Hair extensions: modern technology

When you look at photos with fashionable hairstyles, oftenwe catch ourselves thinking, "How would I like to have such a luxurious head of hair!" But what to do if hair grows very slowly, and even to the same flogged endlessly. Outputs in such a situation three: to accept and live with the hair of medium length, with no end to buy expensive products for hair growth with a questionable effect, or simply decides to hair extensions. Now there are a thousand and one ways to increase hair. The basic technology of a luxurious head of hair will describe in this article.

Modern technologies allow to increase hair

The important point for any technology capacityis the choice of quality materials. After all, no matter how professional was not your master, if the hair extensions were used artificial, they will lose a trade dress and beauty soon. Therefore, buy hair extensions is only necessary natural.

It is important to pay attention to the method of fixinghair. It will take place at the same time, thermal or other effects that can adversely affect the condition of your hair? What type of adhesive to be used? All these questions need to be sure to ask before you begin the procedure. Let us dwell on the heat and the cold technique.

"Thermo" hair extensions

For this simple technology is usedsmall strands with a special keratin composition on the tips, he in the process of heating the soldered securely locks of hair to the roots of your hair. If you correctly pick a shade, something about your "little secret" no one will know, because adhesions place unnoticed, and this in turn makes it possible to carry out any manipulation of the hair and do a variety of hairstyles. But be careful with the means for stacking., It is better to do without them hairstyles. With this procedure it is possible for three or four months to create a simulation of the fashion is now the rainbow coloring or color. Also with the help of color variation can achieve the effect of strands balayazh or partial brondirovanie on the hair. In the opinion of this procedure, though long, but allows to achieve a good result and hair type accurately.

One of the most benign methods of hot capsule hair extensions is the "Italian" because Keratin is used for soldering, not adhesive.


Cold hair extensions

If you are tired of the long salonprocedures, then you will like the way the tape capacity. For him, bought the hair (preferably organic) in the short adhesive tape. They accurately attached to your hair without any heating or other processing. It feels like it's not very comfortable capacity. Perhaps you have some time to be a feeling that a little hair glued strips of adhesive tape. Set of hairstyles that you will do, will be small. On the evening of smooth styling hair, to clean up, you have to forget, but the Hollywood curls or braids wide you just fit. With the help of these overhead strands you can create the illusion of density and volume of hair.


After the tape is allowed to use any building's Skin funds.

Tressovaya technology used is also veryactively, it is popular and has earned the trust of many girls. For this procedure, the hair bought a whole big band. Work with hair, though tedious, but simple enough, so this procedure is suitable for home use. How to fix your hair? You need to comb hair into a horizontal parting, separate some very thin pryadok and braid plait of them in a horizontal direction or two braids toward each other, then sew a lock for the build-up to receive the pigtails. As you can see, the technique is pretty easy and will not take much time. But you can afford to do a variety of interesting hairstyles with weave or braids. With tress or ribbons can even make a long fringe.


Tress, you can easily learn how to enjoy yourself.

If you are going to learn the technologiesbuilding and in the future to provide services to implement this procedure at home, start with simple tress. Finding your way in the range of basic products for professional and home self-building will help pronogti online store. There you can buy sets of natural hair and auxiliary materials for the procedure.

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