Brondirovanie hair dark hair (before and after photos)

Brondirovanie hair - fashionable novelty in the field ofcoloring, which is most often used for dark shades of natural hair. If you look and visually compare the two photos before and after lung brondirovanie on dark hair, you can see that the color has become richer and more varied. After this interesting procedure, you will not be able to name a brunette or a blonde. It is understood by brondirovanie peculiar mix of dark and bleached locks. Brondirovanie hair dark hair resulting in a luxurious play of colors and natural appearance of hair. Brondirovanie - a kind of original creative coloring, which is done on the entire volume of the hair thin strands in shades similar in tone. In the end, it turns out beautiful play of colors. Actually lately beauty industry is growing rapidly, and every season there are new and emerging technologies, such as such as the root hair volume Boost Up.


  • Benefits Hair brondirovanie
  • Brondirovanie Hair: learn to do at home
  • Brondirovanie hair: before and after photos on dark hair

Benefits Hair brondirovanie


As mentioned earlier, brondirovanie on dark hair, unless it is performed competently specialist, looks quite naturally by a harmonious combination of similar tone dye shades.

Brondirovanie hair dark hair, photo, front, rear and side

Brondirovanie be called sparing procedure

Brondirovanie hair dark hair does not provide for their highlights, and thus leaves the hair more healthy. This procedure uses sparing coloring compositions.

Brondirovanie easy to perform at home

Brondirovanie - a toning strands 2-3shade, the technique very similar to the weave. The main thing correctly to pick up the dye shades. If you had once before tried to do highlights, and you turned out pretty good, then you will learn brondirovanie easy.

Brondirovanie hair dark hair - a novelty in coloring, photos

Brondirovanie hair dark hair

It is enough to see some before and after photos,brondirovanie to understand the technique of dark hair, but that it needs a little practice to master. To make beautiful brondirovanie on dark hair, you will need a brush with a comb, coloring compounds and foil. Hair conditionally divide into zones (head, bang, parietal region and sides). Work with each area in turn better. First, paint the occipital part in a lighter shade. the upper strand to the depth of colors make lighter than the lower. Next, paint the hair by conventional dyeing techniques, the procedure for selecting the hue and strands free.

Examples of this type of fashion coloring look at the photo below.

Brondirovanie hair dark hair, a photo before and after the procedure

Brondirovanie hair: before and after photos on dark hair

There are three classifications brondirovanie (photo three main see below).

Classic brondirovanie dark hair, before and after photos; brondirovanie hair division into zones (partial staining for dark hair) Ombre brondirovanie (mixing 2 techniques of coloring).

If you like to change and experiment with the hairdo and the image, then you should enjoy it and balayazh on dark hair. Also read the latest article about hair coloring.

Different types of hair brondirovanie, photos

Brondirovanie hair dark hair, a photo before and after the procedure

Brondirovanie hair dark hair photo

Brondirovanie hair dark hair photo

Brondirovanie hair dark hair photo

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