Fashionable haircuts 2017

In general, the variety of options and the absence of a frameworkPleases. Do not have to burn your hair with iron or twist perfectly straight strands. The fashion for grading, multilayering and thinning makes it possible to get a visually voluminous hairstyle without daily tweaks, and asymmetrical haircuts can breathe new life into heavy thick hair that is difficult to apply to styling. The main message of 2017 is more courage and originality!

Fashion hairstyles for medium hair

The average hair length is the maximum space forExperiments. They can be cut off, you can grow, you can build up, make a bang, several times a week change the packing ... But let's go in order. Perhaps, the hit of 2017 will be "forehead" - an elongated bob. It is ideal both as a basic haircut, and as an intermediate between short and long natural hair. This hairstyle is popular with stylists for the variety of variations. Bob can have a sharp cut and smooth strands of the same length, and can look magnificent and even slightly disheveled due to the multilayeredness and profiling. Also in the long-bob trend with asymmetric edges that help to hide the disproportional features.

Fashionable- haircuts- 2017

Fashionable haircuts 2017

Hairstyles with bangs: With an elongated haircut bob looks any kind of it. Straight fit for graded slightly wavy strands, oblique - for women with light fine hair. Also, girls can mimic a bang at the expense of a deep side parting.

Fashionable- haircuts- 2017-1

Fashionable haircuts 2017

In the trend and topical since last year, elongatedBob with shaven temples or nape. If you are not ready for such a radical change, try cutting one side at an acute angle, leaving long strands on the other side, or simply laying one side on your side.

Fashionable- haircuts- 2017-2

Fashionable haircuts 2017

Favorite by many cascades, too, does not go out of fashion. But this season should pay attention not to the traditional, but to more modern versions of this haircut. Ask your hairdresser to supplement the multi-level cascade with deep filirovaniem, asymmetric cuts or even short hair on one from the temples.

Fashionable- haircuts- 2017-3

Fashionable haircuts 2017

Have a little sweat and love kara -The haircut in the spring-summer season 2017 should look more bold. It will help in this asymmetry, when the strands on one side of the face get to the shoulders, and on the other barely fill up behind the ear.

Fashionable- haircuts- 2017-4

Fashionable haircuts 2017

To give an image of femininity and softness,Pay attention to haircuts of the A-line format with elongated strands in the face and shorter at the crown. Especially good they look in the form of stacking in large natural curls.

Fashionable- haircuts- 2017-5

Fashionable haircuts 2017

Natural hair just below the shoulders also take placeFor life, but only in combination with beautiful styling or original staining. The image of "woke up and went" is better left for home, this year in the fashion of more complex solutions.

Fashionable haircuts for short hair

Definitely, the most fashionable haircut for shortHair in 2017 will become a lively pixie. And, thanks to hundreds of variations, it will suit women of any age and, most importantly, it will be appropriate to look in any situation.

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Fashionable haircuts 2017

Distinctive features of the pixy are as much as possible openZone of the neck and ears, as well as a combination of short locks on the temporal zone with long and even curly on the crown and bangs. In fashion, also sticking prjadki, formed with the help of a styling product, which give a haircut boyish fervor.

Fashionable- haircuts- 2017-7

Fashionable haircuts 2017

Serious looks elongated pixies, smoothly turning into bob. Graduated strands practically do not require stacking, but if the length allows, you can make a stunning volume or light waves.

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Fashionable haircuts 2017

Shag - another version of effective haircuts onshort hair. In general, this volumetric haircut can be made of any length, but in 2017 in fashion it is a short shag. He refreshes the image, making a woman sexier and younger. Perfect spring variant!

Fashionable haircuts 2017

Alternatively, to the fluffy shag, you can add a bang on the side to adjust disproportionate features or roundness of the face.

Fashionable- haircuts- 2017-10

Fashionable haircuts 2017

Bold, but very "right" looksTextured shag with well-shaped strands. It will suit the owner of thin and brittle hair for the recovery period, as it keeps the shape well and allows maximum removal of the "dead" tips.

