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Salad with shrimp, cucumber, avocado and bean sprouts

Very tasty and healthy salad combination of avocado and sprouts of cereals give it an Asian touch. Bon Appetit!


a mixture of different sprouts (chickpeas, mung bean, peas, alfalfa) - 200 gr
uncooked large shrimp - 400g
cucumbers average - 4 pcs.
ripe avocados - 2 pcs.
Lime - 2 pcs.
olive and dark sesame oil
freshly ground black pepper

How to prepare a salad of avocado and shrimp

With lime to remove the zest and squeeze the juice. Clean the shrimp from the shell, salt and pepper and fry in olive oil for 1.5 minutes. on each side and sprinkle with lime zest and cool. Cucumbers cut into small slices, add salt, sprinkle with lime juice. Avocado peel, cut into slices, sprinkle with lime juice. Mix the cucumber, avocado, sprouts, pepper, pour sesame oil, put on a plate, top with shrimp and immediately apply.

Bon Appetit!


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