Haircuts short hair: 14 species names (200 photos)

In 2016 and 2017 fashion designers singpraises women's short haircuts. Despite the fact that many women do not like them and feel unfeminine, they are very popular and in demand in the coming two seasons. To argue about how much they are beautiful or not, we will not simply denote a new hair-trends and see what hairstyles for short hair even exist. Also with the help of video lessons and tools to learn to do a variety of styling options pilings on short hair. Indeed, thanks to a stylish stacking can radically change your image, without the help of stylists. And finally see photos from fashionable staining short hair.


  • Trends in haircuts on the 2016-2017 year with photos
  • Types of hairstyles for short hair named
  • Laying a short haircut

Trends in haircuts on the 2016-2017 year with photos

Once a fashionable bob haircut in the 2016 - 2017 yearIt gives pride of first place pixie haircut. And the version of haircuts squeaks can be any from very short "a boy" to asymmetric with a long fringe. The mod will be a penalty, but with straight clean lines. In general, a certain geometry in haircuts would be welcome. There are unusual shapes in haircuts, such as "step", all kinds of vystrigi, giving volume with unusual coloring, etc. In the arsenal of the wizard is now not only a pair of scissors, and machine. Also in vogue are a short cut to curly hair or mild chemicals on short hair. These hairstyles resemble the 80 years in Russia, where perm was at the peak of popularity. Returns fashionable haircut "cap" or a pot. And, of course, welcome all kinds of experiments with laying. The main thing to choose a hairstyle that suits you. If you have the "right" facial features, you can stop at any hairstyle. Girls with round or rectangular face is best to choose hairstyles with elongated front strands framing the face slightly. Girls with a triangular face shape more suitable hairstyle and asymmetrical hair styling short hair light waves. The main thing is not cut out straight bangs, which will be very popular in the coming season, it is better to stop for a haircut without a bang or with a long fringe to one side. You need to be guided in the style of Reese Witherspoon. In the 2017th will be popular ultrashort haircuts, like Demi Moore in the movie GI Jane. But they are not for everyone, and not every girl dare so a haircut. Generally the fashion daring experiments with appearance. If you do not know what hairstyle to choose for themselves, see examples of the wide variety of hairstyles for short hair, which are published below.

Fashionable short bob

Pixie haircut for short hair photos

Trendy hairstyles for short hair 2017

Trendy hairstyles for short hair 2017

Types of hairstyles for short hair named

Let's start with the favorite of the upcoming season - a popular pixie haircut.

Stylish pixies

It goes by many. It makes young girls and women for 40 years. The secret of universality. There is a great variety of packings, the form can also be "fit" to the type of person. Pixie sufficient volume and at the same time a neat haircut. Generally a lot of advantages. The most popular among young people is a haircut for short hair with long bangs, which can be beautifully laid waves or to create a more "rebellious" style, putting her up in the form of Iroquois. To make the evening variant fashionable hairstyles 2017 bangs can braid to braid or put, using the technique of creating a "cold" wave.

See the most fashionable and beautiful versions of this cutting and stacking it in the photo collection.

Classical short hair pixie, photo

Options pixie haircut for short hair photos

Butch pixie straight bangs photo

Pixie Haircut with asymmetrical bangs short hair photos

Options pixie haircut for short hair photos

Pixie Haircuts short hair with vystrigom, photos

Pixie Haircuts short hair with vystrigom, photos

Grooming short hair, side view photo and rear view

Pixie Haircut for short curly hair photo

Asymmetrical haircuts for short hair photos

Haircuts with asymmetrical bangs long to short hair photos

To create a stylish pilings haircuts for short hair you need funds for styling (gel, spray, mousse), curling round hairbrush and hair dryers. Options for hairstyles look at the photos.

Simple styling haircut on one side, photos

Laying haircut with bangs upward, photos

Laying haircut with bangs in the form of waves of Hollywood, photo

To make a fashionable styling haircut squeaks short hair, just enough to curl bangs curling.

Stylish styling haircut pixie perform notdifficult. It is necessary to separate the upper part of the hair, and then divide it into two parts. Some need to curl the hair on the curling toward the right side (as long as you reach the middle of the head), and the second on the contrary to the left. Once you curl all the hair at the crown and bang, you will gently straighten the curls with your fingers and fix the paint.

Options fashionable styling haircut pixie, photo

To create a textured styling, you need to take the gel, put it on your fingers and highlight some strands, slightly twisting the tips.

Textured styling short haircuts photos

To create the following hairstyles enoughApply on the hair mousse and dry the hair dryer, which is incorporated in the maximum mode. It should be constantly combing his hair back. Result with lacquer.

Laying hairstyles for short hair, a variant with hair combed back, photos

Hairstyle for short hair with a scythe, photos

Laying short haircuts photos

Laying haircut retro short hair photos

The most popular option is now laying any hairstyles for short hair - styling bangs to one side.

