Haircuts for triangular face - choose a new image! What haircut is needed for the triangular faces: examples and options pilings

So it has taken stylists in that each one of us, they"Check" on this or that "attitude" to the ideal shape of the face and body, to help us in creating a flawless and attractive image. Try to understand themselves in the intricacies of the hairstyles that suit owners of the triangular shape of the face.

As is known, the ideal face shape is adopted forbasis - is oval. In order to determine your face shape, enough to raise the hair, tying the tail to open the borders of the forehead. If you have a wide forehead and narrow cheekbones, with the chin can be both round and pointed, then you are the winner of the triangular face.

Women with this face shape is very gentle andangular. For this you need to select the appropriate form, concealing a wide forehead hairstyles. The lower part of the face, respectively, should be visually increase (expand), helping to establish the proportion of the image.

What kind of hairstyles for triangular face should be avoided


It argued that short haircuts are contraindicated ladies with a triangular shaped face. To some extent this is true.

Do not "cut away" the entire forehead. This visually expand it and reduce the chin, and we need harmony in the image.

Thick and volumetric bang in hairstyles for a narrow face creates an unnecessary emphasis on the upper part, which is already enough serving.

Avoid clutter and head of hair at the crown. This hairstyle will transfer attention and focus on the upper part of the face, that is absolutely wrong.

Hair styling inside (to face) is not always advantageous. This option hairstyles visually "steals" centimeters lower face, though not in all cases. In this embodiment, haircuts hair length is important.

The preferred hairstyle for triangular face (photo)

Taking into account the above-mentioned "cons" in cutting and styling, make a conclusion in favor of those that are suitable for you, holders of youthful mischief and tenderness in the face.

Let's start with the short

If you decide to be cut very short,pay attention to the bangs, which is quite acceptable in an asymmetric embodiment or may stabs (fueled by the ears) on both sides. Winning looks and parted with an offset to one side. This moment placement will give a visual reduction in the frontal part of the face. Do not weigh down the hair ends. It is best to make them facilitate milling and overlay.


Medium length hair

Make a medium length hairstyle is much easier,after the haircut, it is possible to adjust the correct stacking. With an average haircut for the triangular face (picture) always looks great "step" edge - profiled. The installation is better to give preference to, or curled edges out with light curls of different directions, because they visually create the desired rounded shape of the chin and leveled with the frontal part of the face.

Hairstyles for long hair

Owners of the long hair, you can "play"options for hairstyles. It is important to know that surround the upper hand in the form of a "cap" - not for you. Prefer flowing tresses, hair strands, hanging on either side of the face or side parting with a long fringe. Ideal option with the lower part of bulk hair or the asymmetry of ends.

We select the best hairstyle for triangular face (photo)

As you know, there are some basic haircuts,which, depending on the shape of the face may be modified to better image and stylish. To choose the right hairstyle, consider several options for different hair types and lengths.

One of the short haircuts and hair styling of the "hedgehog"or "a boy", in recent years, has become very popular among young people and not only. This hairstyle can be advantageous to emphasize your individuality. Give chёlke "playful" negligence. Do not pick it up. Let it free falls over his forehead. If you are thin and not very thick hair, you can not do without styling products.


Haircut Bob for short hair - one more baseand stylish. Since its foundation, you can create a memorable and very romantic image, the main thing - do not make large piles on top. Hair is better to lay strands with light. Ideally this haircut will look if it made more elongated, to the level of the ears. Ends may be asymmetrical.

On the basis of Bob with the addition of elements, allknown, Kara, you may have another option stylish hairstyles for owners of the triangular face. This hairstyle reminiscent of "overgrown" and Bob is great "softens" the cheeks, creating proportionality and harmony. A calibration at (shearing speed) will give the hair lightness and ease.

Styling hairstyle for triangular face (photo) on the basis of quads

Hairstyle that is suitable for almost everyone,regardless of the shape of the face, Kara, we will pay special attention to. This hairstyle can have a few options in the packing and each of them is perfect for fragile female nature.

Rack can be called a universal hairstyle, soeverything depends on its length and quality of your hair. Grooming Rack is suitable for any age and can serve as a basis for intricate hairstyles, if your soul would require any changes to the image or holiday.

In the case of a penalty, will look perfectcurls, which can be done using hair curlers, curling irons or hair iron. Fix them with special tools and enjoy the beauty and elegance of curls. This hairstyle visually corrects the parts of the face and is indispensable when you do not know, what do you choose for myself, to change or to transform its image. You can always add it a decorative element (hairpin), which will create an evening option and appreciate diversity.

Kara looks advantageous and with straight hair. Laying that will soften an angular chin, allow to look like a king. Wrap the ends of the hair inside, sprinkle with varnish. Hairstyle will look very feminine. It is in a special way, gives grace to her mistress. Elongated square with straight hair - another great option to create a stylish image.

Long hairstyles for triangular face (photo) with calibration


When we hear about the haircut on long hair,We understand that this length, most likely, can boast of a couple of options: hair is cut evenly across the bottom or with a graduation hairstyles Cascade. Current stylists offer various kinds of packing in such variants of hairstyles for triangular face. Choose for yourself any! Did you pay attention to the flowing tresses, or even arranged the hair ends. Like the curled inwards or outwards. Do you Complete the hairstyle decor (barrette, brooch hoop), or just a joke invisibility, - each of the options will be a perfect look for the angular shape of the face, because long hair visually clean side and frontal parts, soften the angular cheekbones, rounded sharp and protruding chin .


Which option would you choose, - the best ofwhich you can determine by looking at yourself in the mirror and imagine that your face is inscribed, mentally, into an oval. We saw softening and adjustment option haircut? You feel good about yourself? So, this is what you need! If in doubt about its taste and knowledge, do not hesitate to contact a specialist. Next - to experiment with the way!

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