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How to draw on your coffee

A cup of coffee can be made a work of art.Art. There are different techniques for drawing a picture on the surface of coffee. To produce such a masterpiece, you need to know the subtleties of drawing on coffee, which we will disclose in this article.

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Drawings on your coffee

How to Draw on Coffee - Basic Techniques

Draw on milk foam can be using a variety of techniques, namely:

Pitching. This drawing technique involves the use of a pitcher, it is a jug with a sharp spout, by means of which the pattern is simultaneously poured and applied with air foam.

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Drawings on your coffee

Eching. This technique requires a thin sharpStick, perfect toothpick. It must be immersed through the milk foam, so that the tip of the toothpick comes into contact with the coffee. Then, the barista applies a drawing, combining, whipped foam and black coffee.

Mixed. When creating a drawing on coffee, pitting and etching are used.

Screen printing. This technique of drawing a picture on coffeeIs considered the easiest and most accessible to a beginner barista. To do this, you need to buy a stencil or cut it out of paper, attach it to a cup of coffee and sprinkle it on top of the milk froth with chocolate, cinnamon or cocoa.

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Drawings on your coffee

3D. On the surface of coffee create a variety of three-dimensional figures of thick foam.

Engraving. For this technique, you need to buy a syrup, which on the surface of the foam is inscribed or a picture.


Drawings on your coffee

How to draw a heart on your coffee

To draw a heart for coffee you need:

1. Foaming the cooled pasteurized milk with the help of the steam tube of the coffee machine or whipping the warmed pasteurized milk in the press jacket;

2. To make espresso;

3. Brewed coffee sprinkled with cocoa or cinnamon, this will become a contrasting background picture;

4. With the help of a pitcher, start pouring the foamed milk into the center of the cup at a distance of 5 cm from the surface of the coffee;

5. When the white circle reaches the desired sizeHeart, you need to bring the sharp nose of the pitcher to a distance of 2 cm from the surface of the coffee and sharply hold down the direction. This is necessary in order to form a sharp tip of the heart, as well as a hollow.

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Drawings on your coffee


Coffee decorated with a heart is ready!

You can also create a heart on the surface of coffee using other techniques, they look beautiful and effective.


How to draw a chocolate flower on your coffee

To create a chocolate flower on coffee you need:

1. Foaming the pasteurized chilled milk with the steam tube of the coffee machine, at the rate of 3 parts of milk per 1 part of coffee;

2. make coffee;

3. Prepare a tall glass, put aside a spoonful of milk foam and pour milk into it;

4. In the center of the glass, into the milk, we start pouring coffee, after this manipulation, two circles appear in the glass;

5. In the center of the glass lay out the deferred spoon of foam;

6. Melted chocolate make a small and a larger circle;

7. With the help of a toothpick we make a movement from the center to the edge, then from the edge to the center, where we did not draw.

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Drawings on your coffee


Coffee, decorated with a chocolate flower is ready!

Under this scheme, you can create different flowers, for this you need to change the direction of holding the tooth stick along the foam.



Drawings on your coffee

How to draw on coffee with a stencil

The easiest way to apply a pattern to coffee is a stencil. To create coffee with a pattern on the surface, using a stencil, you need:


1. Whip the milk in one of the above ways;

2. make coffee;

3. To connect coffee with milk;

4. To purchase or make your own stencil with the drawing you liked, the inscription;

5. Stencil above the cup and sprinkle it with cocoa, cinnamon, grated chocolate or ground nuts.


Coffee, decorated through a stencil is ready!

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Drawings on your coffee

To achieve a successful result, be sure toPractice is necessary. Try the basic techniques of drawing a picture on coffee and choose for yourself the most suitable option. Try, experiment, please yourself and loved ones!

Good luck!

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