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Pork with prunes and cream sauce

Pork with prunes and cream sauce - wine-based sauce and cream make this dish meat tender and juicy.


Pork meat (medallions of tenderloin) - 8 pieces
Prunes pitted - 8 pieces
Olive oil - 1 tbsp
Butter - 50 grams
Dry white wine - 100 ml
Chicken broth - 150 ml
Cream 35% - 2 tablespoons
Chopped parsley - 1 tablespoon
Flour for sprinkling - to taste
Salt - to taste
Pepper - to taste

For garnish
Mashed potatoes - to taste
Braised cabbage and other seasonal vegetables - to taste

How to Cook - Pork with prunes and cream sauce

Prunes Wash, pat dry. Make each medallion side deep cut and paste into 1 prunes. Sprinkle flour stuffed medallions.
Preheat a frying pan 1 tbsp. l. butter and olive oil all. Arrange medallions and fry until golden brown on both sides, for 5 minutes. Put on a dish.
From the pan, remove excess fat, pour in wine andbroth, bring to a boil, let evaporate a bit. Add the cream and remaining butter, salt, pepper, cook for 3 minutes, stirring constantly.
Strain the sauce through a sieve. The pan, wipe with a paper towel. Return the sauce to the pan, put the medallions and warm up a bit.
Serve medallions with mashed potatoes or with any seasonal vegetables, pour the sauce.

Bon Appetit!


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