10 new products! Trendy haircuts for medium hair 2017

In recent years, women's haircuts and short andfor medium hair was modified. More and more are moving away from specific titles. Now talk about the specific elements of the haircut. For example, long bangs to the side with an asymmetrical parting, hair cut like a haircut "fox tail", etc. Very often, when choosing a hairstyle and just select the type of staining, because the beautiful coloring can emphasize the beauty and originality of hairstyles.

In this article you will find an overview of new trends in women's haircuts for medium hair 2017, as well as fashion tips for coloring the hair of medium length.


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Fashion bangs

The most relevant and fashionable in 2017 will beassume an elongated fringe with slightly profiled tips, arranged in an asymmetrical parting and fades into a hairstyle. Such fringe often do girls who are cut elongated square with straight cut. This creates the effect of fringe slight negligence and romance. She brushes it to one side and slightly lift at the roots through a variety of styling. This haircut - this is a godsend for girls with a low forehead, which is not a classic fringe.

In fashion hairstyle with long bangs to the side

This fashionable elongated bangs can be divided into two parts with a parting and curl the ends of the face. Also it will look very nice.

Fashionable styling long bangs

In fashion returns and thick straight bangs with smoothcut. It usually is a girl with a high forehead and thick, smooth straight hair. Now a bang even cut out a short haircut. It gives a certain charm, and in some cases even aggressive way.

Haircuts with a stylish straight bangs

If you like retro styling or remortgaging wave, you'll like Bang Betty, has a semicircular shape.

Sweet Betty bangs

It remains popular and asymmetrical bangs different lengths. This option is suitable for practically any hairstyle, though cascade ladder though.

Always current asymmetrical bangs

The most daring can opt for multi-level, stepped bangs. However, they are only girls with a perfectly straight hair.

Creative layered bangs

If you do not go straight bangs, try to make a version of the light bangs with tapering its middle part. Lay it must be carelessly separated into individual strands.

Possible straight bangs with tapering

Possible haircuts with straight bangs

Option short and elongated bangs to one side

Form hairstyles

Trend 2017 - a diamond-shaped cross-section of hair thatcalled "fox tail". He looks very impressive, but it is suitable only girls with thick hair below the shoulders. Effectively this haircut will look slightly curled inwards tips.

Mowing Fox Tail

If you have an elongated version of the bob haircut, thethis case, you can play with the shape of the hair cut. For example, make it smooth and direct, as in the classic bob "Cleopatra"; perform a cut on the diagonal, as in bob-bob, and it is possible to create the effect of carelessness and lightness make tapering ends. Choose a hairstyle should form the basis of the type faces and figures, but also should consider the condition of the hair. Do not choose a tiered layered haircut and make cutting out, if you have dry hair, and constantly whipped.

The elongated square and elongated square with a smooth cut

In the 2017th will not lose its relevance haircutkaksad and classic haircut ladder. Cascade gives hair to medium hair volume and visually ladder can pull a person. If you are already bored with the classics, try to experiment with painting. Uncover all the beauty cascade haircuts will help balayazh equipment and ladder with a hairstyle will look good light Ombre melting or painting with colors blending and very smooth transition.

Classic hairstyles for medium hair: cascade and ladder

Adjust the shape of the face will help you not onlyhaircut and competent konturing. Proper use of light and shadow, light and dark shades when painting will put the necessary focus and emphasize the dignity of your face. The following options are presented in the photo coloring hairstyles for medium hair for women with a different type of person.


Konturing in the coloring of hair for a different type of person

Beach in front of an option or an image in the style of rock can be created by cutting out the hair and hairstyles with ragged ends.

Haircuts with tapering

If you do not have enough volume on top, it is notchange your hairstyle bob-bob to the other, simply update it with fashionable styling hair waves. Now fashion feminine images of light and romantic styling on medium hair.

Mowing elongated bob-bob in a new interpretation

Another trend that is gradually gainingthe hearts of many girls, it vystrig temple or creating beautiful hair tattoo figure in the neck. This haircut transformer will be relevant for any occasion: a party, you can make hair styling all the top or on one side, and a day at the office wearing a classic version of haircuts.

Options for cutting hair tatoo on medium hair

Finally, coming back into fashion in 1980, namely,stylish and charming haircut page, which will replace the traditional bored bob haircut. Mowing page allows you to create stunning images of retro. However, if you are the owner of curly hair, then you are such a haircut is not suitable, because it does not tolerate negligence. Hair must be perfectly smooth and keep the shape. Otherwise, you will need to buy a hair iron and waste time on installation. Mowing page can be both short and elongated and run on medium hair. Especially it is a girl with dark hair, oval face and high forehead, because the haircut page necessarily performed with a bang. This hairstyle can go and a lot of women 40 - 50 years. In combination with close-fitting little black sheath dress she will make any woman younger and more spectacular.

Mowing page for medium and short hair

Trends 2017 in women's haircuts for medium hair

Mowing, as such, is not the main thing, andthe important thing is how you lay it. Now try to do hairstyles that involve variation in styling. Average square may look completely different if the work on laying. Moreover, now it focuses on coloring of hair. Mowing selected in conjunction with the technique of staining. The image is a more interesting, if the stylist to work on it in the complex.