Fashionable- haircuts- 2017-11

Fashionable haircuts 2017

Short bob to the middle of the ear like boldWomen who love change and an active lifestyle. Ragged strands of different lengths look good even on the second day after washing their hair and do not require special styling.

Fashionable- haircuts- 2017-12

Fashionable haircuts 2017

Or a "bob on the leg", which is differentThe shortest occipital part and the elongation of the strands towards the temples. But do not risk to do this haircut, if the hair turns - styling will turn into a real hell, and the hair will not look aesthetically pleasing.

Fashionable- haircuts- 2017-13

Fashionable haircuts 2017

Classic quads of the 30s of last centuryAgain returned to fashion. But the "catwalk" version with the most harvested hair back is not suitable for everyone. You can safely experiment with more magnificent styling, add an oblique parting for the sake of simulating bangs or try "wet" styling.

Fashionable- haircuts- 2017-14

Fashionable haircuts 2017

Fashionable haircuts for long hair

In 2017, the maximum allowable length are consideredHair up to the shoulder blades. And this rule is dictated by practicality: it is this length that can really be laid at home using a hair dryer and a round brush. If the locks get the middle of the back, they do not look thin, and often they are frankly untidy. Therefore, lovers of extra-long natural hair should go to the hairdresser at least once a month. For girls who like to walk with their hair loose, the exact opposite of this haircut - a ladder with shortened strands near the face - will do. It allows you to open your ears and neck, shifting the focus from a thick head of hair to makeup and eye color.

Fashionable- haircuts- 2017-15

Fashionable haircuts 2017

If in life and clothes you like minimalism,Try to wear long hair below the blades with a clear cut. This hairstyle is better than others, reflecting the desire for clarity and specifics, but really looks perfect only on dense healthy hair. If you want, you can add a thick even bangs on the eyebrows, slightly extending it at the temples.

Fashionable- haircuts- 2017-16

Fashionable haircuts 2017

Fashionable haircuts with bangs

As you already knew, the bangs will be on the peakPopularity throughout the year 2017. And you can combine it with almost any haircut in accordance with the shape of the face and the type of hair. Not particularly favor stylists only a classic even bang, but if desired, even it can be made part of a stylish image.

Fashionable- haircuts- 2017-32

Fashionable Hairstyles 2017

When choosing a haircut, pay attention to the following variations of the bangs:

  1. Original forms (oblique, triangular, heart);
  2. With deep filing;
  3. With pronounced rare strands (Hollywood);
  4. Very short (up to the middle of the forehead);
  5. Long and uneven, smoothly turning into the very hairstyle;
  6. Oblique and well graded;
  7. With torn edges.

Fashionable haircuts for thin hair

It is clear that leveling and depriving the volume (like thisOften done on the catwalks) and without that not very thick hair - a stupid idea. Therefore, in parallel with the fashion for smoothness, there are at least three haircuts and their variations that can visually add volume to thin hair. The most familiar for us is the cascade. For him there is an unspoken rule: the smaller the length, the greater the volume. It is achieved due to the correctly executed filing, after which the strands lie "from the face". Also, this haircut helps to combat the main problem of fine hair - dry, split ends.

Fashionable- haircuts- 2017-17

Fashionable haircuts 2017

In second place - one of the variants of the American haircut "swag" - with a dense bang and layered graded structure to create the effect of thick healthy hair or shaved temples.

Fashionable- haircuts- 2017-18

Fashionable haircuts 2017

Bob in his various variations, too, is kept in the topAlready more than one season. It is indispensable due to the fact that in fact one and the same haircut can be stacked differently, simulating bangs, curling curls, creating extra-volume with the help of corrugation.

Fashionable- haircuts- 2017-19

Fashionable haircuts 2017

Also popular is a short ragged bob, careless laying of which creates an extra volume and focuses attention on the eyes.

Fashionable- haircuts- 2017-20

Fashionable haircuts 2017

A universal haircut is an elongated bob with an asymmetrical bang that fits any face shape. And the thinning adds airiness, correcting the thin hair of nature.

