Greek haircut: do quickly look fashionable!

Current trends will remain in this seasonGreek style. It fits perfectly to all women and gives the image of romance, grace and finesse. Make a Greek haircut can be not only on long hair, but also for short. In a special bandage can be used as a "helper", which is called "hayratnik". The accessory can be made of glass beads, rhinestones, lace, metallic elements.

Greek hairstyles are many variations, butthey are all recognizable. It can be simple hairstyle in the Greek style and sophisticated design with a braided member. All the stars of show business, who prefer this amazing hairstyle always looks elegant, defiliruya the red carpet.


  • Greek hairstyle for medium hair
  • Greek hairstyle on long hair
  • Greek haircut for short hair
  • Greek hairstyle with garter
  • Greek haircut without garters
  • Evening Greek haircut

Greek hairstyle for medium hair

Greek hairstyle is very convenient to performmedium-length hair. The simplest option is when the bulk of the hair is loose, and the rest is collected at the back and stabbed in using stealth or studs. The free part of the hair can be curled.

To create a romantic style need"Hayratnik". Gum should not be much pressure head and cause discomfort. At the top you need to make bouffant. All hair collected in a tight ponytail. Put on a bandage. Curls can be left loose, or choose via pins. The latter option is particularly beautiful to look at the owner of the high cheekbones.

Greek haircut at medium hair with hayratnikom or Greek meander, photos

Luxurious and at the same time elegant looks beamin the style of the Greek goddess Artemis. The basis of hairstyles stands surround beam. On the sides you can curl several thin braids, which will perform the function of decoration.

Win-win option for everyday hairstylesin the Greek style - light and airy curls, decorated with flowers. Curls can be assembled from the side and stab pins. With such a hairstyle for medium hair you'll have a soft image that represented the goddess of love Aphrodite.

Greek hairstyle with her hair of medium length, photos

Greek haircut at medium hair, photos

Greek hairstyle on long hair

Long hair is a wonderful material from whichcan get chic hairstyles. Choosing the Greek style, long-haired beauties can try to do a romantic hairstyle with flowing locks and weaving elements. This installation is very convenient and incredibly beautiful. In carrying out this option, you will need to make a horizontal parting. Thus, the hair is divided into two equal parts. The first strands are divided into two parts. That strand, which is located closer to the face fixed invisible. Free strand needed for weaving a French braid. Once the braid is braided to the neck, all the hair and braid is necessary to combine the overall braid. The resulting need to tighten the braid into a bun and stab pins. The front strands (fixed invisible) are divided into several parts, each of which is placed on the line for the resulting beam and secured from both sides. That's all beautiful Greek hairstyle is ready!

Greek haircut with a scythe on long hair, photo

Greek feathered hairstyle on long hair, photo

Fascinating looks haircut "in Greeknode. " Make it quite difficult. This hairstyle was very popular among women of ancient Greece. Another name in this hairstyle - "Korimbos". Running on a pre-curled hair, long hair with a parting. Hair can be raised and put back in a bun, assembly secure with satin ribbons or pins.

Greek haircut Korimbos, photos

Greek haircut for short hair

Some holders of short hair feelthat the Greek haircut is not available to them. This is a big misconception. Ancient Beauty is universal and accessible to all. Naturally, the short hair limit choice, but still, some interesting solutions can be carried out easily. If the hair is longer than 10 cm, the braid will "spike" around the head. Short hair can be curled and folded back, fixing invisible or clip.

Greek hairstyle with short hair on the garter, photos

Greek hairstyle with short hair on the garter, photos

Greek haircut with a scythe or garter short hair photos

Greek hairstyle with beautiful accessories for short hair photos

If the holders of short hair dream ofhair, like Aphrodite, even in this situation, nothing is impossible. In this case, you can use the overhead strand or hairpiece. This hairstyle can be decorated with ribbons, bandages and wraps.

Greek hairstyle with garter

How to make a Greek hairstyle with garter know not many. In fact, in this case there is nothing difficult.

It is necessary to comb your hair and make smoothprobor.Nadet povyazku.Teper need to take a small strand and tuck it under the bandage, and so in turn. Spinning hair should be close to raspalas.Ostavshiesya hairstyle is not necessary to tighten the hair around the dressing and secure the ends of the invisible.

Variants of the Greek hairstyles with garter, photos

Variants of the Greek hairstyles with garter, photos

Greek haircut without garters

To create a placement in the Greek style perfectlynot necessarily use the garter. As the decor may be a weave, which is performed in the form of the rim. Also it looks interesting option when the hair frizz and laid vertically, starting at the top of the hairline and finishing at the back.

Variants of the Greek hairstyles without garter with thin braids Photo

Greek hairstyle is a great option for everyday life and for special occasions

Greek hairstyles photos which we collected onour website, go to almost everyone. They represent the feminine fragility, grace and beauty. Do not be afraid to experiment! Hair done, decorate its accessories. They give the image of a solemn expression and create a festive mood.

Photo Greek hairstyle with accessories

Photos Greek Hairstyles

Instead, garter for the creation of the Greek hairstyles can use braids or beads

Beautiful evening Greek hairstyles photo

Quick hairstyle in the Greek style, photo

Greek hairstyles with various ornaments, photo

Greek hairstyles with various ornaments, photo

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