Hair coloring: the most fashionable art (photos)

Modern beauty industry offers women a variety of coloring options. Each technique is interesting in its own way and has its own characteristics.

Hair coloring - is a great way to changetheir image or add to your way of novelty and freshness. Colouring helps to hide age-related disadvantages, such as protruding hair graying, as well as visually make a woman younger than his years.


  • Fashionable hair painting 2016 - 2017: hair-trends
  • Popular techniques of hair coloring
  • Fashionable hair coloring, photos

Fashionable hair painting 2016 - 2017: hair-trends

This season more than ever popular effectburnt hair. In order to achieve the desired result is sufficient to refer to the salon. Typically, for this effect, two hairdressers used newfangled technology - shatush and California highlights.

The new season will be incredibly fashionable bright redcolor and a deep red color with burgundy tints, shades of gold and copper. At the peak of popularity is a natural brown color. Creative women who want to express their individuality can safely choose a template hair coloring. Very bright and juicy look Ombre color consisting of three colors or color highlighting. For creative coloring used paint of color, or the anthocyanin crazy.

Fashionable hair shades 2016 -2017, photos

Fashionable combination of platinum and pink color, photo

Popular techniques of hair coloring

In Balázs style. Dyed hair by this technique look natural and beautiful. This technique is suitable to girls who do not want to radically change the natural hair color, but want to brush up their image. We use multiple tones that help to achieve a smooth transition. This painting is ideal for fine hair, as it gives a visual splendor and volume.
Balázs looks great both on the long and on themedium hair. Suitable for young and mature women. For short hair, too Balázs looks very impressive. The only thing - have to tint the hair more often.

Painting balayazh, photos

Hair coloring technique balayazh, photos

Hair coloring technique balayazh, photos

Color balayazh, photos

In Ombre style. This type of hair coloring is very popular among the stars of various sizes. Among the Russian pop stars decided to taste the charm of this hair dye Julia Kovalchuk, Nyusha, rap singer Christina Si, Anna Lorak. This technique involves the use of colors close to natural. However, there are exceptions where contrasting colors are used. In this experiment we decided to Alexa Chung, Ciara, Beonse, Christina Aguilera, Katy Perry. The advantage of this coloring is that in the case of regrowth of roots of the overall design is not spoiled.

Hair coloring technique Ombre Photo

Hair coloring technique Ombre Photo

Color Ombre Photo

In grunge style. Especially this painting looks good on long hair. A distinctive feature of the technology is the use of bright colors. Commonly used pink, purple, blue, red and yellow. These bright colors may overlap with a natural shade of hair or have intense cardinal palette. Grunge executed differently. Strands can be painted vertically or horizontally in a zigzag manner. Sometimes coloring affects only the tips of the hair and bangs.

Hair coloring in grunge style photo

Another fashionable appliances - hair coloring in twocolors. It allows you not only to transform the image, but also to make it truly unique. Staining in two colors has many names. One coloring. This staining provides for smooth transition from one color to another, or from the contrast underlined.

Two-tone painting of hair, photos

Two-tone painting of hair, photos

The combination of the hair dyeing and fashion hairstyles, photos

Fashionable hair coloring, photos

Fashionable hair coloring can not only refreshimage, but also visually rejuvenate. Beautiful transitions, natural colors always attract attention and cause admiration of others. Remember that well-groomed hair - is the fashion! Do not forget to update their color and do not be afraid of experiments!

Hair coloring technique brondirovanie, photos

Hair coloring technique highlights, photos

Hair coloring technique gradient photo

Rainbow coloring hair photo

Fashion art painting of hair in natural colors, photo

Screen painting hair photo

Hair coloring in fashionable pink color, photos

Interesting painting short hair photos

Creative painting hair photo

Coloured hair coloring, photos

Paint dark hair in a shade of eggplant, photos

Creative painting short haircuts photos

Rainbow hair coloring, photos

Colored painting, photo

Colored painting, photo

Fashion sulfur hair shades, photo

Creative painting short haircuts photos

Fashionable painting, photo

Stylish hair coloring, photos

Stylish hair coloring, photos

Hair coloring in pink tones, photos

Creative painting hair photo

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