Fashionable- haircuts- 2017-21

Fashionable haircuts 2017

Another option - bob A-shape with a shortCrown and long locks near the face. Especially spectacularly, it looks in tandem with "solar" staining techniques that create a glare effect on the hair - balayazh, shatush, splashlights, babylights, Venetian highlighting.

Fashionable- haircuts- 2017-22

Fashionable haircuts 2017

Fashionable haircuts for curly hair

If earlier you spent an hour with an iron inHands, leveling disobedient strands in favor of fashion, then in 2017, natural waves and curls on the contrary at the peak of popularity. It is wavy from the nature of hair is easier to lay in extremely voluminous stowage without much care. Therefore, you can choose almost any haircut from the pixy to the ladder. Avoid only stand on the stalk, and to create an elongated version of this hairstyle scrupulously pick up the length and shape to avoid the "house" on the head.

Fashionable- haircuts- 2017-23

Fashionable haircuts 2017

But it's best for curly hairAn average length that will help to reveal all their beauty. You can profile the tips of the face in order to avoid excessive heaviness, and then lay your hair as you like - and fit the curly locks, and simply loose strands raised at the roots.

Fashionable haircuts for a round face

If cute cheeks do not please, just change your hair! With nature you can not argue, but after visiting a skillful hair stylist, one can rejoice at how much more correct and visually oval the face has become. No magic: slanting bangs, maximum volume at the roots, asymmetry and graded haircuts correct the natural "roundness" best, shifting the accent from the cheekbones to the chin.

Fashionable- haircuts- 2017-25

Fashionable haircuts 2017

Young owners of short hair are advised not toTo regret the length in the temporal and occipital zones, but in the parietal and macula on the contrary add volume and texture. If the stylish, but too provocative haircut, not suitable for office, pay attention to thick slanting bangs. They can extend the face, but only in combination with the minimum volume from the opposite side of the bangs. For medium length hair, the most advantageous option will be an elongated square with a side cut (the deeper it will be, the better) and a soft elongated bang.

Fashionable- haircuts- 2017-24

Fashionable haircuts 2017

Owners of long hair will have to correctSituation due to graduated haircuts that visually add volume to the top third of the hairstyle, and fix the result with the help of oblique cuts and an elongated uneven bang laid on one side.

Fashionable- haircuts- 2017-26

Fashionable haircuts 2017

Fashionable haircuts for the oval face

Oval or slightly elongated face is an idealA form that should not be adjusted, but emphasized. Suitable for this and bangs, and pro-selections, and perfectly even hair, so that you can experiment at least every day. You need to start with a bang: in the trend as a classic straight, divided in the center, and the combination of "short bangs - long hair." If the face is slightly stretched, try to wear a long straight bang below the temples and a "ladder" haircut to correct the oval and add the image of harmony.

Fashionable- haircuts- 2017-27

Fashionable haircuts 2017

The second bright trend - straight, absolutely devoid of volume hair, divided into a straight parting. And the ends should be cut perfectly perfectly regardless of length.

Fashionable- haircuts- 2017-28

Fashionable haircuts 2017

In general, girls with a standard oval face can choose any haircut - from an extravagant pixie to extremely long hair.

Fashionable haircuts for a square face

The main goal of women with a square face is to removeAccent from the high forehead and "heavy" chin, visually rounding the proportions. For this purpose, bangs, graduated strands, curls and uneven prostrings are best suited. They add softness and volume, hiding a sharply outlined forehead and wide-set cheekbones. But it's better to avoid direct spikes and perfect even hair on the contrary.

Fashionable- haircuts- 2017-29

Fashionable haircuts 2017

For girls with short hair, a bob orLob, but only in combination with a straight or oblique bangs, and for long hair choose those haircuts that will create the maximum volume on the sides, for example, cascade.

Fashionable- haircuts- 2017-30

Fashionable haircuts 2017

Are assured: a variety of fashionable haircuts of 2017 gives the chance to pick up that which will approach or suit is better to the face. The main thing, do not trust your hair to an unproven master!

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