Hair styling for medium hair: photo

Most women choose the average length of hair. Firstly, they are much easier to lay and easier, and secondly, the average length is considered universal and is suitable for everyone.

In the fashion industry, there are many interestingstyling options that are suitable for everyday wear as well as for significant events. To the result pleased throughout the day, you need to model the hair with mousse, lacquer or wax.


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  • Hair styling for medium hair photo

Hair styling at home

Every girl if desired, and a little practice can learn to perform a stylish stacking for a minimum amount of time.

To give hair volume will mousse for styling,which must be applied to the root zone of a little wet hair. After that, they need to be dried using a stream of hot air from a hair dryer, and a large round brush.

Volume hair styling for medium hair photo

This season is particularly relevant smoothloose hair. For smoothing their structure need air conditioning and smoothing cream. Before laying the hair thoroughly dry hairdryer. Then they are divided into several parts and strand by strand with the help of smooth ironing. The main rule - do not capture a large amount of hair as a result can turn out poor quality.

The smooth styling for medium hair photo

For an informal environment suitable stylingHair fleece in a rock style. For its implementation need to gel wax, invisible and nail modeling. Comb need most to comb hair in the frontal area and sprinkle with varnish. On the side locks and apply wax to fix them invisible.

Styling hair with bangs up or back photo

Laying of medium length hair hairdryer

Blow-dry hair - it is the most affordable option hairstyle simulation.

Using this tool, you should follow a few simple rules:

Hair dryer to keep the head from a distance of 15-20cm. Otherwise, you can get burned or damage volosy.Napravlyat air stream should be from the roots to the tips. In this case, the scales are smooth, but not pushitsya.

The essence styling medium length hair is the hair dryerthat at the roots of her hair are raised substantially perpendicular to the head. Due to this hairstyle gets the required volume. For the best results, hair should be completely clean.

Companion comb the hair dryer is the high teeth, which have to be balls. They share the good hair and does not injure the scalp.

If you have unruly hair, then during installation, use a hairdryer with a comb, which is often used for styling long hair.

Hair styling for medium hair iron

Place the hair iron can be a variety of ways. With this device you can in a few minutes to align the hair or give them a spiral shape.

Before you begin the installation, the hair should be secure from the effects of high temperatures. For this Heat protective agent should be applied to them.

Using the hair iron, you can create curls in different styles:

Classic locks; Beach waves; Hollywood perm.

Laying in the form of curls for medium hair photo

Beach hair styling for medium hair photo

Hollywood hair styling, photos

Laying is performed on clean and dry hair. The movements must be quick and confident. In no case, the device can not be kept in one place.

Beautiful styling without bangs

Stacking without a bang - a stylish, fashionable and exquisite. There are plenty of options. To create a classic image, the hair can be placed into an elegant beam or shell.

Styling hair in a bun, photos

Topical at all times is a neat ponytail. Recommended places to its location is a natural continuation of the line towards the top of the cheekbones.

Styling hair in a high ponytail, photos

Hair styling: the secret of creating a beautiful high-tail with the help of pins

Create additional volume of hair without bangspossible without the use of styling products. To do this, we must study the roots of hair tongs - ripple. The upper part of the hair should be smooth. In this case, progofrirovannye roots will not be visible, and get styling with a luxurious volume.

Volume hair styling with hilar ripple, photos

How to make laying with a bang

Bangs come in various shapes and patterns: straight, slanting, asymmetrical, elongated, short, profiled, etc. They complement the hair and help to correct the visual features.
The classic square average length usuallyIt fits with brushing and hair dryer. Hair treated with mousse. Then they are dried, lifting at the root tips. The tips can twist inward. If the fringe is long, it can straighten utjuzhkom.

Laying bob with bangs inwards and outwards, photos

Laying bob straight and curled bangs photo

Fashionable styling bangs photo

If a haircut at medium hair complemented by obliquebangs, the hair can be curled hair curlers on the average diameter. After the curlers are removed, you need to touch up curls with your fingers. Use the brush is not recommended.
Also, holders of bangs can performlaying in a retro style. To do this, the hair should be divided into two parts, screw them into the rollers and fixed invisible. Skurutit bang in the flagellum and put in a graceful curl.

Retro styling quads, photos

Hair styling for medium hair photo

Look every day in many ways quitecomplicated. After installation is able to completely transform the image and give it personality. Having mastered a few techniques you can in just a few minutes to brush up.

Laying quads, photos

Fashionable asymmetrical styling bangs photo

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Hair styling with the volume at the roots, photos

Hair styling with a parting, photo

Fashionable Hair styling medium length on one side with beautiful curls, photos

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