)

Hairstyle French waterfall (photo)

Options for hairstyles waterfall (photo)

Hairstyle waterfall on long hair (photo)

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