Hair styling for short hair: haircuts pixie, bob and bob, photos

Bright representatives of the fair sex more oftenchoose short haircuts. After all, they allow you to express your individuality and accentuate the natural beauty of its owner. Naturally, none of the short haircut will not look "right" if it does not fit.

With the proper placement can be on the same hairstyle to create a variety of styles, "romantic", "rebellious", "flirt" and much more.


  • How to make a three-dimensional stacking in the home?
  • Laying on fine hair with his hands
  • Beautiful and extravagant styling without bangs

How to make a three-dimensional stacking in the home?

To create a placement with the volume completely dispense with a hair dryer, round brush and fixing varnish.

Wet hair dry the hair dryer. This warm air jet must have a referral from the roots to the konchikam.Dalee a round brush, hair should lift at the roots and continue sushit.Esli hair has a "cold air", it should be included. This volume would be better to blow zakreplёn.Dlya had a neat appearance, you need to give your hair smooth. For these purposes the hair iron.

Volume styling short hair with a hair dryer and ironing

The final stage - the creation of fleece. Lift the upper part of the strands at the crown and tease iznutri.S a brush, put in order to get a "slot". Upper smooth strands must close naches.Rezultat fixed varnish.

Laying on fine hair with his hands

Owners haircut "Bob" will be delicious,if you dare to "light a mess." This styling is remarkable not only fit into the everyday image, but is also suitable for special occasions.

Disheveled styling short hair photos

To make styling elegance, hair should beprocess mousse, blow-drying and when they lift at the roots. If you have bangs, then it can be placed so that it does not interfere with, or contrary to pull so that it fell over his eyes. It is interesting to look styling with a bang in a retro style. In this case, the main emphasis is placed on this item hairstyles for short hair.

Retro styling short hair photos

For styling haircut "Pixie" is used mousse to add volume at the back and benevolent, and wax to separate the strands.

Classic styling nstrizhki pixie, photo

Based on hairstyles for short hair "Gavroche" can do business packing. For this strand combed back and fixed with varnish.

Elegant styling gel short haircuts photos

Elegant styling gel pixie haircut and quads, photos

Beautiful and extravagant styling without bangs

Interestingly and unusually short hair look light waves - a sort of greetings from the 60's. To get this effect will need:

On damp hair evenly muss.Vysushit hair dryer, thus compressing each strand, forming curls.

Eventually, you get extravagant styling, which is suitable for the solemn occasion.

Placement of short hair in the form of waves, photos

If a girl at heart a rebel, she is required toappreciate stacking "idle talk - slob." Running it in just a few minutes. To perform the required drop of modeling wax, which must be rubbed on the fingers. Disheveled locks opposite to their growth. Strands that are in front, you need to put in the right or left side.

Disheveled, chaotic styling short haircuts photos

Fascinating look girl with smallcurls. If you think you have to create the luxury of short hair does not work, then you are mistaken. Curls can be done with curlers or curling irons. If you use the second option, then wet hair dried in a chaotic manner. Then, starting with the lower strands produced wave.

Laying with curls for short hair photos

Iroquois with small curls, photos

Owners of extreme haircuts "mohawk"You must be able to perform installation. To do this, wet hair processed by foam and combed upward along a central parting. Further input is gel wax. With it lifted all the strands, forming a kind of comb.

Stacking "mohawk" photo

Iroquois with shaven temples, photos

Glamorous styling in the form of Iroquois, photos

View current styling shorthair (photo below) on our website. What do you choose? Negligence, extreme, classic or casual styling? Do not be afraid to experiment! Try something new every day!

Laying without bangs with hair back photo

Classic styling pixie with bangs to the side, photos

Laying with curled bangs, combed to one side, photos

Structured styling short hair photos

Stylish hair laying on its side, photos

Placement with a bang upstairs, photos

Structured styling short haircuts photos

Glamorous smooth styling, photo

Laying in the style of Elvis photos

Fashionable styling short hair photos

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