Fashion trend - the creation of a solid image: competent combination of haircuts, coloring and styling.

In the fashion lines and smooth transitions or vice versaclear contours with a smooth texture. Girls with a round face like certain haircuts medium length with the strands framing the face. If you have thin hair, then feel free to choose trendy layered haircut today. You do not want to clean up the length, you can cut out a fashionable bang in the boho style, slightly disheveled with irregular edge that looks completely natural and liberating your image. It goes almost everyone. The secret of it is that, despite the presence of bangs, the forehead remains partly open. In the middle of the shorter bangs cut out, and on the sides, it is longer (up to the eyebrows or below).

Haircuts with Bangs in the style of boho

The beauty of modern fashion isNow that blurs the line between haircuts for girls and haircuts for women 40 and 50 years. The young person can make a extravagant shortened bob-bob, and women aged are increasingly choosing their unusual hairstyles elongated square or cascade. Youth is painted in the shade of the "gray fox", and 40-year-olds can afford a creative coloring. There is no longer clear boundaries between women's haircuts for all ages. If you have medium length hair, you can choose for themselves any way.

Trendy haircuts for women 40 and 50 years

Trendy haircuts for women 40 and 50 years

Fashionable styling options for hairstyles for medium hair

The most popular hair styling medium lengthnow considered light waves and wrinkles on the hair. This styling looks stylish and relaxed, it is appropriate to look in the evening as the embodiment of the occasion, and a casual styling. It is done simply and quickly with the help of an ordinary ironing.

So far, actual Hollywood laying on quadsand zachesyvanie hair to one side. To create such a placement required large diameter curling. But for the fashionable beach laying no need iron is not, nor curling, apply enough mousse to end up free of wet hair and good crumple them in your hands, then dry naturally. This styling will look good in the summer, but under the cap, it can lose its original appearance.

Trendy tandem - cut + staining

As mentioned earlier, do nowa stylish haircut that's not all. The special charm of your image can be obtained through the proper coloring. Spreading light and dark accents on the hair, you can adjust the shape of the face. Now fashion is not just a standard staining, and the so-called konturing. The combination of dark and light shades on the strands can visually add volume to your hairstyle. Especially stylish looks staining for cascading or layered haircuts and hair arranged in the form of light waves or curls.

Fashionable coloring haircut hair of medium length

Let's see what new items have appeared in the painting over the last year.

Multi toning for any hairstyle

The trend complex, multi-faceted and multi colorsstaining. If you do not like the abrupt transitions of tones, then you have to taste melting painting in which colors very smoothly into one another, creating a beautiful play and highlights on the hair. This staining technique will suit any hairstyle. It is very similar to Ombre, but with no apparent borders.

Fashionable melting staining for medium hair

Coloring for the cascade haircuts

Freshen up your image, you can use allocationLight strands of a person. This technique is similar to the highlights, but unlike him he, blond locks are not made on all head, but only in some areas, which chooses the wizard, based on the type of your appearance. This kind of color design (strobbing) is perfect for women of 40 and 50 years. Whatever hairstyle you choose, like coloring will make you younger.

Fashionable Hair coloring: shiny strands framing the face

For a cascade of hairstyles is actually stainingwith colorful light effects. It is done all over the head. In a lighter tone randomly dyed locks of hair in bulk, who then here and there make their way through the upper darker layer, creating beautiful reflections. You can also lighten somewhat pryadok framing the face.

Staining with lighting effects make any hairstyle interesting

Color staining for elongated square

If you have medium length hair to his shoulders and a littlebelow, then you can safely try to make the hidden color staining. During his color is applied only to the lower strand, so you can simulate the hair as you like: rainbow braid braids, make a bundle "Malvina", revealing the colored strands, or wearing hair as usual, hiding in official cases, its bright nature. The truth is this type of staining is not suitable for each hairstyle. It is better to do at the extended flat square. If you have a layered haircut or cascade, the colored strands will break in the most unfortunate places and staining will lose its flavor.

Rainbow coloring the hair of medium length

Thus, we see that even the usual haircut at medium hair can be more expressive if we use modern technology coloring.

Fresh trend in coloring - oil-okrashshivanie

Female cutting and styling hair on average 2017 photos

Instead of a thousand words a collection of photos of trendy haircuts for medium hair, as well as video lessons stylish and light hair styling that can be performed independently.

Modern styling haircut elongated square

Options bob medium length

Creative layered haircuts

Stylish smooth bob

Bob haircut on curly hair

Creative layered symmetrical haircut

Photo of fashionable haircuts

Options bob for short and medium hair

Cascade haircut on hair to shoulders

Photos haircuts with bangs

Possible short bob with bangs and without bangs

Classic hairstyles for medium hair

Shorter quads

Haircuts with long bangs

Layered haircuts

Options bob with bangs and without in different style

Creative haircuts for medium length hair

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