Option haircuts pixie with elongated bangs short hair photos

If you look at the kinds of hair dye, thenPixie haircuts suit highlights, as well as staining Ombre type (dark roots and highlights the ends). Some girls paint a few pryadok to bang in bright shades. It looks quite stylish. By the way, highlighting several strands will be one of the fashion trends in painting in the upcoming season.

Stylish short haircut painting, photo

Stylish short haircut painting, photo

Direct short bob with bangs and without bangs

In the coming season, bob-bob will not be sopopular as before. After all, to be replaced by new forms come bob haircut. For young girls to be relevant short bob with thick bangs straight (remember the "Leon" images of Taylor Swift and Natalie Portman in the film). But the girls are older probably will like the extended version of the square with slightly wavy hair. Not to be forgotten and retro style, glamorous bob with curls and cold wave. Different versions of hairstyles bob short hair look on the list below the photo.

Current for the season 2016-2017 square haircut for short hair photos

Fashionable elongated square with straight bangs photo

Bob haircut on curly short hair photos

Fresh novelty is in short haircuts bob with long strands left on the sides. It looks somewhat futuristic.

Grooming short hair - fashionable bob with long strands Photo

Elongated bob without bangs photo

Rack of medium length without bangs photo

Fashionable short bob

Haircut in a retro style for short hair

Haircut in a retro style for short hair

Haircuts short hair with a smooth cut

This season is absolutely unimportant straight your hair or curly, you can easily find a suitable option among bob haircuts.

Haircuts with fashion geometry for short hair

Kare on smooth straight hair

Kare on curly hair

Options bob haircuts for short hair

Options bob haircuts for short hair

How to style your bob haircut? The most fashionable hair styling will be considered zachesyvanie on one side or asymmetrical parting. Hair in a hair become slightly sloppy appearance, with volume and there is an imitation of long bangs, transforming into a hairstyle. The second most popular method of laying any hairstyles for short hair - light wave. To create it you can use special curling irons, but you can just to braid her hair all over the head in braids thickness of 1.5 - 2 cm, and ironed their ironing, then dissolve the hair and sprinkle with varnish.

Fashionable styling square on one side, photos

Elongated bob without bangs with a slight wave, photos

Another trendy hairstyle for short hairIt is a simple hairstyle with a tuft on the top called "Malvina". It looks nice on long hair, but is also suitable for short. If you do not have enough hair length to create a beam, the strands can simply fix invisible.

Laying hairstyles for short hair in a fashionable hairstyle "Malvina"

Laying hairstyles for short hair in a fashionable hairstyle "Malvina"

Hairstyles for short hair photos

Also popular hairstyles with braids and variousaccessories, such as a stylish scarf or rim. To Spit did not seem thin on short hair, it can be a little fluff, pulling each strand of.

Haircuts short hair with plaited braids

Haircuts short hair with plaited braids

Haircuts short hair with plaited braids and accessories

Mowing with a scythe square waterfall

Hair styling upward or backward, photos

As for coloring haircut square. It is better to choose options with beautiful shimmering colors, for example, by coloring balayazh technology. If you want to experiment, the courageous and interesting solution will be painted hair in trendy shades of pink or blue "Undine" in style. Included in the fashion and vivid rainbow coloring (for examples, see. Photo).

Fashionable bob haircut staining (balayazh)

Fashionable staining haircuts bob

Fashionable staining haircuts bob

Haircuts with artistic vystrigami

Increasingly, you can see the girls on the streets withunusual hairstyles with vystrigami. This shearing element migrated to women's fashion of men. And the options of women's haircuts with vystrigami appeared very much. It's not even listed. Make beautiful patterns in the neck, at the temples, and even in the bangs. The beauty of this hairstyle for short hair is that depending on the styling, you can open for everyone to see shaved place with a picture or vice versa hide. You can change the image depending on the mood and the occasion. place vystriga often tinted with a pattern in a darker color to pattern had more contrast and better stand out against the overall mass of hair.

Trendy hairstyles with short hair vystrigom, photo examples

Trendy hairstyles with short hair vystrigom

Trendy hairstyles with short hair vystrigom

Trendy hairstyles with short hair vystrigom

Trendy haircuts with vystrigom rear view

Trendy haircuts with vystrigom on the sides

Haircuts with vystrigom back

Options with haircuts vystrigom on the sides or rear

Very short cut in military style

Another bold trend of the season - a very shorthairstyles on men's fashion in military style. This short hairstyle is the challenge imposed by the clichés of female beauty. This rebellious in every style will certainly taste a little, but there are those girls who easily obreyut head and it will likely not a fad, but a state of mind.

