Hair coloring: all new items of fashion and technology coloring, photos

Women dyed their hair in ancient times. Login walked natural dyes: sour milk, herbal teas, Basma, ash, etc.

Today, painting is very popular among the fair sex. With paint, you can change the appearance, paint the gray hair, or to change the image.

Given all this, in the beauty industry, new staining technique.

This season, stylists recommend to focus on naturalness. Therefore, in the fashion of all the natural shades that will emphasize the beauty of hair.


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Fashionable hair color: Trends and Trends

Stylists say that this season will be in fashion popryadnoe hair coloring. Using this technology, you can get beautiful iridescence and reflections.

Depending on the color palette can be obtaineddifferent results: a natural shade of hair or extraordinary. Note, however, clarified that the strands should gradually dissolve in the overall color scheme.

Types of fashionable hair dye 2016 -2017 photos news

Staining shatush

This is a new dyeing technology, in whichyou can achieve a natural shade effect burnt strands. Staining can be used both on light and dark hair. Especially shatush looks good on long and medium curls. As a result, staining is a beautiful transition locks shades. Thanks to the effect regrown roots are not so conspicuous.

Hair coloring shatush, photos

Staining balayazh

Another newfangled hair coloring technique where changing the color of their tips or roots. In the procedure are utilized contrasting shades. They are applied by the technique of cross-coloring.

Transitions colors can be explicit orsoftly flowing into. Stylists recommend to use this effect on graded hairstyles. Coloring on long hair in two ways: On the locks applied Mousse average fixation. Hair divided foil and then applied to the coloring solution and drawn border crossing. By the time the procedure takes about 20 minutes. The second way - this is when the hair is divided into strands and each of them is fixed a rubber band. Under enclose the ends of the foil and paint them with a brush, wrap. The dye is applied accurately and exactly as necessary to achieve a neat edging.

Hair coloring balayazh on dark hair photo

Hair coloring balayazh on blonde hair Photo

Hair coloring balayazh on blond hair, photos

Staining Ombre

It is one of the most popular techniquesdyeing hair, wherein a smooth transition can be achieved from one color to another. Effectively this painting looks in dark and light brown hair. Classic - two-tone coloring. Normally stained roots in the rich color that gradually lightened, at the tip turns light shade. Another interesting option Ombre - this is where the roots and tips of the hair are painted in the color of the coffee, and the middle line passes contrasting clarified.

Ombre Hair coloring, photos

Stencil painting

This is one of creative options for coloringHair, which helps to achieve a unique and unique effect. This option is for the brave women who are not afraid of experiments. A huge variety of patterns and drawings you can create real masterpieces on the hair. Staining is performed only on the straight and smooth hair. Stencil painting involves the use of special stencils. On hair patterns can be created in the vertical and in the horizontal plane, patterns, geometric shapes, prints images simulating prey.

Stencil hair coloring, photos

Creative painting

It is a custom creativeway to change the hairstyle. It uses several colors. With the help of creative coloring can not only achieve an interesting image, but also mask some deficiencies hairstyles, for example, visually increase the volume. There is no doubt that the creative coloring - is the choice of active and creative natures, who love to be in the limelight. Creative staining can be performed for short and medium hair.

Color hair coloring, photos

Creative painting pixie haircut, photos

Hidden rainbow coloring, photos

Hidden rainbow coloring, photos

Beautiful hair color "silver glare"

Black and white coloring, photos

Creative painting short haircuts photos

Staining of dark hair

In order to do black hair more vibrantsaturated and need to choose a shade that is close to natural. Lightens dark hair to be careful and only professionals. In order to color quickly did not flush, it must often be used to refresh or coloring shampoos. For dark hair suit fashionable novelty - brondirovanie hair dark hair ever popular balayazh on dark hair.

Staining of the individual strands of dark hair, photos

Fashionable staining dark long hair, photo

Staining of blond hair

At coloring of light hair should take into account their structure. If the hair is thin and lifeless you must choose bezammiachnoy paint. For coloring blond hair it takes a little longer.

View Fidler haircuts and coloring can be on our website. We found the most juicy and bright examples. In the photo you can see what the effect may be obtained by selecting one or the other technique.

Fashionable staining light long hair with silver-gray and blue tones, photos

Stylish zonal staining blond hair photo

Hair coloring, photo gallery

Rainbow and zonal hair coloring, photos

Bright hair color in all colors of the rainbow, photo

Trendy shades of hair coloring, photos

Staining only the lower strand photo

Trendy shades of hair coloring, photos

Hair coloring in fashionable purple and blue hues, photos

Hair coloring in fancy pink shades, photo

Trendy shades of gray, photo

Stylish silver staining, photos

"Matt," staining in dark gray and ashy shades photo

Staining "Undine", photos

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