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Women loved bob haircut for its practicality andease back in the twenties. Its popularity continues today. With a neat haircut, you can perform a variety of styling and create new images. It is suitable for both young women and ladies of mature age. Her chosen famous people and ordinary people. Each year stylists inventing new and new versions of laying this seemingly simple, now classic feminine hairstyle. Very popular in recent years has become wavy bob and bob hairstyle simulation with wavy bangs. Running it is very simple: long hair curl, removed in the tail, climb up and carefully recorded along the invisible parting, the top tied a handkerchief. Also imitation fashionable short haircut bob can be done by removing the hair in a bun and leaving bangs, or use a hair dressing.


  • Bob haircut for the hair of different lengths
  • Bob Haircut fashion form
  • Laying haircut bob
  • Bob Haircut: photo

Imitation bob haircut

Imitation bob haircut

Bob haircut for the hair of different lengths

Bob haircut for short hair suitscreative ladies who like experiments. Short hair like a boy doing an elegant way, and the application of new trends makes this a popular hairstyle. With short hair women look sophisticated and very zhenstvenno.Strizhka bob bob short hair makes the image more complete. In Hollywood today, many actresses short hair. Particularly relevant hairstyle with very open neck, elongated front strands, additional volume on the crown and occipital region. Although today we can already say that bob haircut and a short haircut bob are very similar. They began to hit women's haircuts for round litsa.Strizhka bean on medium hair allows you to combine simplicity with style. New images of spectacular can be created with the use of styling products. Based on this, you can create gorgeous hairstyles weave bundles and zhgutiki.Strizhka bob bob for medium hair is quite versatile, as it can fit persons of any form. He may choose any lady from the appearance to get a sexy, bold and delicate, soft and feminine image.

This option is also suitable ladies wishing toforget about long hair, at the same time without losing too much length. Occipital area lift up the crown zone of shear until the desired result is achieved.

Bob haircut on long hair forowners smooth and straight hair. Bob bob haircut on long hair is universal, as is equally well suited for round, oval and square shaped faces. In addition, it visually lengthens short neck, exposing her coyly.

short bob

Bob medium length Haircut

Bob haircut on long hair

Bob Haircut fashion form

The classic bob is with bangs and without it. The shape is usually straight bangs. Thus, the acquired A-shaped head, which is framed by straight strands. This option is ideal for owners of straight and smooth hair. This hairstyle is perfect for creating a business obraza.Na today bob haircut with the extension - this is probably one of the most popular options. This may be part of the occipital sostrizhena and face framing is done by elongated curls. Thus, you can get a double effect: to have a long, soft curls and feminine open sheyu.Strizhka short bob runs in the form of the fungus. There is a smooth transition to the front fringe of hair strands. Thus, there is a creation of soft lines. Too short hair give roundness of the head of girls that are too long face. This hairstyle is popular among the stars of show business.

The classic bob haircut short (rear view)

The classic bob haircut short (rear view)

Bob haircut with bangs may well come toany variant of bangs: long, short, straight or oblique. If only the harmonious image was created. For direct bean is better to use smooth bangs, having straight edges. With disheveled hair is better to use a stepped, oblique or torn chelku.Strizhka bob without bangs to create a romantic or sexual way. Long before the chin curls successfully hide prominent cheekbones. Girls with long face this hairstyle is not suitable, since the elongation of the face will be highlighted.

Haircut Bob without bangs

Bob haircut with bangs

Mowing bean women 40 years, usuallyperformed in the form of multilevel or elongated hair. It is better to choose a medium length, then we will come up with many original and charming images. This solution allows the ladies to look younger and more attractive.

Bob haircut for women 40 years

Bob haircut for women 40 years

It looks very original oblique haircut bob. Familiar to all hair can change in an instant and change the image of women dramatically. Only here you need to consider what form a person devushki.Strizhka asymmetrical bob gained popularity recently. With this form, you can hide different facial imperfections. Curls of different lengths attached to the freshness of the image, pretend to more playful. Crisp graphics circuits asymmetrical haircuts require masters very precise work.

Mowing asymmetrical bob

Mowing oblique bean

Curly bob haircut will suit girls withshort curly hair. Many like curly hair, because with this hairstyle can successfully emphasize the beautiful features and give the girl a big privlekatelnost.Strizhka bob with bangs oblique today has become very relevant for young girls. Bangs can be of different lengths and will fit ladies, having a square, round or oval face. In addition, it can be used for both direct and volos.Strizhka for wavy bob cascade can also be oblique bangs. This option is ideal chubby ladies. With the right bangs can make a visual narrowing of the face and give the charm of the shy person.

Curly Bob (side view)

Bob haircut with a cascade

Bob haircut with bangs oblique

Laying haircut bob

There is a common misconception thathairstyles for short hair is boring and monotonous. in fact it is not. For fashionable women's haircuts bob there are lots of different versions of stylish styling, photo, see below.

To create a classic image of the strict use smoothing mousse. Produce division of the hair and straightening their utjuzhkom or hairdryer. In addition, each tip of the inner side podkruchivayut.

The natural look can be created with the tool, gives volume to wet hair. Then it was washed and produce foam by applying curls.

There is also another way to create fashion styling. To do this, take a round brush and a hair dryer - start pulling hair, each strand is directed in the opposite direction.

Bob haircut (photos can be seen below)It can be laid in the style casul. This is a great version of a fashionable hairstyle. Slight negligence created with a special foam, which is applied to slightly damp hair. Then hairdryer dried roots of the hair. This method allows you to get a nice amount. Using modeling comb, hair will be stacked in the proper mess.

To hairs were sent back, you need to soak the foam wet hair and using brushing (special round brush) to dry them. Secure the result varnish of average fixing.

Styling a bob haircut style casul

Laying haircut bob waves

Laying haircut bob retro

Classic styling haircut bob

Bob Haircut: photo

Beautiful and original haircut for short hair- dressing is any woman. We suggest to familiarize with the most "juicy" options.

Bob Haircut: fancy shapes (photo)

Trendy haircuts bob (photo)

Bob haircut with a long fringe (photo)

Bob Haircut: fashionable staining (photo)

Bob Haircut: fashionable staining (photo)

Options bob haircut (photos)

Curly Bob (photo)

Bob haircut with a long fringe (photo)

Women's haircut bob (photo)

Options bob haircut (photos)

Options bob haircut (photos)

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