Balayazh on dark hair. Do yourself (photo)

The dream of many women - beautiful and luxurious hair. All the ladies tend to ensure that their attractiveness was natural, with all the beauty of the work have to be a mystery to others.

To achieve the desired result, you can use the new technology - hair coloring called balayazh.

Due to the unique staining technique, the hair will look natural and the image of the woman will be feminine.


  • The novelty in coloring of dark hair - balayazh
  • Balayazh: fashionable technique of dark hair dye
  • Brown medium-length hair, do balayazh
  • Balayazh on dark hair photo

The novelty in coloring of dark hair - balayazh

Balayazh - a new hair coloring technique. To use such a service in the beauty salon can not only young girls, but also adult women, because balayazh has not any borders. In contrast to conventional dyeing, innovation in hair color (balayazh) has a lot of advantages.

The fact is that the effect of the dye turns out not quite normal. Wizard can create a feminine image and slightly daring. Everything will depend only on your desire.

Balayazh on dark hair with light strands, photos

Hair coloring new technique allowsmasters to achieve a unique result, the hair volume and acquire an interesting color. One color into another smoothly and not catchy. When applying balayazh on dark hair, you'll forget for a long time, you need to go to a beauty salon. Master hair roots do not touch, they leave their natural, but the hair on the remaining length dyed a different color, it looks powerful approach to natural. After the hair grow, there is not any sharp edges in the color transition. The exception is when done balayazh on dark hair of medium length. We'll have to go to the master as soon as the hair is regrowing.

Balayazh: fashionable technique of dark hair dye

Balayazh on dark hair - the dream of many women. How do balayazh correctly, they know only experienced master hair coloring. Therefore, if there is no specialist practice, the first time is unlikely to get the expected result. Be sure to note this important caveat when choosing a master!

staining technique on long hair darkcolors includes some improvisation. There is not any clear rules in this case, you need to experiment to get a new image and surprise clients.

Balayazh on dark hair with a touch of caramel, photos

At coloring of dark hair, it is necessary to take into account certain rules.

For example, dark hair balayazh on smalllength backcombed applied to hair that protrude slightly upward. Dodge brush is applied exclusively. Many artists use paint instead of clarifier, but to survive it is the proper time, so as not to disturb the color balance.

Brown medium-length hair, do balayazh

To perform balayazha at medium hair you need to take the following:

brush or sponge; foil; rezinochki.

Before beginning the procedure, the strands are divided intomultiple tails, wrapped in foil. Paint or bleach should be applied only to the sponge, moving strictly on hair growth. To sustain the composition should be about 30 minutes, depending on the desired result.

Balayazh on dark hair a penalty is applied in much the same way as on the hair of medium length.

Balayazh on dark hair with copper hues, photos

Learning to do balayazh at home

In order to fulfill balayazh at home you will need the following:

comb and foil; pins and sponge (or a brush), paint or bleach for the hair.

Hair coloring is performed in the following sequence:

In advance, prepare all the necessary armscover unnecessary polotentsem.Crednie strands separate and secure zakolkami.Vozmite a small part of the hair, bleach or paint, apply from the bottom, gently massage the hands, in order to paint a uniformly easy. Contact part pryadok are wrapped folgoy.Dannaya procedure is done on each separate pryadkoy.Posle as all the hair will be painted, vremya.Srazu Note the right after the time runs out, remove the foil from the hair and wash them.

For more detailed instructions on how to do balayazh own hands, you can see in the video tutorial. Be sure to pay attention to the way fixed by a separate strand.

Balayazh on dark hair photo

Balayazh on dark hair photo

If you look balayazha photo, you can see,how beautiful it is. The new staining technique appeared not so long ago, but even so it had time to fall in love with many of the fair sex.

Many masters do before and after photos, in order to clearly demonstrate the beauty of coloring.

If you really want to change something inits image and do not know where to start, be sure to try brondirovanie balayazh or on dark hair. Also recently gaining popularity procedure Bust Up - root hair volume.

Balayazh on dark hair with blonde streaks, photos

Balayazh on dark hair, cut square, photo

Balayazh on dark long hair, photo

Balayazh on dark long hair, photo

Balayazh on dark hair photo. Especially looks good on curly hair

Balayazh on dark hair, cut square, photo

Balayazh on the dark hair of medium length, photos

Balayazh on dark long hair, photo

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