Hair extensions - like this?

Some women, unfortunately, nature does notI could give luxury long hair, which restored quickly grow and have a great natural shine. However, modern technology make it possible to change the structure, increase and catch yourself a lot of enthusiastic and envious glances. Hair extensions can be made in several variations. The most common way among the rest is the usual build-up length. Many women have the bulk hair, but the hair is growing too slowly. A modern cosmetics is not always a positive influence on them. Often, all those that grows back within a certain time period, it is necessary shear to prevent split ends. In addition, one can increase both the volume and the individual strands which make available a different color. That is, you are dealing with coloring or highlighting, but the hair is natural, paint is missing to them.

Hair to be backfilled, notdemanding to care, in order to maintain it in good condition you will not have to spend money to buy special preparations. Therefore, no harm native hair will not be applied.

Hair Extension Technology

There are several technologies, which can increase hair:

  • Belt lock of hair

This method is probably the safest. However, it has another advantage - a little time to be spent on the procedure. Less than half an hour you will get a high resistance to temperature, as well as protection from exposure to sunlight. Quality mounting guarantees women that there will be no unpleasant surprises. It should be noted that the hair extensions distributes them uniformly over the entire area. The main burden is focused directly on the hair. The result will be retained on the head for 2-3 months, then the process needs to be repeated, if your family hair still will not satisfy you. In order to obtain full volume, require 40 to 60 strips that measure three and a half centimeters;


Belt lock of hair

  • Capsular.

This method includes Italiantechnology. Unlike the method described above, this process takes much longer. In order to increase the hair in this manner, are taken hairs donor. Each of them is soldered to the native hair. This is done through the melted keratin - hypo allergenic polymer. In this procedure, it acts as an organic glue, creating a firmly established. the following technologies: to root the hair of the customer are applied strand of donor hair, which are pre-dipped in a capsule keratin. The entire procedure takes about three hours, and increases the size of the native hair up to half a meter. Such hair extensions can be subsequently cut off, to create any hairstyle or decorate. That is, you get a similar native hair, with which you can do whatever you are interested in. As a result, you get excellent hair, which will be both long and bulky, thick. In addition, they will be obedient, they will be able to lay their own, without the involvement of the master;


capsular strands of hair

  • Decorating rhinestones hair.

Every fashionista knows the price of sequins, asthe most fashionable element in the history of fashion did not exist. Their fashionable watch virtually every element - bag, jeans, shoes and many other things that can only be an attribute of women;


Hair strands with rhinestones

How to care for hair extensions?

Once the hair extensions will, inspecial care is not necessary. However, there are certain recommendations masters of our salons. If they do not follow, then the hair can significantly deteriorate. So, it is advisable to follow the advice:

desirable that the comb has no balls onteeth, you can not use shampoo for hair, dry type, all styling or similar procedures must be extremely neutral, no additional effect they provide should not be, if you are going to use a hydrating mask, you should not rub their roots; do not go to the sauna or bath without a cap, do not tilt your head when washing, do not go to bed with a wet head, it is better to braid it into a scythe or hide under a cap.

hair Correction

Correction capacity applies ifwhen the adhesive is terminated, and donor strands come unstuck. In this case they are again dipped into keratin, then the procedure is repeated. In the polymer is applied again taken strands are then bonded with adhesive strips ready. Side should be deleted, and the correct care, complying with all the recommendations masters of our salon will give you just such locks on luxury hair, which you always dreamed.

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