Hair coloring: technology, trends, photos

Coloring - one of the most complicated technologyperformance of services provided in beauty salons. And if with the haircuts more or less everything is clear, the color of the hair can be trusted not every master, and creative color especially. In the result affects a lot of factors: the skills and imagination of the master, the state of the hair, the quality formulations for coloring etc.


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Service coloring hair can be divided into four types:

Deepening of the color (when the range of hues in the dyeing of three tones) Artificial lighting; Creative coloring (tinting in bright shades, Ombre, pixel painting, etc.).

Coloring on dark hair requiressequence. To prevent damage to the hair structure and get the desired result in a lighter shade, lighten the hair should be gradually, over and over again by painting them in three shades lighter. If the hair has been dyed resistant paint, it can be "a wash" or clarification, but it must be remembered that this procedure significantly impairs the quality of hair.

Coloring on blond hair betterto carry on the same way. If you want to get rich deep shade, the staining is recommended as follows: light brown hair first thing in the paint in a copper shade, and after that in the Red.

With extreme caution should be carried out on the coloring process of dry and frizzy hair.

If you want to save the result of long, do not forget about the daily care of the hair with the help of special tools.

Hot Titles hair coloring

delicate strands

Fashion Ombre (scent) in the past year is not losing itsposition and still remains a popular and sought-after hair coloring views. This season, been replaced by a new technique called "bebilayt". It is quite similar to Ombre and is lightweight lightening the hair ends, but unlike Ombre shades boundary is not so clear. It's a cross between Ombre and highlights. The result should be a coloring effect of the "children's" hair soft and shiny locks. This fashionable hair color is suitable for almost any girl (haircut looks great on stage), the main thing to find a balance between placing colored strands and the natural hair color. Of course - one of the trends this season. One of the fashionable novelties in the field of coloring in the 2016 - 2017 year could be called balayazh on dark hair. This is a very nice coloring, which is particularly stylish looks on curly hair.

pixel staining

This technique of hair coloring, designedSpanish masters, became a best seller this season. Unusual and bright new hair coloring will be enjoyed by the girl, who love all things new and creative. But this type of staining, there is one little feature that should be taken into account. Unusual geometric patterns can only be done on straight hair.

Trendy wine and eggplant


Truly fashionable this season is named shade undercalled "Marsala". It is similar to the color of the noble red wine. It can be used as the primary, so many extra chocolate and chestnut tones.

Especially looks nice option combination "Marsala" color with violet spectrum. As a result, hair painting turns a deep shade, resembling full-bodied wine from ripe plums.


Fashion this season, violet and eggplant shades are perfect girls with fair skin, but with the warm tones of the skin is best to choose shades, close to the chestnut.


Another trend of the season 2016-2017. Hair coloring in a deep merlot color and thick with fine notes of ripe cherries and cocoa. This beautiful flower is on the border of purple and red, so it can be adjusted as desired and change so that it is suitable for any skin tone.

Pink gold

This is a rare and complex color, which mayachieved only by professionals. Pink is perfect for girls with blond hair. Coloring on dark hair in the shade will require their pre-lightening.

rich caramel

Dark chocolate is so popular in the last seasonI changed to a softer caramel, which are so fond of the brunette. That color was not flat, it is recommended to use several shades of color close in tone. For more in-depth multi-faceted shades of caramel can be combined with mocha and milk chocolate. However, blond shades of beige is also nice look combined with caramel.

Soft copper with gold accents

Copper is an excellent choice for coloring onblond, brown and black hair, so the shade is almost always in the trend. It is ideal for women with warm skin tone. Copper gives a special softness of the image. The 2012th solar girl ever popular.

Silver gray foxes

More recently, all desperately struggled with graylocks of hair, but this year, silver has become fashionable. Coloring hair in silver-gray shades contrary to expectations has become popular with women of all ages. Now gray hair is not painted and tinted in a beautiful silver tone. Hair color at the same time to obtain a uniform, hair becomes shiny, and the image of the whole soft and natural. This type of coloring is better to do on a bright, blond hair.

