Glowing neon hair: hot trend

Hair glowing in the dark, has become a new trend

So the original "magic" staining technique is becoming increasingly popular, and soon conquered the hearts of fashionistas.

The new trend "blew" the Internet afterStar stylist Guy Tang, which is in fashion circles is called a real magician, able to work wonders with hair, has published a video with a dazzling painting, glow in the dark.


Glowing neon hair: hot trend

At present, more and more brands release special funds for the trend of the luminous coloring, but they are designed exclusively for professional use.

Experts note that it is not necessary to experiment with this technique of dyeing at home, because it is fraught with serious consequences for the hair.

Queen of the Night: Luminous hair - a new trend in hair coloring in 2017 (PHOTO)

Glowing in the dark hair can only be obtainedafter a preliminary clarification via their neon colors. To create a stunning glow effect best hairdressers the world are experimenting with a variety of other techniques of staining, including Ombre - they argue that this way you can achieve incredible iridescence.


Glowing neon hair: hot trend

Popular American stylist Guy Tang released a collection of neon colors that glow in the paint temnote.Takaya also quite gentle, so it is not hurt your hair.


Glowing neon hair: hot trend


Glowing neon hair: hot trend

In addition to the effects on the hair after such a coloring, this technique also requires special hair care.


Glowing neon hair: hot trend

She has only one drawback - it holds a maximum of two weeks. Although, maybe it's a plus if you have to have an effect only for a single event.

To glow in the dark effect lasted as long as possible, you need to wash your hair no more than twice a week, a special shampoo and avoid hot water.

It is worth remembering that neon will be visible only under ultraviolet light. In normal lighting conditions no one would notice anything.


Glowing neon hair: hot trend

Neon paint can be applied over atraditional shades or on bleached hair. However, it looks particularly impressive in the event that the stylist used several colors, or if the hair weave.

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