Beautiful hairstyle: current trends of the year, photo

What is a beautiful haircut?

First of all, it should emphasize the natural beauty of its owner, having the correct deficiencies, as well as in harmony with the overall style of the image.

Today, stylists are not limited to women in selection and offer a lot of interesting, colorful and creative options for hairstyles with bangs and without it.


  • Beautiful hairstyle: fashion trends
  • Beautiful hairstyle of hair of different lengths
  • Beautiful hairstyle photos

Beautiful hairstyle: fashion trends

At the peak of the popularity of long hair. Despite this, the world's hair stylists recommend to give them different shapes and add interesting elements. Freshen boring hairstyle, you can use the popular stage. This versatile hairstyle is very popular among women of all ages. Its peculiarity is that it creates a visual volume on long hair.

Owners of medium length hair more oftenresorted to the elongated square or bean. It is truly beautiful and practical hairstyles, which are almost all the fair sex. Another interesting fact is that these women's haircuts for medium hair can have many variations. Because of this, the girl can easily pick up a hairstyle for your face type.

a lot of interesting options you can perform on short hair. To mitigate the feeling of the audacity of a short hairstyle will help the volume hairstyle with smooth transitions.

Fashionable in the new season will be graded and creative hairstyle with asymmetry. They allow you to achieve the desired effect: smooth out facial features and make the look more expressive.

We all know that fashion is constantly walking around in circles. That is why in the coming season, we are faced with the fact that there will be an incredibly popular hairstyle of the 50s. One of them - "Gavroche". In the modern version of it can be combined with an elongated or oblique bangs. "Gavroche" can afford any girl. After all, such a haircut is absolutely capricious, is only correct to hide flaws appearance.

Tweet this season will be a beautiful hairstylegrunge hair. These include a hairstyle with shaved temple. A good example of such a haircut showed Hollywood stars Scarlett Johansson, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Kelly Osbourne, Avril Lavigne, Pink. This hairstyle looks great on short, medium and long hair.

Girls who want to brush up on a graduated bob can be based on it to try a haircut called Sasson. Its main distinguishing feature is the curved contour.

Beautiful hairstyle of hair of different lengths

Stand out among the crowd and demonstrate yourindividual style, you can use hair cutting lengths. In this case the help asymmetry. In addition asymmetrical hairstyles give hair volume and corrected visual features.

Young, slim girl stylists recommendtry "asymmetric hedgehog." This option is designed to focus on the neckline, expressive eyes and elegance of the shape. The advantage of such a hairstyle that it does not require thorough and complicated installation.

Asymmetric can make traditional haircut cascade. Incredibly beautiful with asymmetric strands looks haircut "Pixie."

Haircuts with asymmetry on the girls hairmedium length to help save them from labor-intensive and time-consuming pilings. Multilevel hairstyles to shoulder lines look very feminine and cute. Fits virtually all women regardless of age.

Beautiful hairstyle photos

Beautiful hairstyle without bangs or her - is an integral part of the image. If you like experiments, or have not yet found your style, then go ahead! We have compiled a selection of the best photos with fashionable haircuts.

Fashionable novelty: haircut Undercut (anderkat). Shaved Head and whiskey on top of the long bangs.

Options elongated bob-bob.

Actual ladder and a cascade of long hair.

Fashionable novelty 2017 - haircut "for the pot".

Remain current short hairstyles with asymmetrical bangs or straight.

Fashionable Trend - hairstyle with vystrigom.

Stylish elongated square.

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