Choosing a hairstyle for shape of face

The concept of beauty is always relative, but forcreate a harmonious image, you must observe certain rules. Otherwise, even the holders of the right facial features may look unattractive, and this fault - incorrectly chosen hairstyle. At the same time, abnormal facial features, large nose or asymmetry may be converted into advantages. A talented hairdresser and stylist can create an attractive image of almost every woman. Today on TV shows a lot of programs on the theme of change of image and style. It must be noted that the dramatic changes in appearance occur only when the heroine will work hairdresser. Hairstyle can not only beautify the face, but also to smooth the proportions of the figure, do look younger.

Seek the help of stylists can afforddoes not every woman. In this case, the right choice can be made independently and, for this, the main thing to know the shape of your face, and what hairstyle suits this form.

The correct choice of haircuts

Selection of hairstyles for oval faces

For example, the owner of an oval facecan afford to wear practically any hairstyle. This face shape is considered ideal, so you can safely experiment. Nevertheless, it should consider complexion, and complete growth face.



Selection of hairstyles for long face

If a person is stretched, it is shortened with the help of a bang. A broad face can be narrowed due strands curled beforehand.



Selection of hairstyles for round face

If the face is round, by the way have extendeda haircut. But if the hair in this thin, it is desirable to cut them short with giving maximum volume. Create it should be at the top to make the visual length of the head. At the same time the longer strands cover face with laterally whiskey are cut short. Well on his round face will look and asymmetrical short fashionable hairstyle, it will open the forehead, cheeks and hide of volume allow to reach where it is needed.



Choosing a hairstyle for a square face

The square face is necessary to smooth the corners, giving the face a more rounded shape. This is followed visually pull head. To create waviness and airiness can tighten curls.



Selection of hairstyles for rectangular face

When choosing a hairstyle for ownersrectangular face should take into account the area of ​​cheekbones and temples - they need to expand, but the chin and forehead, on the contrary, to narrow. From a short hairstyle is better to refuse. Ideal - a natural free haircut.


Choosing a hairstyle for triangular face

Narrow chin broad forehead and cheekbones - featurestriangular faces. In this case, to give greater shearing pick symmetry of irregular shape, with an oblique long parting or bangs that would cover the eye.




In any case, before startingexperimenting, you should know the expected result. Especially now that it is to make a snap! It suffices to use the program selection haircuts online for photos. We must not forget that the look - is the calling card of every person. Mowing - one of the first elements of the image, which will pay attention, and that it will leave a first impression about the character and style of its owner.

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