Creative hairstyle: the most stylish, most new photo

Increasingly, modern girls and women choose a creative hairstyle without bangs, and her. They help to stand out from the crowd and create your unique style.

Their main feature is the use of advanced and latest techniques. This is a real space for imagination wizard.

Picture the most extravagant and stylish look in this article.


  • Creative hairstyle: fashion trends 2016 - 2017
  • Creative haircut at medium hair
  • Creative women's haircuts for long hair
  • Creative short haircuts
  • Creative women's haircuts of different lengths
  • Creative hairstyle photos

Creative hairstyle: fashion trends 2016 - 2017

Hearing this combination as "creative grooming 'to mind, the first thing comes asymmetry. It is based on it satisfies all the spectacular and memorable hairstyles. Asymmetry is performed on hair of any length.

Asymmetrical bangs

Mowing with short temples

Pixie in Interpretation with a bang to the top and laid back

Pixie with long bangs and fashionable styling

Creative haircut at medium hair

On average creative hair haircut looksalways amazing. Asymmetry allows you to adjust the shape of the head, as well as to hide some flaws in appearance. The average length is considered to be very successful, because it is easy to create many interesting images.

One of these cuts - it is graded square. Running such a beautiful haircut based on the classic version, but the lower section has a multilayered texture. Although the standard silhouette thanks to the grading, cutting has its own flavor. You can also play with the length of the side strands or shape bangs.

Graduated haircuts for medium hair

Stylish hairstyle

Ragged haircuts hair medium length

Creative women's haircuts for long hair

At the peak of the popularity of "torn" haircut. They look bright, but not provocatively. Their peculiarity is that the hair ends are cut with a razor. It creates an amazing effect. Especially such an option will look luxurious on thick hair. Thus ragged tips can be painted in any color contrast.

In the long hair looks great elongatedquads. Plus a hairstyle that it does not require careful installation. The hair can be curled, straightened ironing, plait braids of them. Change the image of bored help jagged or asymmetrical bangs.

Recently, a lot of girls with longhair shaved extraordinary hairstyle. For example, on the one hand shaved head. It turns out a kind of transformer. And on the shaven temple can be depicted pattern, symbol or pattern. hairstyle variant with vystrigom looks very bold and defiant.

Haircut long hair with a shaven temple

Haircut long hair with vystrigom in the temporal region

Hairstyles long straight hair

Stylish haircut on long hair

Creative short haircuts

Bold and active girl, living in a dynamic rhythm of life, prefer short hair. Creative hairstyles for short hair is very practical, comfortable and extremely fashionable.

Women's creative hairstyles are perfect combined with crazy coloring, coloring, highlights. They can be with bangs and without it.

Very short haircuts

Creative pixies

It is interesting to look fashionable short haircut with shaved almost a zero neck and elongated front strands.

Another creative option - "Mohawk". Suitable bright young ladies who love to be out of the crowd, to have their own individual style. Despite its outrageous, hairstyle is quite convenient in installation. Moreover, it may vary depending on the situation and the upcoming event.

Mowing imitates mohawk, photos

Imitation Iroquois

Creative women's haircuts of different lengths

Interesting options for creative hair cuts can be created based on the famous hairstyles: pixie, bob and bob.

Creative bean photo

Creative variation quads is lengthening and shortening of the strands of the front rear.

Stylish square

Creative quads

Gives a unique charm bob hairstyle, you can use an oblique cut and shaped bangs.

Trendy bob

Pixie can be supplemented with an elongated fringe or strands on each side.

Asymmetrical pixie

Creative hairstyle photos

As you can see, to create a unique andunique style quite difficult. A little imagination and courage! Remember that creativity has always attracts and delights others, if the hair is made by all the rules and taking into account external data. So, having decided on a bold step, be sure to consult with an experienced barber who can help you with advice and do everything as it should be.

Pisco with creative coloring

Fashionable bob bob

ragged haircut

Pisco with vystrigami

Haircuts for asymmetrical styling

Trend Cut a pot

Haircut with bangs to the side

tousled haircut

Creative pixies

Creative bean

The combination of art and painting vystrigov

Trend Cut page

Stylish hairstyle

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