Very short female haircuts, photo

Very short female haircuts, photo

Very short female haircuts, photo

Very short female haircuts, photo

Haircut "under the pot" or "cap"

No less extravagant, but very stylishhaircut pot will again be in vogue. There is not much it. It is better to choose the girls with oval or triangular type of person. Also this haircut, there is another important feature. It is suitable only for those girls who by nature heavy, straight and very smooth hair. If your hair is a little pushatsya or curl, so you better not do a haircut. It is this haircut girls with Asian appearance, as well as girls with sharp, expressive facial features. The cut hair can be left flat, and can be slightly profiled to make the facial features softer. Often, the very "shapochu" painted in bright colors, but the hair on the neck are natural color.

Trendy hairstyle for short hair under a pot photo

Trendy hairstyle for short hair under a pot photo

Trendy hairstyle for short hair under a pot photo

Trendy hairstyle for short hair under a pot photo

Bob haircut and lob

Not so long ago, this hairstyle created a furor. And many women to look fashionable and stylish hair cut her long hair under a "square on the leg" (it seems so used to be called the currently popular haircut "Bob"). Now it is becoming increasingly popular extended version of a bob. And the hair is laid with light curls or waves. This haircut is universal. It is to face and young girls, and women over 40 and 50 years. If you choose a bean and you have a fairly high forehead, who try to make a fashionable bob haircut is now an option with a thick straight bangs.

Bob for short hair with straight bangs

Options bob-bob with bangs and without bangs

Rear view and side view of the classic bob hairstyle

In order to somehow modify the traditional haircutbob-bob, put the main mass of hair on one side, make oblique asymmetrical parting. A few strands on the bang when it is possible to slightly curl. So hairstyle will look in a new way.

Fashionable styling haircut bob short hair

Fashionable styling haircut bob short hair

You can also experiment with a long and varied vystrigami, they are also now called Hair Tattoo (Art Hair vystrig).

Bob for short hair with artistic vystrigom

Bob haircut with braids

Bob Haircut everyday option

Bob Haircut with disheveled nape

If this fall you want something bright, try to make a stylish hair coloring to a new style.

Stylish haircuts bob coloring

Options bob haircuts

Bob Haircuts short straight and smooth hair

It was perhaps the most interesting and trendy haircuts. Then we remember all women's shorter haircut that was plenty to choose from.

Mowing The Page

Owners of dense, straight and smooth as aHair mirror suitable unusual haircut page. The face of this once fashionable haircuts can be called Mireille Mathieu. Who is this forgotten form of haircut will look important, because it follows the fashion trends of the coming year.

Mowing page, photos

Mowing page on short hair photos

Haircuts with a cascade

Short haircuts fit cascading with ladiesthin hair, which are lacking in volume. Cascade is done all over the head and hair styling or blow-drying creates volume "cap". Cascade can be performed on a bob-bob and pixie. Lay the ends of the hair and can be inside and outside, creating the effect disheveled hair.

Cascading short haircuts

Cascading short haircuts

Cascading short haircuts

ragged haircut

Ragged hairstyle very similar to the cascade. The difference is the cut-off, in a ragged haircut is not flowing lines and transitions between strands. This type of hairstyle requires daily styling mousse or gel, or hair style may look sloppy.

Ragged hairstyles for short hair

Ragged hairstyles for short hair


This is one of the types of step cuts thatIt goes very much. Ladder makes facial features softer, it visually extends the face and corrects the deficiencies. Ladder can be done on short hair. This haircut is highly recommended girls with chubby cheeks, ie for full. In general, it can be selected for almost everyone.

Ladder for short hair

Extended ladder

The stylish asymmetrical haircuts

Well, where do without asymmetrical haircuts. Creative, always fashionable and stylish. They are young ladies. With asymmetrical haircuts experienced master can hide your flaws and emphasize the dignity of skill. Options such cuts weight. Basically, they go with a bang, with the help of which is created and there is the asymmetry.

Asymmetrical short haircuts women

Asymmetrical short haircuts women

Asymmetrical short haircuts women

Asymmetrical short haircuts women

Mowing Garzon

Another version of the short women's hairstyles,that will fit girls with oval or rectangular face shape. It is easy to installation and maintenance, often it does not require installation. Typically, such a haircut is performed in tandem with a shaped bangs, laid on its side, but there are quite short options is "boyish" haircut.

Haircut "Garson"

"Garson" in a very short hair

Haircut "Garson"

Mowing or Aurora Italiana

It's quite magnificent haircut cascade type,by which the volume is created on the head "cap". The transitions are not smooth, but rather a textured, step. It is best on short hair, this hairstyle looks in the version with straight bangs. Stack it easily with the help of not very sticky gel or any foam.

Haircut cascade type

Mowing Gavroche

This option hairstyles with short hair ontop and elongated strands in the neck. It has been very popular recently. It is good that visually draws an oval face, especially if the hair on the back of his head lightly tousle.

Mowing Gavroche

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