Haircut «Bob» - Fashion trend of the season

The title "The most fashionable haircut in 2017" rightfully belongs to the haircut "Bob"

Of course, long hair remains the mainwomen's weapons, but if you ask the opinions of men, most of them will answer that girls with neat bob haircut look very stylish and attractive.

"Bob" Fashionable Haircut - 2017

Haircut "Bob", as a rule, creates a visualeffect of "gravity" and density of hair. In such a haircut, your hair looks more well-groomed and healthy. Also undoubted advantage bob haircut, is considered to be quite fast and easy installation.

"Bob" can be called a universal haircut, suitable for almost any girl, it is also suitable as a haircut for women after 50 years.

You can visually lengthen your face with a haircut."Bob", in which the hair combed back. Round-faced girls are more suitable options of elongated and graduated “Bob” without bangs. Virtually any option is suitable for girls with an elongated or oval face, including b with a bang or a classic “Bob” to the middle of the neck. For girls with a rectangular face, it is better to dwell on the variant of an asymmetrical car with additional volume at the crown. On girls with a triangular face, long haircuts look good.


Bob haircut


Bob haircut

Trends 2017 in women's haircuts "Bob"

Fashion loves innovation! Haircut “Bob” in 2017 will look fresh thanks to new shapes and variations with bangs.


Bob haircut

Cropped "Bob" with bangs on straight hair

This type of haircut "Bob" evokes thoughts about the imageCleopatra, who was able at first glance to conquer the hearts of men. This hairstyle is perfect for any type of hair: for thin and thick. In addition, it allows you to successfully beat any shade of hair. In 2017, the preferred options "Bob" with a straight and thick bangs that emphasize the eyes and, moreover, visually make a simple hairstyle more neat.


Bob haircut


Bob haircut

haircuts "bob" for curly hair

In 2017, “Bob” hairstyles for wavy hair will becomealmost the main fashion trend. You only need to choose: do the hair with bangs or leave your face open. Soft waves, gently framing the face, make their owners incredibly feminine, beautiful and charming.


Bob haircut


Bob haircut

Short “Bob” without bangs for straight and wavy hair

2017 will allow us to move away from standard forms.Bob in favor of innovation. One example of a Bob haircut is the option of not banging straight or wavy hair. “Bob” without a bang will visually make your face look younger.

Another option is with long, oblique bangs trimmed. This type of haircut always looks impeccable, stylish and original. Moreover, oblique bangs can smooth the not quite harmonious face shape.

Diversify your everyday way you can use the pilings in the style of "vintage" or "Grunge".


Bob haircut

Short haircuts for fluffy curly hair

If you decide to curl your hair chemically, and now choose the right haircut, then the short version of “Bob” with oblique bangs or with no bangs will suit you.


Bob haircut

Textured and graded Bob haircuts

2017 will be a year of experimentation with lengthhair. The advantage of textured haircuts is not only that they are very fashionable and original, but also that they can create a visual effect of density even on very thin and weak hair. To emphasize the beauty of textured and graduated haircuts, simply select the strands with any hair styling product.


Bob haircut

Playing with color

For girls who can not live withoutexperiments, in 2017, the leading masters offer "creative" options for haircuts. For example, you can emphasize the originality of your fashionable hairstyle thanks to the bright color of the elongated strands.


Bob haircut

Classic short "Bob"

This everyday hairstyle, like any otherhaircut classic type, for a long time to be relevant. Short haircuts «Bob» look favorably on both thin and thick hair. In addition, the haircut is very easy to style.


Bob haircut

Textured “Bob” for short hair

If you want to somewhat “diversify” your classic haircut or choose something more romantic, give preference to a textured Bob haircut.


Bob haircut

Extended "Bob"

Of course, this is a fashion trend of 2017. “Bob” with strands extended from one side, like any asymmetrical haircut, always looks stylish and unusual.


Bob haircut


Bob haircut

Layered haircut "cascade"

This hairstyle gives fine hair more volume. Short layered cascading hairstyles suit everyone.


Allow yourself this spring daring experiments and find your version of haircuts. See different options haircuts and hairstyles haircut and pick up online, you can use special applications.

Good luck!

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