Hair styling: all the details fashionable hair styling, photos

Any haircut requires installation. The only way it will look impressive and tidy.

There are many styling options, including that can be done literally in five minutes at home.

With the proper placement can tame unruly hair and to give a chic volume of their fine structure.


  • Hair styling medium length
  • Laying on long hair
  • Laying on short hair
  • Hair styling without bangs

Hair styling medium length

Hair styling medium length require hair dryer, hair iron and means for fixing the hairstyle.

Create volume

With the help of a round brush and a hair dryer can be givenhair beautiful volume that will be held throughout the day. To do this, you need to wash your hair and apply to damp hair means of thermal protection. Each strand is necessary to lift the roots and send her a hot air jet. If desired, the hair ends can be screwed up. To fix the result obtained by laying need to sprinkle varnish.

To create beautiful waves and curls use a hair dryer with lattice styling long hair.

The volume of hair and blow-dry with a round brush, photo

Soft curls

Exquisitely at medium hair look lighterwave. Make them quite difficult. This will help curling or hair iron. Clamping locks can be starting from the roots or just curl the ends. Or curling iron is to heat to the desired temperature and horizontal wind the curls.

Fashionable styling options for medium hair

Laying in retro style photo

Fashionable styling haircut square, photo

Easy styling medium-length bob, photos

All the secrets of the bulk stacking and creating different locks, see the article: Hair styling for medium hair.

Laying on long hair

Hair styling for everyday life is differentsimplicity and ease. It can perform with a minimum of styling products. Usually performed on long hair styling with elements of weaving and greased back hair.

Laying fleece, photos

To create perfectly straight and smooth hairiron is used. It helps to eliminate excessive fluffiness and literally every hair seals. Straighten the hair must be from lower strands. Movements should fast (keep the hair iron on any site or in any case can not be!).

Smooth styling ironing, photos

Sleek and sexy on long hairlook beach curls. This hairstyle does not involve the use of means of fixation. Zest laying - easy negligence and rastrepannost. For soft curls, the hair must be twisted together into bundles and carry them utjuzhkom. The thinner the strand, which is twisted into a bundle, the smaller waves are obtained.

Simple installation utjuzhkom hair photo

Step by step photos of creating light waves (beach laying), photo

Examples of other packings on long hair

Hair styling with bangs to the side

Stylish disheveled styling, photos

Fashionable styling on one side, photos

Laying on short hair

Owners of short hair is required to acquire the tools and styling products: hair-dryer, round brush, forceps, clamps.

For short hair look very impressive retro wave. This option does not require packing a lot of time and effort.

Retro waves are created on washed hair. Before you can create a masterpiece, to the hair along the entire length applied styling mousse. Further input is a hairdryer. On curls directed jet of hot air. Thus every strand need to compress and knead by hand. The result is a beautiful wave.

Retro styling, photos

Retro waves photo

Owners will be able to create a pixie haircut"Rastrepannost rebellious." This type of stacking is performed using modeling wax. Locks should be given a different direction. This styling looks great with a bang. In this case, it can be left straight or alternatively ask her interesting direction.

Disheveled styling, photos

Examples of other hair styling short haircuts women

Stylish styling short hair photos

Options styling short hair photos

Hair styling without bangs

Today, most women trymaximally open face and abandon bangs. In addition, without a bang styling is much more practical and takes minimum effort and time. Especially popular styling "sleek chic".

The smooth styling, photo

The smooth styling, photo

How to make a styling? Everything is very simple. Place the hair can be smooth beam, or make a neat ponytail. The basic rule: the strand should be perfectly smooth, and must have been created gloss effect.

Another option of laying without a bang - stylishshell. Hair styling (photo below) can be performed by pins. To do this, the hair wrapped into a neat shell and secured. This styling will fit perfectly in a romantic way.

Elegant shell, photos

Photo of stylish and fashionable hair pilings

Fashionable styling short hair

Creative hair styling

Beautiful evening styling, photos

Placement of short hair on top, photos

Easy styling, photos

Laying pixies using curling irons, photos

Volume styling pixie with a handkerchief or bandage, photos

Textured styling pixie, photo

Laying pixie on its side, photos

Beautiful hair, photos

Stacking "ladder" in the inward and outward, photos

Styling curly hair photo

Placement with a bang at the top, photos

Textured pixie, photo

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