The spectrum of colors for coloring hair is verywide: from light silver to ashen and dark gray. If you like experimenting, you can additionally add a little blue. Very nice this combination looks in hairstyles for long hair. Women with this type of staining like undines, emerged from the sea foam.

For coloring on dark hair is better to choose dark gray charcoal color. Fashion trend this season - the color of silver fox. Hair color, as an accessory to your coat.

So, for ladies aged stylists recommendsilver and gray shades, close to the warm colors that look more natural. For young ladies offered a stylish option in all respects, coloring in blue and gray tones.

Noble platinum

Last year, platinum blonde was oneof the most popular trends in hair coloring. This pure color has become loved by many girls, who are unlikely to quickly abandon it. That is why in the 2016- 2017 year platinum blondes will become more and more.

Metallic luster

In recent years we have seen demand risingflirty pastel colored hair. Among them are the pink like a chewing gum and soft pleasant shade of lavender. This year, for coloring of experts showed these shades in the new focus, giving hair a metallic luster.

Coloring on blonde hair

anime Characters

A few years ago, the palette of colors for hairIt was not as rich as they are now, and consisted of only a dozen shades. Now the possibility of hair coloring are almost limitless. In place of the standard shades come flashy flashy colors. Girls are increasingly began to dye your hair in blue, green, pink and other non-standard colors. Not a small role in this was played by the popularity of anime culture. Prototypes anime characters more and more can be found on the streets. Infantile and brightness takes precedence over the gray everyday life.

Hair coloring: technology, trends, photos

Hair coloring: technology, trends, photos



Rainbow coloring

This kind of creative coloring appeared quiterecently, but already on the streets, you can meet the girls with stylish and very bright hair color. It's a tough stain, but with a secret. If the hair is loose and straightened ironing, then your hair color looks quite normal, but should take the upper strand in a ponytail or bun, opens the beauty of this type of coloring. The lower strands are tinted in all colors of the rainbow. This is a very bold, fresh and stylish.

Rainbow Hair coloring, photos

Color palette

If you have long straight hair or quads, thencoloring hair in multicolored stripes suit you perfectly. It looks a very original version, while emphasizing the geometry of fashionable hairstyles.

Coloring on blond hair: photo

When coloring hair is almost no lightborders and frames, you can safely experiment with different shades. But if you want to maintain the natural appearance of hair, it is not recommended to use a paint that is different from the original color longer than 3-4 tones. To give depth and expression blond hair can be due to the delicate honey, caramel and copper shades.

If the paint only a few strands in an unusual color, you can make hair originality and uniqueness. Especially beautiful colored strands look in the evening hairstyles and haircuts pixie.


Recently, growing in popularitycoloring picking technique called brondirovanie. This highlights just a few shades of similar tonality. As a result turns staining mixture of dark and light strands. Looks coloring is quite original. After that you will not be a blonde, a brunette and also not become. You will have a deep hair color with elegant play of different shades. Especially beautiful it looks like coloring in the twisted slightly long hair.

Hair coloring: fashionable technique brondirovanie, photos

Coloring on dark hair: photo

To obtain good results when paintingdark hair, almost always requires the prior clarification of hair. It spoils the hair, which further requires a more careful and painstaking care. But there are options for coloring, when clarifying the procedure may not be necessary (and other types of dyeing dark hair, you can see in the photo). The lighter your original hair color (dark brown, brown, etc.), the extensive color palette for coloring. This type of coloring is suitable for any hairstyles, including hairstyles for short hair.


One more fashionable staining technique, whichoften used for dark hair called balayazh. This is pure improvisation master with your hair. He is like an impressionist painter puts on separate strands of the composition to color in different shades, but always close in tone. As a result, you have the whole head will be there, there is visible highlights strands. Looks coloring is very beautiful and more natural, if an ordinary coloring in one color.

Hair coloring: fashionable technique balayazh, photos

Creative painting: photo

Flight of fancy masters of coloring of hair can go far enough. If you provide a professional stylist leeway is born entirely new and unpredictable ways.

In 2016 - 2017 the stylist have provided a wide range of staining methods, offering ourselves to make a choice in favor of natural or creativity.

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