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Gyros - Greek snack on

Gyros Greek cuisine, similar to Turkishdoner - doner kebab, or shawarma Arabic. The difference is that the gyros meat and sauce put fries. Appetizing snack with crispy tortilla and lots of toppings - with slices of roasted pork, potatoes, vegetables and sauce cacık.

Ingredients - 3 servings

Pete 3 pcs.
Pork 500 g.
Olive oil 2-3 tbsp
Black pepper, hot red, paprika, oregano, coriander, dry garlic and salt
Tomato 1 pc.
Onion salad 1/4 pcs.
Lettuce 3 pcs.
Potatoes 3 pcs.
Vegetable oil for frying 300 ml.

Natural yoghurt 125 ml.
Olive oil 1 teaspoon
1 clove garlic
Cucumber 1 pc.

How to make Gyros

First cut the meat into strips crosswisefibers and season with spices - black pepper, salt, dried garlic. All mix thoroughly. Leave to marinate for 1 hour. Clear the potatoes and cut into strips. Dry it with a napkin potatoes. Fry the potato pieces in a large amount of vegetable oil until golden brown. In a frying pan, pour a little vegetable oil, heat, fry the meat. Meat fry until cooked. Ready take out the potatoes on a plate with a napkin, salt. Now prepare the sauce. Rubbed on a fine grater cucumber. Cucumber recline on a sieve to glass excess moisture. We spread the yogurt in a bowl high. Squeeze out the garlic clove, salt. Add the chopped herbs and pressed cucumber. Mix. The sauce is ready.
Tomatoes and onions cut into rings. The cake warm up on a normal, dry skillet. Grease cake sauce. We spread the lettuce. Slices of tomato. On top put the meat, then onions, add the potatoes and sauce.

Gyros ready - bon appetit!


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